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COMEDY | Rocket Around The Christmas Tree

This December, Rocket Octopus will be exploding all over your Christmas like Lidl fairy lights. The fire is roaring. The stocking is stuffed. The mince is pied. The crackers are s**t. The turkeys escaped. Anyway. They’re going to rock your manger, or at least gently and politely rock around your Christmas tree. They’ve felt your presents so they know what you’re gonna get- funny laughs! Or at least an hour long sketch comedy show.


STAND-UP | Stephen Mullan: Son of a Preacher Man

Due to phenomenal demand and following on from his sell out run at the Dublin Fringe, Stephen Mullan brings his debut stand-up comedy hour to Smock Alley, in which he shares his coming-of-age story about a boy who was brought to the edge of his own life, and who lives to tell the hilarious tale of how sexcapades, drug overdoses and a surprise baby meant that he was, in his own way, born again.


THEATRE | Sally Denver Matthews

Sally + Stephen + 2 bottles of Malbec = Heidi. Heidi has only been around for 6 months, but she is already in charge. Sally adores her new baby, but she misses her old life when she only had herself to worry about. Her new life as a mother is overwhelming and it feels like there’s no time to talk to Stephen. At least Sally still gets to see her friends (in photos) and still gets to wash her hair (but not condition it). Mum, mam, madre, mutter, moeder… whatever you go by, it’s the most difficult job you’ll ever have!


THEATRE | Nothing But A Toerag

No matter how hard Bianca tries to keep her internal pain under rap she still messes up and finds herself in a cell. Now she’s up close and personal with a self diagnosed bipolar cell mate who desperately wants to feel something again but Bianca wants to feel nothing. Their tumultuous relationship becomes a constant battle for power, intertwined with banter and brutality, embraces and rejection. Can Bianca bend or will she break this time? A dark, tense and thrilling new play by Aisling O’Mara.