6 Jan
A Celebration of Hope on Nollaig na mBan
First Fortnight and HSE Engagement and Recovery

We invite you to celebrate hope, celebrate the progress made in tackling the stigma associated with mental ill health, celebrate all those who have struggled and found support for their mental health, and celebrate those who work to support and empower others.






12 Jan
Where’s the hub?
First Fortnight and Fight2Flight Theatre

“Where’s the hub?” is an Open Space Technology Meeting for all members of the theatre community, that poses the question how do we create support structures and systems for theatre makers?

How do we identify what supports are needed for theatre makers? Whose job is it to provide these supports? What would it look like to deliver supports? How do we achieve that? Ove the years there have been various models proposed to support theatre makers. Artists from abroad living here and artists returning to Ireland from other places have suggested models they have seen in operation. Let’s progress the conversation.



12 – 15 Jan
Oops, This is Toxic
First Fortnight and Lisa Richards presents Julie Jay

This dark comedy love letter is a nostalgia fest for anyone who has ever dropped to that Hit Me Baby beat, for anyone who came of age against the backdrop of nineties/noughties misogyny, for anyone who has wanted to be defined by their moments of joy rather than their moments of pain.

From the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal to the terrifying lows of noughties reality TV, ‘Oops, This is Toxic’ is a celebration not just of Britney, but of everyone who survived an era wherein Justin Timberlake’s flew high while Janet Jacksons got grounded.*

*Warning: this show may contain images of nineties and noughties fashion which some audience members may find upsetting.



13 – 15 Jan
24/7 Bliss
First Fortnight and Bluehouse Theatre

Marina works in a 24-hour dry cleaners in a lonely Dublin. The streets feel like a film set and everyone looks like a stranger.

Every day, accompanied only by radio broadcasts from musical weatherman Anthony Murphy, she creates stories from the clothes her customers won’t come to collect.

Written by Iseult Deane, this is a play about film stars, banshees, build-to-rent apartments and losing the sensation of touch. A demi-opera dedicated to clean clothes.



16 – 21 Jan
An Evening with Mere Mortals
Mere Mortals

A double feature inspired by Hollywood blockbusters. Come join us on two thrilling adventures!

Stjälkar: An everyday civil servant thrust into a global conspiracy. Can John Chesterton survive in this world of espionage, deception and murder?

Inbound: Three heroes, one mission. Obtain the source of ultimate power in a race against time and across continents before it falls into the wrong hands, bringing about unimaginable destruction.



18 Jan
A World Born of Love

A Chinese New Year charity party that transcends language and culture.
A World Born of Love will feature performers from all over the world mand the evening promises to be filled with music, dance, laughter and celebration.

The gala centres on the theme of world peace, envisioning a future based around community and coming together.
It celebrates the exchanging of ideas, culture and artistic ideals between Europe and China.




19 + 21 Jan | 4 Feb
PJ Kirby

Warning this show contains a gay man having an identity crisis as he turns thirty. You may experience extreme eye rolling.

Join PJ Kirby in his first solo comedy show as he comes to terms with the fact that for his entire life he has basically been a walking Cliché.

I mean a cis white man doing a one man show about his life is another one that we can add to the list.



20 Jan
Here We Are Now
Ben Morris Productions

Over a decade after winning RTE’s ‘Fame the Musical’ TV Show, West End stars Ben Morris and Jessica Cervi are returning to Dublin with a brand new show! Join them for an intimate evening of songs and stories from their lives, careers and a friendship born during a reality TV experience they could never forget. ‘Here We Are Now’ explores Ben and Jessica’s unbridled desire to go against the grain and run away with the circus. A wonderful meander through their musical lives, accompanied by renowned Musical Director David Hayes and his band.





25 – 28 Jan | 13 – 15 Apr
Spring Awakening
Entr’acte Musical Theatre and Drama Society

Entr’acte presents a new production of the Tony award winning Broadway musical, Spring Awakening

Following a sold out January run of the Tony-winning Broadway musical, Spring Awakening, Entr’acte is delighted to present a rerun of this performance. This group of young Irish creatives brings an innately physical production of this coming of age story to the stage. The show is set in 1890’s Germany to a rock music score. Entr’acte are thrilled to be able to bring this show back to Smock Alley for a second run.




27 Jan

LUCIA 2022/2023

Fragments of Lucia
Joseph Chester


On January 27th, 2023, Bohemia Records release LUCIA, multi-award nominated musician Joseph Chester’s first major composition for classical guitar & strings, commissioned by Axis Ballymun, Dublin, as part of the celebrations marking the centenary of James Joyce’s Ulysses taking place in Dublin and globally on the 16th of June 2022. The suite, which was “inspired by fragments of the life of Lucia Joyce,” had its world première performance in Dublin on Bloomsday, 2022.

Lucia Joyce (daughter of James Joyce) spent 47 years in institutions as a result of mental illness, including long periods in isolation. She died in the notoriously cruel St. Andrew’s asylum, Northampton at the age of 75. And yet, in her youth she had shown enormous potential, as a dancer and illustrator. Over the course of two years, Chester took ten key moments from the life of Lucia Joyce, ten facts of her existence, and composed a piece of music for each, to pay tribute to her, to bear witness to her and, in some fantastical, imaginary way, let her speak.


2 – 4 Feb
Should I Stay, or Should I Go?
Bracklyn Productions

On the eve of what she knows will be her final birthday, Ronnie reflects on the good and bad of an ordinary yet interesting life, settling scores, making peace with the major players in her life – both living and dead – while struggling to contain a guilty secret she has buried deep for over twenty years, in the knowledge it’s revelation would destroy her already fragile family.
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? is an irreverent, entertaining, sad and hilarious comic drama about a terminally ill, broad-minded, complex and risque old woman with a punky attitude to life and a fierce love of Marty Whelan.

Through all the drama that unfolds it is Ronnie’s universal humanity that shines through.

9 – 25 Feb
Scene and Heard Festival
Scene and Heard

Scene + Heard was designed to nurture and support artistic collaborations and showcase new works. Each year we give time and support to help 100 new shows find their creative developmental path + reach an audience. Here is a link to the full 2023 programme.




26 Feb
Schubert: Schwanengesang
Irish Songmakers

Acclaimed Irish baritone Owen Gilhooly-Miles and pianist Niall Kinsella collaborate to perform Schubert’s iconic final song-cycle, Schwanengesang (Swan-Song). Composed in the final months of his life and published as a cycle after his death, Schwanengesang is often seen as Schubert’s final testament to life. Comprising of two groups of songs to poems by Heinrich Heine and Ludwig Rellstab, plus his final song, the poignant ‘Die Taubenpost’, Schwanengesang’s experimental and sometimes avant-garde nature shows us the promise of a hugely-talented composer taken in his prime. Irish Songmakers is delighted to present this performance of Schubert’s Schwanengesang, having presented performances of the composer’s other two cycles in recent years: Die schöne Müllerin in 2020, and Winterreise in 2022.



28 Feb – 4 Mar
A Very Irish Killing
Basement Productions

Ireland, Christmas Eve 1970, everything is about to change. To lose one parent is unfortunate, to lose both must be pure murder. June and April O’Brien, sisters, accomplices, orphans. Together, they hope to commit ‘A Very Irish Killing’ . . . again.
A dark comedy by Dublin playwright Derek Murphy.




4 Mar
Minimal Human Contact
Aisling Ghéar

A new play by rapper Moglaí Bap brings us into the mind of a young gambler struggling to get it ‘all under control’.
A new voice from the urban Gaeltacht of west Belfast, the play is in Irish with surtitles.




10 Mar

Lina Andonovska (flutes) and Matthew Jacobson’s (drum kit) worlds collided in Ireland’s experimental music scene – Andonovska from a contemporary music background and Jacobson from the world of improvised sounds. Their collaboration blurs the boundaries and distinctions between genres. Together they subdivide, recite semiotic quotes, and bring new sounds into the ether.

