THEATRE | 29 Nov – 2 Dec

Making A Show of Myself

Mary Kate O’Flanagan

Boys’ School

An Irish raconteur shares the most ridiculous, embarrassing, hilarious and tragic episodes of her life, showing there’s a story in every stumble – and a little magic in every story.

COMEDY | 29 Nov – 2 Dec

Dreamgun Video


Main Space

There were only three films made in 1992:

Brumpy Goes Vroom, a coming-of-age talking-car movie.
Kiss the Jury, an erotic courtroom drama based on the French original.
A newly discovered thriller adapted from the best selling spy novels of Tim Climby.
Sadly these classics were released on VHS (Versatile Movie Rectangle) and since what even is that? They were lost to time… Until today! Dreamgun have lovingly restored these cinematic classics into a triple feature film read of the greatest year in cinema history: 1992.

THEATRE | 5 – 9 Dec

The Memory of Water

No Drama Theatre

Boys’ School

A dramatic tour de force of a comedy about life and loss, identity, disconnection, self-deception, and isolation and, love.

It’s the dead of Winter… the snow is falling heavily outside and ‘The Memory of Water’ by Shelagh Stephenson joins three sisters and their significant others as they reunite and gather in their childhood home in Yorkshire on the eve of their mother’s funeral.

THEATRE | 6 – 21 Dec

You Belong To Me

Once Off Productions and Smock Alley Theatre

Main Space

You Belong To Me is a savage new dark romantic comedy by Rory Nolan, about the rules we make, the laws we break and what falls between the cracks in an unflinching look at two people who haven’t agreed on a single thing since they said “I do”.

THEATRE | 11 – 23 Dec

It’s A Wonderful Bleedin’ Life

Judder Theatre Company

Boys’ School

It’s Christmas Eve 2007 and Georgie Travers is propping up the bar in his Dublin local, the weight of the world on his shoulders. As closing time approaches, a late night straggler enters, disturbing Georgie’s last pint, and his plan to embark on a moonlit cliff stroll which could change his life, and the lives of the people he loves, forever.


Nollaig na mBan: Women’s Mental Health

First Fortnight Festival


In this panel discussion, we bring together several stakeholders in women’s mental health to discuss the current standing of mental health care for women in Ireland, findings of recent research and projects, and what we can do next. The panel includes Fiona Coyle, CEO of Mental Health Reform, Claire Flynn, Development Officer at Mental Health Ireland, and Maria Fleming, CEO of First Fortnight.


Nollaig na mBan: The Sea and Me

First Fortnight Festival

In recent years, Irish women have taken to the sea for the physical and mental health benefits of open water swimming. In this panel discussion, we will hear from three women who turned to the sea for solace, motivation, and joy.


Nollaig na mBan with Irish Women in Harmony

First Fortnight Festival

Nollaig na mBan or Women’s Christmas is celebrated on January 6th. We are honoured to host Irish Women in Harmony for a very special performance which is closely connected to the mission of First Fortnight.
A collective of some of Ireland’s most gifted female artists, Irish Women in Harmony come together through mutual artistic support and in their overarching mission – amplifying awareness for women and children in crisis situations.


Music and the Mind: Podcast Launch

Shane Mitchell and Shane Martin at First Fortnight

Music is something that we are all touched by. It connects people deeply to themselves, others and their world. Music and the Mind is a new podcast hosted by professional musician Shane Mitchell from legendary Irish Folk band Dervish and popular psychologist, published author and musician Shane Martin.

THEATRE | 10 – 13 Jan

Dopa-Mean Girl

Louisa Ní Éideáin at First Fortnight

Welcome to the musical journey of a woman with late diagnosis ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Fáilte go cheolseó grinn faoi bhean a bhfuil ADHD uirthi.
Can she harness the boundless energy and creativity alongside the crippling self-criticism and impulsivity? Everything, including this show, is in search of one thing – the elusive Dopamine hit.

THEATRE | 12 + 13 Jan


Brú Theatre at First Fortnight

Granny has been incarcerated, the fairytale has faltered & now something is gnawing at Joe.
Selvage is a fast, funny show about unravelling tightly wound modern anxieties and a boy’s reckoning with his gnaw.

THEATRE | 20 Jan

BAN BAM New Works Premiere: Meilana Gillard |Bianca Gannon | Carole Nelson

Improvised Music Company

Main Space

A night of new music performed for the first timeby a selection of Ireland’s top improvising and jazz musicians, featuring a suite of music from
the 3 BAN BAM commissioned composers Meilana Gillard, Bianca Gannon and Carole Nelson and their ensembles.

BAN BAM is a biennial commission anddevelopment opportunity for female and genderminority composers from across Ireland.

THEATRE | 23 – 27 Jan


Dominic O’Brien

Boys’ School

Echo begins as a gig and then becomes something else. Something stranger.

It’s about Ronan, a musician on tour in the UK. He’s the opening act for a much bigger band, and we follow him over the course of two nights, two concerts. The first one goes well. The second is a nightmare. As his past catches up with him, Ronan must decide whether to confront it, or just keep singing the same tune.



Women of Wit

Main Space

Lift your spirits and soothe your soul with fun, laughter, storytelling and comedy along with a dash of psychotherapy!
Artists include comedians Aideen McQueen, Josephine Lacy, Kate Feeney, Mags McHugh and more. Music by Emileo.

THEATRE | 4 – 9 Mar

A Rose by Any Other Name

Rosemary Loughlin

Boys’ School

This one woman show charts Rose’s fascinating and life changing journey with Shakespeare from childhood to recent times. It centres around the controversial subject of Shakespeare authorship which takes Rose on a journey through parts of Italy and England on the trail of 16th Century poet and courtier Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford.