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Igniting passions for the next 350 years.

350 years ago if you stood outside Smock Alley Theatre you would be standing in the centre of the old city and right at its beating heart. The Theatre Royal at Smock Alley was where Dubliners flocked for their cultural fix. 300 people would attend each night. People from across all societal classes and creeds attended to be enthralled, entertained, and enlightened by actors, acrobats, dancers, musicians and trapeze artists. And it wasn’t just a cultural fix. This was where people got the news of the day. It was where people learned about their history, their present and potential future. This was the place where public opinion on social and political issues was molded and influenced. Where tough conversations about things like rights and power could be sparked in the minds of audiences through the work presented. Where the progression of society was kindled.

Now several centuries later the theatre has been carefully and lovingly restored. It is once again at the heart of cultural life in Dublin. A bustling hub of theatre, song, dance, art, and creativity, with the vision to continue to ignite passions for the next 350 years. Within the walls of the new Smock Alley you will find two theatres, a unique Banquet Hall, space for creativity and programmes for artist development. The theatre is now a vital resource within the ecology of Irish theatre, supporting artists, companies and festivals.

Our activities can be seen in three distinctive ways:

• Smock Perform
A Theatre first and foremost. A stage that is the creative centre of the building. A stage that has a unique cultural heritage. We aim to present the best work from the city’s most innovative artists, companies and festivals.

• Smock Create
Smock Alley Theatre is a place of enablement, where work is created, artists are supported, and ideas are realised. High-quality theatrical productions are presented alongside a range of artistic activity on the smaller stage and workrooms surrounding the Main Stage. We are creating a self-sustaining loop where work on the stage inspires development, rehearsal, creativity, connections, and support that foster the talent and skills that will feed back onto the stage.

• Smock Entertain
Smock Alley is a completely unique event space for a range of activities from press launches to wedding ceremonies. This thread of work is fundamental to our social enterprise model and helps us build a sustainable and resilient organisation.

How to support what we do:

Monthly donation
Become a Smock Ally

You can easily set up a recurring monthly donation of any amount with us.

As an individual, if you donate €250 or more in one calendar year, your donation can be worth up to 31% more to us.
If a company donates €250 or more in a year, the company can claim a tax deduction as if the donation was a trading expense.
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You can find out more by contacting us at info@smockalley.com or 01-6770014.

Make a one-off donation
Give us a kick

Smock Alley Theatre wouldn’t exist without the extraordinary help of our friends and funders.

The doors officially opened back in 2012 with the help of philanthropic donations from generous businesses and kind individuals.

We survived the pandemic shutdown with the gracious help our amazing audiences.

If you can spare it and you believe in what we do here, why not step right up and give us a helpful kick!

Buy a Brick
With a plaque in our foyer

We think this is one of the nicest ways you can support the theatre. For a donation of €500 or more, you can have your support ‘written in stone’.
Or rather, on a plaque underneath a brick! During the archaeological excavations of the theatre, a number of bricks from the 1662 structure were uncovered.
We have some of these very bricks on display in our foyer. So far people have asked for their names, memorialised loved ones, commemorated and celebrated milestone events, or even opted for a quote from their favourite opera!