This is the bass flute and drum kit duo of your dreams! Hear what sonic exploits are possible when you bring together two genre-defying musicians exploring heard and unheard timbres of their instruments. A musical match made in heaven, Andonovska and Jacobson explore the horizons of contemporary music, embarking upon a mission to place this instrument combination at the front and centre of your standard concert platform. A sonic combination that you never knew you needed to experience.


11 Mar
Róisín Lowry

Lōwli (aka Roisin Lowry) brings her captivating live show to the Boys School at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin on Saturday March 11th. Joined by violinist Aisling Bridgeman, and cellist Rob Campbell, Lōwli will perform pieces from her recent EP Otherworld, along with new and unreleased work.

Lōwli (pronounced Low-Lee) is the stage name of Roisin Lowry, a composer, songwriter and performer hailing from Galway, Ireland. Her music, an enchanting blend of elegant piano arrangements, delicate strings and haunting vocals, has charmed and captivated audiences around the country. Her work bears elements of neoclassical, dark-pop and folk, and has been influenced by artists such as Agnes Obel and Olafur Arnalds.

14 – 16 Mar
Áine Gallagher: A Beautiful Mess
Presented by Lisa Richards

A fun and wholesome comedy from the “queen of the offbeat” and award winning comedian Áine Gallagher. Áine is on a quest to find calm and contentment in her own life. She’s realising that crying every time she attempts a “to-do” list, is not a healthy reaction. Similar to the fact that each time she opens Instagram, she somehow finds herself researching the price of house boats in Norway. She’s tired of her constant self criticism and feeling like she needs to do something huge to be happy. She’s a person who loves ribbons and that can be enough if she lets it be.

So join Áine in her honest, quirky and hilarious journey of self discovery. Her life is a little bit chaotic, which she is learning does not make her any less of a person, in fact it is quite beautiful.

18 + 19 Mar
Áine Gallagher: For the Love of Milseáin
Presented by Lisa Richards

Áine Gallagher is proud to be Ireland’s only guerilla Irish language teacher. Having absolutely no qualifications or credentials, she has spent the last years on the road, popping up wherever she can to share her love of the language. Typically, Áine’s lessons focus on stories about her own mistakes, why speaking Irish and making mug cakes are exactly the same thing and why it is essential to understand Irish culture, for example our sophisticated dating system, in order for the language to make sense.

In this show, Áine finds a wholly unique way to promote Irish through fun and humour. There is no doubt that this “lesson” will surprise you as you understand much more than you expect, given Áine’s simple approach. With her deadpan, offbeat and wholly unique style, there is no doubt Áine will ignite your passion for Irish, even if you’ve never even heard the language before.



24 + 25 Mar
The Last Prime Minister of Ireland
Splódar Theatre Company

Tension and comedy come together in this historical drama centred on David Lloyd George, where family dynamics provide much of the intrigue, and no one is who they seem.

On the morning of his wife’s funeral in January 1941 David Lloyd George is forced to confront his past political and personal behaviour. In his dealings with Ireland he stands accused of deceiving both the unionist and nationalist communities but it is the betrayal of his family and his native Wales that torture the former Prime Minister most. Through interactions with his daughter Megan, and Philip Noel Baker, founder of the United Nations, you will question if the historic figure often credited with winning the Great War was a hero or a villain.


29 + 30 Mar
Hic et Ubique
Maynooth University Drama Society – The Roscian Players

“The Museum of Irishness welcomes you to its latest dramatic exhibit – an adaptation of Richard Head’s 1663 work, Hic et Ubique, or the Humors of Dublin. Our crack team of overworked and underpaid actor-curators (remember to edit this out before it goes to print -Management) will be test-driving this exhibit in front of a selected audience to bring a slice of almost-forgotten Dublin life back to the stage for the first time since the 17th century. As always, we will be putting our own modern twist on things as we stage this tale of Londoners leaving their homeland to find fame and fortune in that most exotic of locations – Ireland.”

What does it mean to be Irish? Or, what does it mean to become Irish? These are the questions that this rehearsed reading of Hic et Ubique is going to explore in this collaborative theatrical research project between Maynooth University’s Drama Society and PhD researcher, Alan Waldron.

By tapping into the rich history of famous Dublin locations, such as St Stephen’s Green and Moore Street, and by using Richard Head’s 1663 bawdy comedy Hic et Ubique, we will explore the serious and not-so-serious issues surrounding contemporary life in Dublin today, and the many different ways we construct what it means to be “Irish”. Hic et Ubique, the first play written in Ireland, by a person from Ireland, to depict everyday life in Ireland (though not one we might recognise!) will be reconceptualised in the Smock Alley Theatre from March 29th-30th.

6 Apr
After Love
Stephanie Dufresne/Galway Dance Project

Based on a debut poetry collection by Dani Gill, After Love blends dance, physical theatre, music and poetry to explore the end of a relationship.
Dance and poetry fuse in a visually stunning show with an original musical score from Anna Mullarkey and Adrian Harte, After Love is an original, haunting and evocative dance work, rooted in the west of Ireland.

Performed and choreographed by Stephanie Dufresne and Lewis Wilkins, directed by Laura Sheeran, written by Dani Gill.




6 Apr
An Intimate Evening with Holly Lovelady
Holly Lovelady

Making a special trip over from Liverpool to the place from which her ancestors originate, singer-songwriter and pianist Holly Lovelady would love to invite you on her journey of magical ballad songs and beautiful folk music.

“A unique and rare talent, Holly Lovelady’s vocals evoke a plethora of feelings and memories”
– Broadway world Magazine
“Holly hauntingly opens the doors on real life love story’s, using poignant piano melodies and echoing vocals”
– Wonderland magazine


7 + 8 Apr
Work In Progress
No Drama Theatre presents a Capitol Theatre Company production

A play about a man trying to write a play

Capitol Theatre Company is back with the extended version of ‘Work in Progress’, adding a second act to the 20 minute one-act-play performed at Scene and Heard 2023.

With an imminent deadline fast-approaching, Wilson Reynolds is unable to complete his project for his theatre company, no matter how hard, or how long, he tries. Although his trusted, but somewhat peculiar, friend is sat by his side, the muses just won’t budge and Wilson feels like he’s staring at a blank page. What exactly is it that’s preventing him from completing this work in his small, strange apartment?

‘Work in Progress’ is a two-act-play that explores the subjective experience and the illusion of choice while examining the nature of theatre and raising questions about what it really means to be free.


8 Apr
Fionn Foley and Rough Magic in association with Solstice Arts Centre and Kilkenny Arts Festival

It’s the year 2047 and the end is truly nigh. That is, until a miracle tonic is discovered – Halcyon – which promises to restore the mind and body to the glory days of the 2020s.

Charged with spreading this good news, the amazing Calibri Triplet Family Band embark on their most challenging touring schedule to date. Using only their charm, their music and their notoriety they will show their adoring audiences how to take the doom out of doomsday.

From award winning playwright Fionn Foley, Tonic is a blistering new comic musical for the times we live in.


12 + 13 Apr
Purple Door

Strap yourself in for Joe Orton’s dark masterpiece, Loot, a farce so outrageous it was heavily censored for over fifty years. But not any more! Uproarious slapstick meets shocking morals as two young friends stash the proceeds of a bank robbery in an occupied coffin, attempting to hide their spoils from the attentions of a psychopathic policeman, a gold-digging nurse and a grieving widower.
The ensuing black comedy shocked and delighted audiences in equal measure when the play premiered five decades ago, winning the Evening Standard Best Play award.



13 – 15 Apr
Spring Awakening
Entr’acte Musical Theatre and Drama Society

Entr’acte presents a new production of the Tony award winning Broadway musical, Spring Awakening

Following a sold out January run of the Tony-winning Broadway musical, Spring Awakening, Entr’acte is delighted to present a rerun of this performance. This group of young Irish creatives brings an innately physical production of this coming of age story to the stage. The show is set in 1890’s Germany to a rock music score. Entr’acte are thrilled to be able to bring this show back to Smock Alley for a second run.




