THEATRE / COMEDY / CLOWN | 15 – 20 Apr

Bunny Bunny

Nora Kelly Lester

Boys’ School

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Bunny. Men, money, motherhood, sex, politics, competition, the world. What’s it all about? Poor Bunny, she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going… or does she know exactly what she’s doing?

Developed at the Scene + Heard Festival

COMEDY | 19 + 20 Apr

Bing Bong Comedy Improv Show

Bing Bong Comedy Improv Show

Main Space

A chaotic cavalcade of comedy featuring some of Ireland’s tip top improv groups. Nothing is pre-planned so no one knows what’s going to happen next, including the performers. A very fun and very silly night out at the theatre.

THEATRE / COMEDY | 23 – 27 Apr

The Last Incel

Jamie Sykes

Boys’ School

Log into the world of the Incels: an online community of toxic men that blame women and society for their inability to have sex. That is, until one of them does hook up with a woman who invades their group meeting. Strap in as this wild satire turns over one of the darkest stones of the internet to reveal the strange fleshy humans wriggling underneath.


The Ireland We Dreamed Of

Sinead McCann

Main Space

The Ireland We Dreamed Of is a new performance by visual artist Sinead McCann in collaboration with sociologist Dr Louise Brangan. The Ireland We Dreamed Of brings the audience through a series of unsettling dreamscapes. This powerful performance explores what it was like to live with the unbearable weight of self-denial, how silence seeped into our homes, and the bravery it took to break out from this world of secrets.

THEATRE | 3 + 4 May

The Good Women

Good Women Arts LTD

Boys’ School

It’s the 1960s, the world is changing. Protesters take the streets, hippies celebrate free love, and a young band called “The Beatles” is rising to fame. Not in conservative Switzerland, where women did not even get the vote until the 1971.

Bette, star of a regional TV cooking show, and Trudy, a housewife with an alcohol problem and an obsession for Bette’s show, are about to change that – and question their life choices, sexualities and what it means to be a good woman in the process.

THEATRE | 7 – 11 May

The Pigeon Factory

Oh!Scare Wilde Productions

Boys’ School

A new one-man show that explores ideas of work, family, and finding purpose in a broken society through the lens of absurdity, pathos, and pigeons.


MUSIC | 11 May

Night At The Harem

Yalla Bellydance Dublin

Main Space

Immerse yourself in the allure of swirling veils, captivating melodies, and mesmerizing movements that will transport you to a magical realm. From sensual solos to dynamic group routines, “Night at the Harem” guarantees a night of entertainment that will leave you breathless and craving more.


Bum Notes: The Improvised Musical

Bum Notes

Main Space 

Our entirely improvised musical is back, better than ever. With a longer runtime and a bigger cast, you don’t want to miss this chance to have your musical suggestion crafted in real time into a fully realised, ridiculous, comical, and maybe even heartfelt production.

THEATRE | 21 – 25 May

New Era, New Éire

BoyFace & Standard Practice Productions

Boys’ School

Set in a working-class suburb of south Dublin, the play centres around JT O’Brien and his father Stephen “Buzzer” O’Brien as they deal with the recent death of JT’s mother Marie. A blackly comic look at how men grieve, New Era, New Éire is a play about change and memory that touches upon more serious issues in Iife such as grief, alcoholism and mental health challenges.

THEATRE | 24 – 25 May


Partial Nudity & Smoke Machines

Main Space

Dublin is in a time of crisis. Rents sky-rocketing, houses turning to hotels, tech conglomerates spreading like wildfire. But don’t worry, the government has a plan to save us… and its called DublinLand!

THEATRE / COMEDY| 28 May – 1 Jun

Just a Minute

Conor Murray

Boys’ School

Alienated, delusional, and with a monumental crush on the straight boy in the office, our intern is the ultimate corporate flop. Join him for one life-changing day as he attempts to suppress his queerness and rise through the ranks at the Greenwich Meantime Museum.

MUSIC | 16 Jun

Fragments of Lucia

Joseph Chester

Boys’ School

FRAGMENTS OF LUCIA is a solo guitar performance by Joseph Chester of his highly-acclaimed album LUCIA, a suite of 10 pieces inspired by fragments of the life of Lucia Joyce.

MUSIC | 19 Jun

Pop Goes My Heart

Rejoice Gospel Choir

Main Space

Join Rejoice Gospel Choir & special guests in Smock Alley Theatre, on Wednesday 19th June for a celebration of the greatest love songs of all time! Weve gathered all our favourite love songs, given our own unique spin, and arranged them into an unmissable celebration of all things love. So come along and join the fun (and embrace your warm & gooey side while you’re at it) as we celebrate all things cheesy and romantic.

COMEDY | 13 July

Hearthfire Tales Live

Hearthfire Tales

Main Space

Dungeons and Dragons on the Live stage!

Join Hearthfire Tales as they once again take to the Smock Alley Stage with a Semi-Improvised Fantasy adventure where both dice and audience help to tell the story! No gaming experience necessary, come along and watch the adventure unfold before your eyes!