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5 – 7 Sep 2019

Ordinary Days

The Rising Theatre Company

From one of musical theatre’s most exciting new composers comes ORDINARY DAYS, a refreshingly honest and funny musical about making real connections in the city that never sleeps (but probably should at some point.)


19 – 31 Aug 2019

Bright Eyes

Little Shadow Theatre Co.

Bright Eyes is a dark comedy which follows four near-perfect strangers who are brought together through various circumstances and end up spending an alcohol-laced evening connecting with each other. They discover over the course of wine, whiskey and music that their meeting was not accidental and perhaps is far more sinister than they could have imagined.


12 – 31 Aug 2019

The Roaring Banshees

The Devious Theatre Company

After a failed assassination attempt on Eamon de Valera, a rogue Cumann na mBan unit flee across the Atlantic to escape the law. With Prohibition in full swing, they earn their keep by making bootleg poitín and selling it on to the Chicago mob. But it’s not long before a gang war breaks out with them caught in the middle…


23 July – 10 Aug 2019

Waiting For Godot

…no alternative… in association with ETHOS

Vladimir and Estragon wait endlessly for the arrival of Godot, discussing religion, contemplating suicide and crotch rot in a comical wordplay of poetry, dreamscapes and nonsense.


23 – 27 July 2019

The Kelly Company

Jack of All Trades Productions

Set against the back drop of the Wild West, The Kelly Company follows the story of the Kelly Brothers, James and Philip Kelly, Irish immigrants who head out West in search of fortune but soon find themselves embroiled in an epic tale of violence and betrayal that will put them in the cross hairs of legendary gunslingers, corrupt Pinkerton Detectives, scorned women, wild Natives and even each other.


17 – 20 July 2019

Unfit For Purpose

Grace Corry

Ronny has never felt worse. In a desperate effort to treat his depression, he turns to the last person he feels he can – his GP. Dr. Marianne Mc Cormack. A pillar of her community for many a year, Dr. Marianne is less than aware of how to approach such problems An irreverent, thought provoking dark comedy which will make you laugh when you might feel you shouldn’t. But we’re sniggering at depression, not with it.


16 – 21 July 2019

These Stupid Things

White Label

Two doctors work to save lives by improving the decision-making of their colleagues.
As they fall for each other and their professional and personal lives become intertwined, will their emotions cloud their reason and rationality? These Stupid Things is a new piece of theatre about the thin line between logic and intuition that exists in our heads.


9 – 13 July 2019

Kate Crackernuts

No Drama Theatre

Kate’s sister Anne, a ravishing beauty, wakes up one morning to discover a sheep’s head on her shoulders instead of her own.
Thus begins the journey of the ever-practical Kate in her quest to return Anne to her former glory, a journey sidetracked by Kate’s obsession with saving a slim raver-boy from a nasty little addiction. Based loosely and lyrically on the Scottish fairy tale “Kate Crackernuts”.


8 – 13 July 2019

Demelza Eating Apples

Three Wise Women Theatre Co.

A little boy, who is three… almost four, loses his Dad. His big sister steps in to look after the family. A funny and sad tale of love, caring, loss, tragedy and obsession.


1 – 6 July 2019

The Last Corner Shop on Misery Hill

Polliwog Theatre Collective

The Last Corner Shop on Misery Hill is a dark comedy set in Dublin. It follows brothers Mick and Joey O’Reilly as they battle to keep their disastrous corner shop afloat in a world where the conglomerate edges ever closer. Things go from bad to worse for the brothers. What happens next is something that will change the course of the shop and their lives forever.


25 – 29 June 2019

Below Below

Gaiety School of Acting

What happens when everything you have is lost? A divided world, sometime in the not so distant future. A ceremony is happening in the woods. A celebration of a beginning. A celebration of love. You are invited, even if you are from the city. There are some rules though – no gifts, no phones. Only you.


24 – 29 June 2019


Waiting Tables Productions

Welcome to Shakers cocktail bar! It’s the place where everyone wants to be seen. From leery businessmen to supermarket cashiers to the local heart throb. We meet our four waitresses amongst the hustle and bustle of gossip and spilled cocktails as they navigate the claustrophobia and chaos of busy bar life. We’re given an insight into their lives, which is at times poignant and always dangerously funny.


22 June 2019

Asperger’s Are Us, LIVE!

Asperger’s Are Us

The stars of the HBO docu-series ‘On Tour with Asperger’s Are Us’ perform a brand new live sketch comedy show for people who enjoy highly verbal absurdist humour.