14 + 15 Apr
Predrinks at Laylah’s
Laylah Beattie

Predrinks at Laylah’s is a One Woman Show about the life of a transgender girl in her 20s.

Join me as I get ready for a night out and I’ll tell you all the gossip from the last few years of my life. I’ve been partying hard, I’ve been hospitalised, I’ve had my heart broken by every man I ever liked and oh yeah, I got a vagina. Just make yourself comfortable and give me a few minutes to put my face on.




18 – 22 Apr
Country and Irish

Donie Burris has a whole heap of troubles facing him: with his girlfriend, her son, Dublin gangsters, the Midford mafia and a very overbearing mammy. How can he get them all off his back? He imagines himself as the star of his own gangster movie, and he won’t go down without a fight…






19 –  22 Apr
Big Guerilla Productions

The madness of a simple rural man… A man, whose name we never hear, tells us his story of a life, always slightly out of his control. Shipped off to London at the age of 17… goes through bouts of depression, obesity and anger issues… finds and loses love, comes back to Ireland to more misfortune and mayhem and yet there is HOPE.




28 + 29 Apr
Atlas da Boca | How The Land Lies
Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival

Atlas da Boca explores two trans bodies through the mouth. As a symbol, the mouth becomes the interface between the public and the private, between the erotic and the political, between silence and the word that lasts.

How the Land Lies is a dance performance for 5 bodies and 3 LED scrolling signs. Navigating between tourism slogans and visa questionnaires, the dancers –who carry experiences of migration and displacement between countries– interact with the text scrolling on the LED panels to question borders.

These performances are presented as part of Spring Forward Festival, which is taking place in Dublin, from Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 April. It brings together 21 inspiring dance makers from around Europe.

Each performance is presented as a dance double-bill.

CREATED BY: Gaya de Medeiros/BRABA Platform, Bianca Hisse and Laura Cemin

About The Artists

Gaya de Medeiros (1990) is a choreographer and producer from Brazil currently based in Lisbon. She studied Animation Film and worked for nine years as a dancer and co-creator at a Brazilian Dance Company. In Portugal, she has worked with several artists such as (ASK ARTIST). In 2021, she created her first piece, ATLAS da BOCA and in December 2022, she premiered BAQUE. Gaya founded BRABA plataforma which aims to support, enable and finance initiatives led by or focused on the trans community. Her artist research ponders upon dance, words and affection.

Bianca Hisse (Brasil/Norway) and Laura Cemin (Italy/Finland) both operate at the intersection of visual art, performance and choreography. Their work, often presented in galleries and non-traditional performance spaces, focuses on language and on how contemporary discourses influence mobility and social circulation. They have been exploring such topics in their individual practices while developing their collaborative body of work. How the Land Lies is their first stage performance as a duo.

Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe. We identify the most inspiring new work by emerging dance artists and then promote it through cross-border performances. Aerowaves’ network of partners in 33 countries enables these emerging choreographers to bring brand new dance to new audiences.

Aerowaves prides itself on its unique role as a connector between choreographers, dance programmers and dance enthusiasts across Europe.


24 – 29 Apr

The hunt is on! When news breaks that Jesus has risen from the dead, two bumbling Roman soldiers are tasked by the revered Pontius Pilate with finding him. But is the Jesus they are searching for the one they expect to find?

The play challenges the concepts of good and evil and paints new portraits of characters familiar to us.




2 + 3 May


Dublin is at war; Martial law has been called and three absurd renters must decide whether to take to the streets or stay inside. The Irish housing crises has taken its toll and sanity has fled the nest. DAFT is inspired by rental stories but told with a twist. Three people, two sides, sharing one room. This Cosmopolitan quirkiness lets loose as Generation rent takes full affect. Sounds a bit daft doesn’t it.




5 May

Artemis : Goddess of the hunt, the moon and the natural environment. The first show of our Goddess collection. An adventure into the divine feminine with Reylta and Sinead Ann two Galway folk musicians dedicated and entranced by the moon, sea and stars. Aesthictally inspired by Ancient Ireland, vintage style and the occult this night promises to be a sonic and visual dreamscape transcending you to the spiritual realm through haunting melodies, lucious string arrangements and choral harmonies.

Reylta is a folk singer songwriter from Galway, Ireland currently based in Dublin. Her music combines sweet & lamenting sounds coupled with a complex alternative view providing the ultimate juxtaposition. She is deeply connected with Irish traditions and heritage: the poetry, the music,

the landscape and the storytelling. These influences have nurtured a unique and haunting perspective, illuminated through poetic lyrics, luscious string arrangements and rich choral harmonies.

The recent BIMM music graduate (songwriting) has been performing with an 8 piece band since 2019. Relyta began writing when she was eleven, with her musical influences including Florence and the Machine, Damien Rice, and Hozier.

Reylta’s band is an essential component of her work. The artist composes pieces, and each player brings their unique style, creating unmatched synergy. The band size varies, with each member influencing the tone and emulating trad performers with a classic, melancholic folk pop vibe.

German-Irish singer songwriter Sinéad Ann evokes wistful, mystical music influenced by the misty landscapes of Ireland. Sinéad Ann’s music casts light uponthe shadows through juxtaposing, ethereal melodies. She was awarded the Irish Youth Music Awards BIMM Bursary in 2017. She went on to study a BA in Commercial Modern Music in BIMM Institute Dublin, graduating in 2021. Her career was elevated by her performance in Irish language duo Muirsiné alongside fellow musician Muireann Ní Bhaoill. Muirsiné won the GRETB award of Excellence and Achievement in 2016. Sinéad Ann released her debut single Lemonzest in October 2022. An invitation to perform at Celtic Connections January 2023 followed. Sinéad Ann performs as a solo artist and occasionally accompanied by herensemble including the Irish bouzouki and harp. More of her music will be released soon.


6 May
Hearthfire Tales Live
Hearthfire Tales

Dungeons and Dragons on the Live stage!
After multiple performances around Ireland, The Hearthfire Tales Podcast brings their unique live show to Smock Alley theatre. Tabletop Roleplaying games meets live interactive comedy in this fantasy and Classic Rock themed experience. No experience with D&D or other Table-Top Games necessary!



11 – 13 May
Doing Time
Paul Winters

A dark comedy set in a prison, Doing Time is a piece like no other, which sets out to explore the relationships between strangers thrust together in this unique and trying environment. With their release dates a distant and faraway thought, and with long, slow, laborious days ahead, Mart and Frank fill their time with the rumours about Crapper and his young cell mate, Scanner. To relieve the never-ending boredom, they become investigators; Did anything untoward happen in Crapper’s cell? Where did Frank lose his precious treats? What is going on with Gloria? And how can Mart get through all of this without losing his mind.

“”A beautifully written and directed play with light and darkness, moments of hilarity and moments of great pathos. The play has a cast who have brought the four characters to life, imbuing them with a powerful and moving humanity.” Playwright/Author John McKenna



11 – 27 May
Masterclass: An Audience with Maria Callas
Smock Alley Theatre and Once Off Productions

Winner of the 1996 Tony Award for Best Play.

Passionate, fascinating and supremely talented, Maria Callas remains the pinnacle of operatic stardom. Famous for musical virtuosity, elegance and a sharp temper, Callas was a unique and towering talent.

Terrence McNally’s award-winning play invites an audience in to hear Callas speak in her own voice. Inspired by a series of real masterclasses given at The Juilliard School NY, we encounter Callas’ public lessons about music and performance as well as some of her most private and intimate memories.

To mark the centenary of Callas’ birth, Smock Alley & Once Off Productions are proud to present the Irish premiere of Master Class. Hugely successful on Broadway and the West End, this new Irish production directed by Conor Hanratty will see Smock Alley transformed into an intimate concert space, allowing audiences encounter the magnetism of this great singer up close and personal.

