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THEATRE | Waiting for Godot

A country road. A tree. Evening. Vladimir and Estragon wait endlessly for the arrival of Godot, discussing religion, contemplating suicide and crotch rot in a comical wordplay of poetry, dreamscapes and nonsense. Samuel Beckett’s WAITING FOR GODOT is a tragicomedy masterpiece that reminds us of the beauty of language and our own existence, voted the "most significant English language play of the 20th century''.


THEATRE | Unfit for Purpose

Ronny has never felt worse. In a desperate effort to treat his depression, he turns to the last person he feels he can – his GP. Dr. Marianne Mc Cormack. A pillar of her community for many a year, Dr. Marianne is less than aware of how to approach such problems. Bold and a bit deranged, she sets about a frenzied range of ‘alternative’ treatments and in this single visit, Ronny learns about the power of dance and how the unexpected actions of one dope can help to shed some light into the darkness.


THEATRE | These Stupid Things

Two doctors work to save lives by improving the decision-making of their colleagues. As they fall for each other and their professional and personal lives become intertwined, will their emotions cloud their reason and rationality? These Stupid Things is a new piece of theatre about the thin line between logic and intuition that exists in our heads.


SMOCK SUMMER SHOW | The Roaring Banshees

After a failed assassination attempt on Eamon de Valera, a rogue Cumann na mBán unit flee across the Atlantic to escape the law. With Prohibition in full swing, they earn their keep by making bootleg poitín and selling it on to the Chicago mob. But it’s not long before a gang war breaks out with them caught in the middle, and the lethal skills they honed back home hunting Black and Tans are taken to the bullet-strewn streets of the Windy City.