Wit’s End

Wit's End

Wit’s End’ is the latest installation by artist Christina Reihill, which explores the nature, questions, and desires of soul, through the life, work and death of the celebrated American writer Dorothy Parker. The installation will be opened by Patrick Murphy, RHA. Admission is free.

[blockquote_right] 14 – 18 Mar | 10am – 8pm | Boys School[/blockquote_right]

In a resurrection of the 1920’s poet, famed as much for her suicide attempts, abortions and thwarted desires, as for her dark, pithy verse, short stories and journalism, through words, images and objects the artist re-imagines an internal narrative for Parker, to provide a context for the unthought known in the human experience.

The installation envisions Dorothy Parker articulating her journey to fulfill her heart’s desire to write the novel she started but never completed, Sonnets To Suicide, to stand alongside her great literary contemporaries, including her hero Ernest Hemingway.

[blockquote_right] Admission is free [/blockquote_right]

The artist’s ultimate vision concerns soul’s questions and longing to be known and received in all the confusion, doubt and mess of the human experience, for a life fulfilled and worth living.

Parker’s unlived life is imagined and narrated through poems from the artist’s collection of poetry SoulBurgers, a contemporary map based on Dante’s Divine Comedy and his Everyman spiritual journey to know justice, peace, joy, hilarity and love to transcend the terror of death in the human experience.