Caitríona Ní Mhurchú will play Maria Callas. The cast includes some of our finest young talent in Leo Hanna, Rebecca Rodgers, Niall Kinsella, Gillian Roberts and Kelli-Ann Masterson who together will conjure those heady days in New York where Callas demands impeccably high standards of her students.

Filled with humour, passion and stories from a legendary career, Master Class is an unmissable celebration of music, theatre and art.


17 May
Glimmer of a Rainbow
Aoife Fagan

‘Rhinestones is like a museum – full of beautiful dead things.’

Ivory, tortoiseshell, human teeth – you can make jewellery out of almost anything. The more endangered the better! Orla the vegetarian is disgusted by this, but Orla the sales assistant leans right into it. In Glimmer of a Rainbow, Orla battles with her own insecurities, and struggles with who the world tells her she is versus who she wants to be. Throughout the play, Orla gets wrapped up in workplace dramas, until tragedy hits which brings her back down to earth. This sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking play, explores what beauty is and questions society’s value on material things.


9 + 10 Jun
James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’ interpreted in song

Irish folk music act Hibsen pay homage to Joyce with performances of their debut album, ‘The Stern Task of Living’. The album is a collection of 15 songs, one for each short story in Joyce’s book, ‘Dubliners’ with lyrics and music writen by Jim Murphy and Gráinne Hunt. Each song is named after the story on which it is based and captures the essence of the storyline through its lyrics and the sentiment of the story through its music.

13 + 14 Jun
Mojo Mickybo
Bruiser Theatre

Owen McCafferty’s play Mojo Mickybo is about a friendship between two boys growing up in Belfast – a friendship that at first is immune to the sectarian violence taking place around them, but which nonetheless is ultimately destroyed by it.

13 – 17 Jun
A Rare Journey
Cadence Theatre Company

A world premiere of a one woman show which celebrates the life of a remarkable Irish woman, Nora Joyce. The play, which is written and performed by Paula Greevy-Lee, is highly entertaining and filled with music, giving free reign to Nora’s witty and often acerbic commentary on her life and times.

15 – 17 Jun
Dreamgun Film Reads

Dreamgun return to Smock Alley with their ever popular, always hilarious parody comedy show Film Reads! Since 2017, Dreamgun have taken some of our favourite movies, (The Lion King, Toy Story, Lord of the Rings) rewritten them and pumped them full of nonsense. A different film every night, performed by unprepared comedians and actors? What could go wrong!

26 Jun – 1 July
Hub Nub!
Gaiety School of Acting

Written by Roger Gregg and Directed by Tracy Ryan, this production will be the culmination of the students’ two years of intensive actor training. This explosive production is sure to assault your senses, exploring the art of revolution and asking the question just how dedicated one can be to a cause…

27 Jun
Coffee Kid: Edinburgh Preview
Siomha McQuinn & Jamie Sykes

Meet Beanie: the love child of George Clooney and a Nespresso machine. Step into her life as she struggles to reconnect with her dad while learning what it means to be different in a caffeine-hungry world. This freshly ground one-woman comedy romp will awaken your spirit as it examines universal themes: the journey towards self-worth, the meaning of love and the impact of being the unwanted child of a megastar. What could be more relatable? Settle in for a coffee break(down).

28 Jun
‘I Cross This Universe’ Album Launch
Malachy Tuohy

“I Cross This Universe” is a beautiful offering that solidifies Tuohy’s place as one of Ireland’s great songwriters and performers.

30 Jun + 1 Jul
S.D Clifford

Living in a tiny room that is a self-created world of isolation, negative voices and self-recriminations, it seems the modern world, AI and Social media is suffocating Terry into a hole he cannot seem to escape from. As a child he entered the world with a feeling that he does not quite belong. As an Adult heading into the latter part of his life, he finds modern life with all its complexities near impossible, especially the voices that keep reminding him that he has already been sentenced to death.

3 – 8 Jul
The Real Inspector Hound
No Drama Theatre

Take your seats alongside Birdboot and Moon, two respectable albeit slightly pretentious theatre critics and enjoy the antics that take place in the isolated environs of Muldoon Manor. We’re introduced to the eccentric cast who all have a potential motive for murder. But all is not as it seems… surprising even our critics!

6 Jul

The last day of anyone’s retirement is usually calm and peaceful, that is unless your name is Victor ‘The Knuckles’ Norman. This is the dark and gritty story, based loosely on true events, of one man’s rise and fall and all the chaos that ensues in-between.

Image of Ben Morris and Jessica Cervi
7 Jul
Here We Are Now
Ben Morris Productions

Back by popular demand, following their sold-out run in January; West End stars Ben Morris and Jessica Cervi return to Smock Alley with their acclaimed show. Join them, over a decade after winning RTÉ’s ‘Fame the Musical’ TV Series, for an intimate evening of songs and stories from their lives, careers and a friendship born during a reality TV experience they could never forget.

9 – 15 Jul
The Father
Out Of Time Theatre

A moving and unsettling journey through the ravages of dementia, where everything, and nothing, is as it seems

17 – 22 Jul
An Evening With Mere Mortals
Mere Mortals

A double feature inspired by Hollywood blockbusters. Come join us on two thrilling adventures!

29 Jul
La Mansarda
La Mansarda

A day-long event showcasing the best of the Dublin arts scene.

7 – 12 Aug
Sean Moylan, Irish Revolutionary
Blood in the Alley

Sean Moylan, Irish Revolutionary is one man’s account of key events during the Irish War of Independence. A man who sacrificed, suffered and risked his life for his country.

10 – 13 Aug
Animal Farm: Musical
Dublin Youth Theatre

The subjugated animals of an oppressive farm decide, in the cover of darkness, to rise up and overthrow their brutal Master, Farmer Jones.

18 Aug
Predrinks at Laylah’s
Laylah Beattie

Predrinks at Laylah’s is a One Woman Show about the life of a transgender girl in her 20s. Join me as I get ready for a night out and I’ll tell you all the gossip from the last few years of my life.

19 Aug
Dublin Modular – Sustain
Dublin Modular

An all-day festival of electronic music and instrument workshops, along with demos, talks, and performances across all 3 of our spaces.

23 Aug – 2 Sep
The Devil Himself
AboutFACE Theatre

This fast-moving and engrossing new drama brings to life the amazing true story of Lizzie Nutt. Complete with duels, murder, courtroom drama, a media circus and a scandal that engrossed America.

6 Sep
The Accidental Activist
Diane O’Connor

Diane O’Connor didn’t grow up expecting to be an activist, it just sort of happened, one minute she was holding a pint in the pub the next it was a placard at a protest.

7 Sep
An Evening of the classical guitar: A Recital by Darren Loughran
Darren Loughran

Irish classical guitarist Darren Loughran presents a programme of classical guitar music spanning from the 16th century to the present day.

9 – 16 Sep
Scaredy Fat
Colm McCready & SkelpieLimmer
Scaredy’s working the late shift at the cinema. Tonight’s schedule? The horror movie sexual awakenings of yesteryear.
Stuffed with steamy recollections of Carrie and Candyman, Scaredy should be in ecstasy but evil horror host Count Calories keeps cutting in on the fun.
It’s time for Scaredy to face their fears and stop being such a big scaredy fat.
Come to the movies with Scaredy as they poke fun at fat and queer representation in the horror genre, asking what it means to love a genre that doesn’t love you back.
We’re gonna need a bigger shirt.

10 – 12 Sep
Kayssie K.
A powerful performance that celebrates the strength and resilience of minority women, debuting Kayssie K.’s first poetry collection. Through a mesmerising blend of music and spoken word, this multi-disciplinary experience explores themes of self-identity, women’s rights, and creative expression.
Join us in honouring the forgotten voices and the courageous fighters who have shaped our history. Step into a transformative journey that recognises the beauty and boundless nature of womanhood.

