All spaces in Smock Alley are accessible by wheelchair. Please inform the box-office at the time of booking of your accessibility requirements.

There is a “press here for mobility assistance’ buzzer out on street level at our front gates which calls straight into our box-office desk in the foyer.

The Main Space: Step free access to this space is down the side of the building which brings one into the Main Space on the ground level. Seats can be removed in the front row (which is on stage/ground level) to make space for a wheelchair. The Main Space can usually accommodate up to 6 wheelchairs.

Boys’ School: Access is through the fire escape door which opens directly out on to Exchange St Lower. There is a step up to this door but we have a temporary ramp that we put out for access requirements. Our staff will always be on hand to assist. The Boys’ School can accommodate 1 or 2 wheelchairs although this number can vary, depending on the layout for the event in question. The theatre foyer and Banquet Hall spaces can be accessed from the Boys’ School. There is a ramp/walkway that winds around the entire space with doors that exit out on to each different level of the building.

Black Box: The Black Box is entirely on ground level. Access is the same as for the Main Space.

Banquet Hall: Access is through the Boys’ School.

Parking: There are 5 disabled parking bays at the bottom of Fishamble St which is just around the corner. It’s 45 meters from those parking spaces to the theatre entrance. The footpath is quite narrow on the journey between those parking spaces and the theatre. This is something to bear in mind if there is a wheelchair user as you may need to traverse briefly on the road up to the theatre entrance.

Accessible Bathrooms: There are 2 accessible bathrooms. One is in the Main Space theatre, accessed at foyer level. The other is on ground level between the Black Box and Main Space.

Steps/Stairs: There are 10 steps from street level up in to our foyer. There is a railing that can be used to hold on to although it’s not a dedicated handrail.

There are 26 steps from foyer level up to the Banquet Hall level (split in to 4 flights of six and seven steps each.) There is a handrail on either side.

Hearing Loop: The Main Space has an induction loop system installed. The Boys’ School and Black Box spaces do not have this system in place although due to the small nature of those spaces, in the majority of cases it may not be required.

Accessible Performances: Over the years we have hosted many accessible performances in all our spaces. We have hosted audio described performances, shows with surtitles, relaxed performances (where there is a reduction in the strength of lights and sounds).

Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any specific requirements you may have and how we can help with your visit! You can call us 01-6770014 or email info@smockalley.com.