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THEATRE | The Roaring Banshees

After a failed assassination attempt on Eamon de Valera, a rogue Cumann na mBán unit flee across the Atlantic to escape the law. With Prohibition in full swing, they earn their keep by making bootleg poitín and selling it on to the Chicago mob. But it’s not long before a gang war breaks out with them caught in the middle, and the lethal skills they honed back home hunting Black and Tans are taken to the bullet-strewn streets of the Windy City. From Devious Theatre, the Kilkenny company behind the 2016 smash hit The Hellfire Squad, comes the second blood-soaked, blackly-comic installment of the Ripping Yarn Trilogy.


THEATRE | Shakers

Welcome to Shakers cocktail bar! It’s the place where everyone wants to be seen. From leery businessmen to supermarket cashiers to the local heart throb. We meet our four waitresses amongst the hustle and bustle of gossip and spilled cocktails as they navigate the claustrophobia and chaos of busy bar life. We’re given an insight into their lives, which is at times poignant and always dangerously funny. Shakers is a timeless exploration of friendship and courage and what it really means to work in the service industry.


STAND-UP COMEDY | Edinburgh Previews

Featuring Fred Cooke, Gearóid Farrelly, Shane Clifford, Stephen Mullan, Joanne McNally, Eleanor Tiernan, Aidan Greene, Kevin McGahern, Chris Kent, Neil Delamere, Julie Jay. The Lisa Richards agency present a week of top stand-up comedy! Each night, two comedians will perform their new work-in-progress shows. Check them out, for this bargain price, before they head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


THEATRE | Below Below

What happens when everything you have is lost? A divided world, sometime in the not so distant future. A ceremony is happening in the woods. A celebration of a beginning. A celebration of love. You are invited, even if you are from the city. There are some rules though – no gifts, no phones. Only you. A night of revelation, collision, suspicion, rekindling, confusion and connection. Below the surface of a seemingly perfect evening, the unknown is waiting to be revealed.