11 + 12, 13, 18 – 20 Sep
Paddy Lama – The Shed Talks
Jason Byrne
Jason Byrne is writing and performing in his first play, directed by Feidlim Cannon of Brokentalkers.
A Dubliner full of wit and wisdom, Paddy used to say, ‘If you don’t continue to talk about someone when they die, they die twice’.
In this play, Jason Byrne brings the full life of Paddy Byrne to the stage playing his dad, keeping him alive in stories full of laughter and tears. This is 80 years of Dublin wit, 80 years of Dublin bull, but heart-warming and loving all the same.
‘Sure, that’s life son, just don’t tell ure mother.’
This hilarious and heart-rending work is a celebration of a parent, a celebration of a generation, a celebration of life.

10 – 13 Sep
Niamh Ryan Productions
Meet Jenna, a sparky, young dancer on the cusp of pirouetting into her greatest glory yet! — Until she isn’t.
On a brief (and she insists it will be brief!) hiatus from her glitter glory, she welcomes us into her world while she tries to decipher how on earth she got herself into this situation.
Join her on this quest, where despite her best attempts she finds herself involved with every quack and crony the town has to offer.
In this brand-new comedy by award winning playwright Niamh Ryan, Jenna and her merry band of misfits remind us of what it is to dream, what it means to never give up hope and how some of life’s fairest friends are found in the people we least expect.

11 – 16 Sep
Dopa-Mean Girl
Louisa Ní Éideáin

Welcome to the musical journey of a woman with late diagnosis ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Fáilte go cheolseó grinn faoi bhean a bhfuil ADHD uirthi.

Can she harness the boundless energy and creativity alongside the crippling self-criticism and impulsivity? Everything, including this show, is in search of one thing – the elusive Dopamine hit. This cabaret-style show recreates the polyphony of a brain that must do at least two things at all times.

13 – 17 Sep
Alison Spittle
Comedian du jour, Alison Spittle is simmering with jokes and probably rage. She doesn’t know what the burning sensation is.
She’s looking for the best way to process trauma and wants to change self care into self cure. She’s got nothing though.
Alison is making her triumphant return to Dublin Fringe Festival fresh from a sell-out Edinburgh Festival Fringe run and being voted one of British Comedy Guide’s best reviewed shows.

13 – 17 Sep
This is You
A thought-provoking new play exploring the roles we play, for ourselves and for others.
Alice, a struggling actor, is hired by a man to play a role – to live in his house as his estranged daughter, Melissa. As the experiment plays out – exploring dynamics of father/daughter, boss/employee, youth/age, and men/women – the balance of power shifts in increasingly explosive ways.
Loom is composed of Éadaoin Fox and Rosa Mäkelä. Blending the forms of theatre and film, the company explores classic and contemporary concerns where the familiar is made strange and the strange made quotidian.
This is You blends modes of theatre, film, and performance where boundaries and definitions are erased in exciting new ways.

14 – 16 Sep
Life, Itself
Sonic Makeup
ÓDÚ brings her one woman album to Dublin Fringe Festival. Brimming with anthemic pop songs, this is a concept album with a twist – a semi-autobiographical piece of gig theatre and a debut LP from one of Ireland’s brightest new songwriting talents.
Exploring the highs and lows of living life outside the norm while the city contracts and friends and communities drift further away, the tyranny of individual ambition, and the struggle to maintain platonic love in a world obsessed with romance.

15 – 18 Sep
Shauna Carrick Wants A Dog
Aon Scéal Theatre
An original musical comedy about life, love, and wanting a dog. We follow Shauna as she tackles her inner demons and embarks on a quest to take control of her own life, whilst making some very necessary detours for hot chocolate along the way.
Indulge in this is a wholesome musical experience, brought to you from the creators of Chromatics (dlr Mill Theatre 2018 / The Other Palace, London 2020), Tír na nÓg (dlr Mill Theatre 2022) and Tiny: Thumbelina Retold (Civic Theatre, Tallaght 2023).

17 Sep
Boxing Day
William Keohane
William Keohane reads from Boxing Day, a 52-poem sequence detailing the poet’s experience of gender transition, one poem written per week over the course of a year.
Keohane’s work is graceful, powerful in its restraint, and often startling in its honesty and candour. The performance is accompanied by visuals and text.

18 – 23 Sep
Jaxbanded Theatre
A techno exploration of Trans rights and Trans wrongs
From PC Music to SOPHIE to 100 Gecs, for decades now Trans people have been using hyperpop as a way to shatter standards of genre, gender and good taste.
Right now, the only thing Saoirse wants to shatter is her own f*cking voice.
Life has always been the same for Conall and Saoirse. Rehearse. Gig. Pints. But following a shift in Saoirse’s identity they must confront the changing nature of their music and friendship as they prepare for their comeback performance. A confrontation that forces Saoirse to explore the deeper parts of herself in a search for righteous and riotous Trans Joy.
Told through live vocal modulation and manipulation, HYPER is a rip-roaring and unabashedly Queer theatrical deep dive into Trans identity and music.
What it means to speak, sing and, for the audience (yes, you babe), to listen.

19 – 23 Sep
Persona Metropolitana
Annachiara Vispi & Giulia Macri

This is Giulia.
Like 55% of us, Giulia lives in a city. It is predicted that by 2050, almost 70% of us will live in a city – two thirds of the people on the planet.
Giulia wonders if we’ll all fit.
Giulia doubts it.A piece for an actor and a dancer set on an imaginary Rome metro carriage / Paris RER line / New York subway / seat on the Tube / last Dart home.

In cities we feel invisible, Giulia thinks. Or free.

19 – 23 Sep
But He’s Gay
Shane Daniel Byrne

The award winning Shane Daniel Byrne is Irish comedy’s new wonderkid (in his mid 30’s). Once considered an exciting talent of contemporary performance art in Dublin he messed that up and now he’s a comedian.

Join him for his fierce and fiery début hour about the bittersweet agony and joy of coming out, the oddities of same sex love and Social Personal Health Education.

It’ll be funny, but he’s gay.

19 – 23 Sep
Grainne Holmes Blumenthal

For sale: feet pics, freshly painted.

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself tagged online that you don’t even remember taking? Now imagine it was a picture of your feet. Imagine Gráinne’s horror when she was stumbling around Wikifeet (as you do!) and she sees pictures of her little toesies posted online without her consent – and worse, for completely free!

So, come with Gráinne, foot model extraordinaire, and learn the importance of why feet pics are NEVER free.

20 – 23 Sep
Hand of God
Carley Magee & Aaron Finnegan

Magical realism and soft horror collide in this suburban noir. Orla and Grace realise moving in together might not actually save their relationship. Suddenly, the outside world turns on its head and unravels their already fractured lives. Secrets become harder to keep as reality closes in – and Grace’s bed-bound grandmother only fuels their desire to get out. With nowhere left to hide, the women are forced to confront the painful truth of their relationship.

21 – 23 Sep
Tony Cantwell’s Sketch Show
Tony Cantwell

Step into the whimsical world of Tony Cantwell. Renowned for his stand-up comedy, the man Hot Press called ‘The 2nd Best Comedian in Ireland’ returns to his first love with a night dedicated solely to sketch comedy.

Prepare to be captivated by a medley of music, surreal sketches, cinematic moments, and puppets! With special appearances from familiar faces, this extravaganza promises an unforgettable evening of trippy laughter.

28 Sep – 8 Oct
To Be a Machine (Version 2.0)
Dead Centre and Mark O’Connell

What’s wrong with reality? Why do we feel the need to escape it?

From its very beginning theatre has offered audiences a chance to escape the world and enter a new one. The phrase “virtual reality” was first used by a playwright, Antonin Artaud, to describe the nature of theatre: a technology which allows us, for one night only, to get out of our heads.

But what happens when theatre stops working? Where do we go next? To Be A Machine (Version 1.0) meditated on the use of technology to improve the human condition. (Version 2.0) goes further, exploring how virtual reality will soon feel more immersive than reality itself. And that might mean we never have to go to the theatre again.

