Buy a Brick

Solidify your relationship with Smock and have your donation remembered forever in our foyer.

We think this is one of the nicest ways you can support the theatre.
For a donation of €500 or more, you can have your support ‘written in stone’.
Or rather, on a plaque underneath a brick!

During the archaeological excavations of the theatre, a number of bricks from the 1662 structure were uncovered.
We have some of these very bricks on display in our foyer.

What does one have written on a plaque, you ask?
The choice is yours!
So far people have asked for their names, memorialised loved ones, commemorated and celebrated milestone events, or even opted for a quote from their favourite opera!

If you’re interested in supporting Smock Alley in this way, just pop an email to info(at)smockalley.com or give us a call on 01-6770014 to get the ball rolling!