2 – 7 Oct
Karen Egan

Everyone knows somebody who has suffered from cancer. Egan’s own journey has inspired her to explore the vulnerability, chaos and humour of that experience.

In Warrior, anti-heroine Katherine Kirk shows the many sides to her troubled mind as she time- travels through treatment, while also exploring her relationship with her brother Barry. This is a universal story of how we derive strength by turning adversity into opportunity.

It’s also a universal story about Kimmage.

Warrior fuses original live music, comedy and drama in an entertaining and provocative way, presenting the idea of patient as both warrior and prey. In her parallel universe, Katherine explores the light and dark sides of what cancer can do to a family, and celebrates the warrior within us all.

2 – 7 Oct
Truth’s A Dog Must to Kennel
Tim Crouch and The Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

The Fool leaves King Lear before the blinding. Before the killing. Before the ice-creams in the interval. In this new work, Tim Crouch draws on ideas of virtual reality to travel back to the future of the play he left. Back to a world laid waste by division and trauma; a world where the revolution will take place on a screen.

Truth’s a Dog Must to Kennel is a daring piece of theatre that switches between scathing stand-up and an audacious act of collective imagining. It’s a celebration of live performance and a skewering of the state we’re in now.

16 – 18 Oct
The Knight, The Fool and A Budgie
The Collective Productions

A quest that goes wrong…then right…then wrong again then possibly corrects itself…but who knows for sure?

A dashing Nobleman and his trusty squire.
A rebellious Princess and her controlling mother.
A wondrous wizard and an evil Witch.
A loveable house maid and the Lord Marshall himself.
Also, yes…the Budgie.
There’s more, much more. If you wish to see what can go wrong, What can’t go right and all things in between on this daring adventure! You better get your candy ready this Halloween and come down to enjoy the fun.

20 – 21 Oct
Springheel Productions

‘Your life hasn’t turned out the way you expected, has it? You’re lost, aren’t you? Would you like that to change?’
A show about love, loss, destiny and legacy. A concert, a concept album, a musical.

endings. is about Henry. Henry’s life isn’t going too well. Henry encounters a mysterious figure at a party who offers him a deal, a deal which will change the course of his life forever.
Come join the party.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
19 Oct

Tá alltacht an domhain orainn go léir, mar chine, ar fheiceáil dúinn straicí móra d’Amazonia trí thine. Taifeadadh teocht scanrúil i ngach tír nach mór. Tá na farraigí ag ardú, gaineamhlaigh ag leathnú amach, barra ag teip agus laghdú catastrófach ar bhithéagsúlacht na cruinne. D’iarr IMRAM ar Úna Monaghan, cláirseoir, cumadóir agus ealaíontóir fuaime, leiriú ilmheánach a chruthú agus a bhainistiú chun an téama seo a fhiosrú, géarchéim na haeráide. Sa saothar is deanaí uaithi, tá meascán den cheol traidisiúnta, dealbhoireacht chré-umha, ealaín fuaime agus braiteoirí gluaiseachta. Beidh ceol turgnamhach agus tobchumtha le cloisteáil sa seó.

ALARMED AND INACTIVE is a multi-media exploration of the theme of climate emergency, through the responses of individual artists. This bi-lingual performance will fuse experimental and improvised music – played by Matthew Jacobson (percussion); Una Monaghan (harp, electronics); and Cuan Ó Seireadáin (French horn) – with visuals by Vivienne Griffin, sculpture by Nóirín Nic Alastair, and poetry and prose by Nandi Jola, Nithy Kasa, Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh, Daithí Ó Muirí, and Róisín Sheehy.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
20 Oct
SIÚRACHA NA GEALAÍ CAILLTE | Tionscadal Diane di Prima

Guth radacach i nuafhilíocht Mheiriceá a bhí ag Diane di Prima, glór cumhachtach feimineach nuair ba iad na fir is mó a labhair ar son ghlúin na bhfilí Beat. Lámhleabhar na hagóidíochta frithchultúrtha a bhí sa leabhar aici Revolutionary Letters (1971) a léiríonn samhlaíocht útóipeach agus aird á tarraingt aici ar an éiceolaíocht. Sa dán eipiciúil Loba, ar tour-de-force é, tarraingíonn sí ar go leor miotas chun spiorad an fhaolchú mar bhandia a chruthú le cantaireacht orthaí. ‘Fuascailteach agus ar maos i bhfuil, dán do gach ré,’ a thug Robert Hunter air, liriceoir Grateful Dead.

In Lost Moon Sisters, Dairena Ní Chinnéide embarks on an intimate dialogue with the late radical feminist poet Diane di Prima, speaking to her spirit from west Kerry in a remarkable litany that evokes the personae of the wolf goddess and the warrior woman. The poems are read to music composed by Nick Roth, with sections sung by Olesya Zdorovetska. Images on-screen by Margaret Lonergan.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
21 Oct


Sa bhliain 1933 d’fhoilsigh An Gúm leagan Gaeilge de chlasaic Bram Stoker, Dracula. An-seans gurb é an t-aistriúchán seo le Seán Ó Cuirrín (1894 -1980) an t-aistriúchán is saibhre ar fad ar an leabhar neamhbhásmhar (!) seo. Sa léamh drámatúil seo de Dracula an Chuirrínigh, tá fuaimrian speisialta le cloisteáil agus taispeánfar íomhánna de Dracula.

In 1933 An Gúm published Seán Ó Cuirrín’s famed translation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Ó Cuirrín – a talented writer and poet – used terms such as súmaire (a leech, parasite) for a vampire or invented new ones for the neamhmhairbh (the undead, zombies). This dramatic reading of the Irish text, directed by Bríd Ó Gallchóir of Aisling Ghéar, is perfomed by actors Caitríona Ní Mhurchú and Tim Creed. It also features on-screen projections created by artist Mags Mulvey and an atmospheric soundtrack of dark music composed by Muiris Ó Fiannachta.

23 Oct
Analogue 21
Gracie Davie & Michael Lucey

ANALOGUE 21 presented by Gracie Davey and Michael Lucey, is an exploration of environmental alienation, focusing on climate and loneliness. In this single night performance, Michael will be performing an unseen script which symbolises the experience of navigating a strange world without the required time, tools or preparation.

25 Oct
Five Days
Joseph Nawaz

In April 2005, writer Joe Nawaz and his family travelled from Belfast to the wilds of Pakistan on the trail of a mystery. The mystery of how, where and why his father Rab had been murdered there.

In this fiercely funny and poignant production Joe will share the difficulties of transporting a body across international lines (easier to pack a poodle), the bizarre odyssey that he and his family took in their quest for truth without even a snippet of Urdu, Pakistani dress sense or cultural smarts. Join Joe as he takes us to the land of his father, where he never felt more Irish, as he sketches some of the history of that country and its unlikely links with Ireland.

27 – 30 Oct
Dublin City Council Bram Stoker Festival & Demons and Dust

Carter, a gifted but volatile director, has found the perfect location to shoot his zombie movie set during the Irish famine: a country house on a remote island off the coast of Mayo. With only three days to shoot and facing the sudden departure of his lead actor, Carter is forced to make a crucial decision – abandon the film or take a chance casting the mysterious Vardell, an actor with a shadowy past but extraordinary talent.

As the cameras roll, unnerving events and eerie occurrences hint at something much darker beneath the surface and Carter becomes increasingly suspicious that his decision may have been a grave mistake… Revenant is a visceral, frightening theatrical experience, marrying elements of horror and suspense with deliciously dark comedy in a reflection on the choices we make in pursuit of success.

2 Nov
We Dance
Arinola Theatre Company with UCD Observer

We Dance is a theatrical exploration of black womanhood and femininity.
What does that even mean? Who does femininity exclude and in doing so leave unseen, unheard.
What would you say if you went through your whole life saying nothing?
What do you do when no one will even acknowledge your existence?
Do we scream or cry. It is easy to cry but sometimes it is better to laugh. Sometimes it’s better to dance.

4 Nov
Shut up, You
The Collaborations Agency

Ali Fox is obsessed with the past. A darkly comic night of storytelling and jokes proving the history of generational trauma and self-hatred in Ireland has made us the most hilariously dysfunctional race in the world.

8 – 11 Nov
Quintessence Theatre

Quintessence Theatre, In association with Droichead Arts Centre, Present The Curious Case of Albert Cashier: Lincoln’s ‘Lady’ Soldier “Lincoln wanted soldiers. I wanted excitement” Belvidere, Illinois, 1862: A young Irishman, Albert D.J. Cashier, enlists with the Union Army in the Civil War and becomes a decorated hero. But unknown to his comrades, Private Cashier is waging an internal war all of his own. When he is fifty years a veteran an indiscreet doctor reveals to all of America that Cashier was assigned female at birth, born under the name Jennie Hodgers, from Clogherhead, Co. Louth, Ireland. From that day on Albert’s greatest battle truly begins: for identity, selfhood, and truth.

4 Nov
Coffee Kid
Síomha McQuinn and Jamie Sykes

Coffee Kid is the story of Beanie, the love child of George Clooney and a Nespresso machine. Step into her life as she struggles to reconnect with her dad while learning what it means to be different in a caffeine-hungry world.
This freshly ground one-woman comedy romp will awaken your spirit as it examines universal themes: the journey towards self-worth, the meaning of love and the impact of being the unwanted child of a megastar. What could be more relatable?

Settle in for a coffee break(down).

7 – 9 Nov
Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story
Awkward Productions

Do you know the story of Diana? Probably. But do you know our story of Diana? We very much doubt it. Join Diana in heaven as she shares the untold and untrue tale of her extraordinary life. Combining drag, multimedia, audience interaction, puppetry and a lot of queer joy – this unique celebration of the peoples princess is as hilarious as it is tasteless.

10 + 11 Nov
The Body & Blood
Carol Murphy

The Body & Blood is the story of Maggie Murtagh, an Irish country girl who transmogrifies into The Vigilante Cannibal Nun during The Famine after the death of her family. She steals from the rich to give to the starving poor. She eats the colonizers; becomes an addict; and destroys her soul. Her story begins at the cusp of The Famine when she is betrothed, by her father, to a widower. She runs away to become a missionary nun in China but is sent back to Ireland three years later to set up a convent in Connemara, at the height of The Famine. On return, she discovers that her family are all dead. She goes on the rampage to seek revenge.

13 – 18 Nov
The Manny
Sam McArdle

A dark comedy about an Irish male nanny who works for rich single mums in West London.

Manny is enjoying a Peter Pan-esque lifestyle of well paid cash-in-hand work & settling for meaningless dates with women who harmonise happy birthday with their eyes closed, just to disguise himself from the fact that he’s letting life go by without following any real purpose, or allowing himself to really feel anything substantial or lasting.

Throughout the story, he meets Molly, an actress disillusioned with life, as she sells beetroot brownies in Borough market, as opposed to playing Cleopatra on Broadway, & becomes an unlikely role model for Michael, a 7 year old spoilt, seemingly irredeemable product of a loveless marriage. All three characters face a potential future of unrequited dreams, and all three will have their lives changed by the events that occur.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
15 Nov

Is ceiliúradh é Feisteas an tSaoil ar shaol na mban trí athruithe sóisialta an 20ú haois agus ina dhiaidh. Saothar nua cróga is ea é seo ó bhean go raibh saol thar a bheith suimiúil aici. Coincheap agus téama úrnua atá againn anso. Pléann sé le scéalta an-phearsanta atá fite fuaite le píosaí filíochta, formhór acu leis an bhfile Áine Moynihan féin. Tá idir gháire is gol ann. Cuireann píosaí ceoil agus amhránaíochta, cuid a thagann ó oileáin Inis Oírr, Cléire agus ó Iarthar Chiarraí – ar pianó le Louise Foxe agus fidil le Feargal Mac Amhlaoibh – go mór leis an seó.

Feisteas an tSaoil is a bilingual poetic celebration of women’s lives through the social changes of the 20th century. With musical fragments and airs played on piano and on fiddle from the islands of Cléire and Inis Oírr, and West Kerry, Feisteas an tSaoil deals with stories of birth and death, marriage and breaking taboos, in a society best known for its silences. Tracing key moments of schooling, courtship, marriage and giving birth, this moving performance features live music from Feargal Mac Amhlaoibh and Louise Foxe.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
16 Nov

The Winterreise Project

Is é seo an chéad uair a aistríodh an tsraith cháiliúil seo d’amhráin ealaíne – Winterreise le Franz Schubert go Gaeilge. Sa tionscadal nuálach seo tá cóiriú déanta ar cheann de shaothar mór lieder na Gearmáinise, é athchruthaithe d’amhránaí agus grúpa beag ceoltóirí uirlise, ní sa stíl Kunstlieder ach níos gaire do cheol na hÉireann. Agus cuma thraidisiúnta orthu (seachas an tionlacan pianó normatach a shamhlaítear leis an bparlús), agus iad i nGaeilge, beifear in ann éisteacht leis an stór cáiliúil amhrán seo ar bhealach tochtmhar nach mbraithimid de ghnáth.

Franz Schubert’s haunting Winterreise is based on a series of poems by Wilhelm Müller that tell the story of a lonely traveller who ventures out into a snowy landscape on a journey to purge himself of his lost love. In Geimhreadh Anama, singer Caitríona O’Leary reimagines this masterwork – with lyrics transcreated into Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock – with stunning arrangements based on folk and traditional music. She is accompanied by Alex Roth (guitar); Derek White (bass); and Dylan Lynch (drums). With screen projections by artist Margaret Lonergan.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
17 Nov

Haiku reading and award presentation
IMRAM in association with Poetry Ireland Education

Thug Comórtas Filíochta Duais Bashō Haiku cuireadh do dhaltaí iar-bhunscoile haiku a chumadh, i mBéarla nó i nGaeilge nó go dátheangach, agus a gcuid haiku a chur isteach le haghaidh breithiúnais. Is é an haiku an fhoirm fhileata is giorra ar domhan a tháinig chun cinn sa tSeapáin sa 17ú hAois, cruthaithe ar dtús ag an máistir haiku Bashō. Scríobhtar dánta haiku i dtrí líne de ghnáth agus tá seacht siolla déag ar a mhéad iontu.

The Duais Bashō Haiku Poetry Competition asks post-primary students to compose a haiku in the English or Irish language or a hybrid and submit their haiku for adjudication. The haiku is the shortest poetic form in the world which originated in Japan in the 17th Century, first refined and championed by haiku master Bashō. Haiku poems are usually written in three lines and contain a maximum of seventeen syllables. As part of this project, haiku poet Maeve O’Sullivan has been conducting workshops with students throughout the country. Poet and acclaimed haiku doyen Gabriel Rosenstock is adjudicating the entries.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
17 Nov

National final of Poetry Speaking Competition

Is Comórtas Labhartha Filíochta d’Iarbhunscoileanna é Guth na hÉigse, atá bunaithe ar an gComórtas Labhartha Filíochta, Poetry Aloud, a bhfuil an-rath air. Chuir Leabharlann Náisiúnta na hÉireann agus Éigse Éireann tús le Poetry Aloud in 2007. Tá sé mar aidhm ag Guth na hÉigse mic léinn a spreagadh ar fud oileán na hÉireann chun dánta Gaeilge a fhoghlaim de ghlanmheabhair agus ansin na dánta a rá os ard ag babhtaí ceannais, cluichí ceannais réigiúnacha agus ag craobh náisiúnta a bheidh ar siúl inniu i Smock Alley.

Guth na hÉigse is a Poetry Speaking Competition for Post-Primary Schools, based on the successful and well-established Poetry Aloud Poetry Speaking Competition initiated by the National Library of Ireland and Poetry Ireland in 2007. Guth na hÉigse aims to encourage students throughout the island of Ireland to commit Irish language poems to memory and then speak the poems aloud at heats, regional finals and at the national final that takes place today in Smock Alley.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
17 Nov

Gala book launch

Dr Eoin Mac Carthaigh, Pádhraic Ó Ciadhra, Áine Ní Ghlinn

Éilís Ni Dhuibhne

Scéal é seo faoi cháilin óg, Róisín, atá ag fás aníos i mbruachbhaile i mBaile Átha Cliath, i gcaogaidí agus seascaidí an chéid seo caite. Cuimhní cinn, más ea, a chuireann teacht in inmhe cailín óig i láthair go seoigh.
A beautiful story of a young girl’s coming-of-age in 1950s and 1960s Ranelagh Village in Dublin as she attends a local Irish-medium school.

A new wave in Irish poetry
Edited by Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh and Tristan Rosenstock

Cnuasach aistí faoin iris Innti, a d’athraigh saol litríochta na Gaeilge ó bhun go barr.

Over fifty years after the birth of the revolutionary literary magazine Innti, this bilingual book seeks to examine its radical shake-up of the world of Irish language literature.

Alan Titley

Gearrscéalta nua ó pheann an Titlígh – fabhalscéalta, scéalta óige, eachtraí iomána agus peile, bréaginsintí éagsúla, scéalta gaisce nó rómánsaíochta, agus scéal fada amháin.
A dazzling new series of short fictions of all kinds from the inimitable Alan Titley – fables, tales of youth, outrageous tall tales and even one novella.

IMRAM Féile Litríochta Gaeilge
18 Nov

Ainm i measc ainmneacha éagsúla ar an saol eile ina gcónaíonn an t-aos sí is ea Emain Ablach. Tá leithéidí Martin Hayes tar éis Neil Ó Lochlainn a mholadh go hard as a chumas chun domhain cheoil a chruthú a bhfuil doimhneas iontu. Sa saothar nua aige, tarraingíonn sé as luathscríbhneoireacht na Gaeilge, na miotais agus na síscéalta. Tá danta le Aifric Mac Aodha a insíonn faoin laoch a thaistealaíonn go dtí an domhan eile, na heachtraí a bhaineann dó ann agus a thuras ar ais. Cloisfear tionchar an tsnagcheoil ar an saothar seo, mar aon le ceol traidisiúnta agus ceol clasaiseach ár linne.

In mythology, Emain Ablach is just one of many names for the otherworld. Acclaimed by Martin Hayes for his ability to ‘create uncompromised musical worlds with real depth and authenticity’, composer Neil Ó Lochlainn has produced a stunning new work that draws on early Irish writing, myth and medieval legend. It weaves commissioned new poems by Aifric MacAodha which tell of a hero’s journey to the other world, their adventures there, and their eventual return. The suite draws on Irish traditional music, jazz and contemporary classical; and features a thrilling 14-person ensemble with performers from a wide range of musical backgrounds, and poems read by Billy Mag Fhloinn.

22 – 23 Nov
Stories Untold
Maynooth University Drama Society – The Roscian Players

This festival celebrates the art of storytelling. We all have stories to tell and to listen to. The Maynooth Drama society present to you four original plays.

“Solo” Written by Arianna McKirdy and directed by Molly Roxby.
“A Tale of Drama” Written and Directed by Finn Reddy.
“The Grey Duck Hotel” Written and Directed by Anna Andrea Reiko Crochemore.
“Changes” Written by Rebecca McCarthy and directed by Rebecca McCarthy and Emily Kyle.

25 Nov
IYDF Winter Gala
Dublin Youth Dance Company

The Irish Youth Dance Festival Winter Gala will include performances by Junior/Transition and Senior DYDC ensembles with choreography by Artistic Director Mariam Ribón, associate teacher Tara Bredemeier and guest teacher/Choreographer Anderson de Souza. The Gala will also include a special commission to Brazilian dance artist & choreographer Mariela Mira, guest emerging artist LA Feeney, the work of professional DYDC Alumni Rocio Dominguez and Nóra Fay, solos/duets by senior members of DYDC as part of the ‘Emerging Voices’ Programme.

25 Nov
Rime Insaponate – Soapy Rhymes
Alekos il Poeta delle Bolle – Alekos the Bubble Poet

Rime insaponate nasce attorno all’oggetto più impalpabile, evocativo, delicato, surreale e divertente di sempre: la bolla di sapone. L’antico gioco diventa testo teatrale mescolando parole in rima con un’originale tecnica di bolle di sapone e piccola magia.

Rime insaponate is centred upon the most ineffable, evocative, delicate, surreal and playful object: the soap bubble. This ancient game becomes a playscript which mixes rhyming words with an original technique to make bubbles and a little bit of magic.

27 Nov
Geimhreadh Galore! The Irish Theatre Tour
David Keenan

Having just played a career defining headline show in The National Concert Hall, David Keenan is going on the road this winter for his “Geimhreadh Galore! / The Irish Theatre Tour”

The tour will be an amalgamation of Keenan’s full band show plus very special guest Evanne Kilgallon who’ll perform an extract from her one woman play “Jester’s Privilege” as support.

See this unique blend of music, poetry and performance as it hits Smock Alley on the 27th of November.

29 Nov – 2 Dec
Dreamgun Video

There were only three films made in 1992:

Brumpy Goes Vroom, a coming-of-age talking-car movie.

Kiss the Jury, an erotic courtroom drama based on the French original.

A newly discovered thriller adapted from the best selling spy novels of Tim Climby.

Sadly these classics were released on VHS (Versatile Movie Rectangle) and since what even is that? They were lost to time… Until today! Dreamgun have lovingly restored these cinematic classics into a triple feature film read of the greatest year in cinema history: 1992.

29 Nov – 2 Dec
Making A Show of Myself
Mary Kate OFlanagan

An Irish raconteur shares the most ridiculous, embarrassing, hilarious and tragic episodes of her life, showing there’s a story in every stumble – and a little magic in every story.

With a modern twist on the tradition of Irish storytelling, Mary Kate takes a journey through the most ridiculous, excruciating, heart- breaking, uplifting episodes of her life (so far). She explores how her lifelong fascination with story has shaped and sustained her and makes a case for how stories shape and sustain the human race.

5 – 9 Dec
The Memory of Water
No Drama Theatre

It’s the dead of winter. The snow is falling heavily outside.
Shelagh Stephenson, her three sisters and their significant others gather in their childhood home in Yorkshire on the eve of their mother’s funeral.

They soon revert to their family roles and find themselves bickering over their differing memories of the same events. As they go through their mother’s things and discuss making the necessary arrangements, emotions are running high, revelations are uncovered and some of the old hurts and resentments rear their ugly heads (sometimes with the help of a little weed or whiskey).

Each of them are forced to confront their past and also possibly, their present.

6 – 21 Dec
You Belong To Me
Once Off Productions & Smock Alley Theatre in association with Rough Magic

You Belong To Me is a new savage romantic comedy by Rory Nolan about the rules we make, the laws we break and what falls between the cracks. It is an unflinching look at two people who haven’t agreed on a single thing since they said “I do”.

Patty and Pato can’t stand the sight of each other. But they can’t afford to be apart. And they have the court order to prove it, a court order that runs an invisible wall through the house.
When an executor comes knocking with the chance of a legacy, Patty’s fortunes seem to be turning, but first things first- there’s a dance competition coming up, she needs a partner, and any man will do. With nobody left to torment, who does Pato really think he is? And how will he cope? The war is not over yet.

11 – 23 Dec
It’s A Wonderful Bleedin’ Life
Judder Theatre Company

“A uniquely Dublin take on a beloved Christmas classic”

It’s Christmas Eve 2007 and Georgie Travers is propping up the bar in his Dublin local, the weight of the world on his shoulders. As closing time approaches, a late night straggler enters, disturbing Georgie’s last pint, and his plan to embark on a moonlit cliff stroll which could change his life, and the lives of the people he loves, forever.