16 – 22 June 2019

Edinburgh Previews

Lisa Richards

The Lisa Richards agency present a week of top stand-up comedy! Each night, two comedians will perform their new work-in-progress shows. Check them out, for this bargain price, before they head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


10 – 15 June 2019

My Heart and I : The Life and Loves of Josef Locke


This two-man show brings you the fellow artists, agents and marriage partners of this working class hero whose extraordinary voice soared over the bustle of showbiz wheeling and dealing as he clambered to the top of his profession, no matter what.


9 June 2019

From The Blue

Brian Horgan

Having performed sell out shows in the Sugar Club, The Peacock Theatre and in the New York Foundation for the Arts Brian is bringing a new show to Smock Alley. Featuring Brian’s original songs; ‘From the Blue’ is a warm, funny and intimate, New York style cabaret that celebrates navigating life’s lessons. With four world class musicians and joined by special guest, West End Singer Róisin Sullivan, it’s a show not to be missed.


30 & 31 May 2019


Monkey Backstage

From the creators of the acclaimed How To Build Your First Robot comes Walkinstown. A surreal soiree that traverses the streets of Dublin’s past, present and future. Two humans on a comedically cosmic trajectory, led by love, lust and all that’s elementary.


28 May 2019

Abair / Samaa

Bealtaine Festival, an Age & Opportunity Arts Initiative

Abair/Samaa is a new commission by the Bealtaine festival. The piece is an intercultural choral performance by musical director Eimear Crehan, singer songwriter Farah Elle and theatre maker Rachel Bergin.


18 – 26 May 2019

International Literature Festival Dublin


The International Literature Festival Dublin, founded in 1998, is Ireland’s premier literary event and gathers the finest writers in the world to debate, provoke, delight and enthral. Described by the press as ‘boasting a stunning array of top international literary talent’ and ‘the country’s most successful and easily the best annual literary event’, International Literature Festival Dublin line-up is sure to impress.


12 May 2019


Decadent Theatre

There’s one in every town, and they call her the Pumpgirl.
She works in the garage, changes the oil and thinks she’s one of the lads.
She’s sweet on ‘No-Helmet’ Hammy, but he loves no one but himself.
He’s out all night with his racing boys, whilst wife Sinead’s off on a joyride of her own, with an ache that’s about to be cured.


11 May 2019

Sight Unseen – The Future of Irish Theatre


Auto-Correbt have set themselves the challenge of performing all the best new plays that are coming to Irish theatres in 2019.
The only problem is that these don’t exist yet.


9 May 2019

From The Plains – The Story of John Devoy

Fia Rua + Glorious Shambles Productions

Actor, writer and musician Fia Rua (Eoghan Burke) presents his one hour show on the life of renowned exiled Fenian, John Devoy (1842-1928).


6 – 11 May 2019

Writers In The Starts

Glorious Shambles Productions

We have lost many great writers over the years.
Where are they now?
Do they come to life every time you read one of their stories or plays?
Are they in the hearts of the children studying them for exams?


2 – 4 May 2019

A Chorus Line

American College Dublin

Ireland’s premiere musical theatre degree students present the quintessential backstage musical.


22 – 27 April 2019


Rise Productions and Then This Theatre, in association with Smock Alley, The Civic, and Everyman

Forty-something Genevieve has downsized from an affluent suburb and struggles with life in her new home backing onto a grim block of flats. Jenny, a leaving cert student who
lives in the flats, wants a way out. While Genevieve clings to her last chance of having children, Jenny avoids unwanted attention from the opposite sex.


19 – 20 April 2019

Fur City


Fur City is an improvised soap opera… with puppets! Completely made up on the spot based on suggestions from the audience, this hilarious soap parody features some of Ireland’s most talented comedy performers and improvisers, and a cast of puppet pals.


16 – 4 April 2019

The Seamster’s Daughter

Glass Mask Theatre

After the success of Glass Mask Theatre’s debut production ‘Idlewild’ by Jimmy Murphy, Smock Alley’s company-in-residence invites you back to the Boys’ School for Jimmy’s latest play, The Seamster’s Daughter.


10 -13 April 2019

Music Current 2019

Dublin Sound Lab

DUBLIN SOUND LAB presents MUSIC CURRENT 2019 a four-day festival of the best in new Irish and international contemporary electronic music, 10–13 April 2019.


8 – 13 April 2019


No Desserts

The new, lionhearted and savagely funny ’48’ by Dublin playwright Gemma Kane, captures the pulsating youth of 1980s Dublin on the brink of irreparable social change through sharp-tongued narrative and visceral movement, set to the backdrop of a haunting, 80s inspired soundscape by composer Dylan Tonge Jones.


6 April 2019

Otherworld : The Story of Tír na nNóg

The Lalala Choir & Ríona Sally Hartman

A show for all ages; come and hear about the adventures of Óisín and Níamh, and their journey away from Ireland to the Land of Eternal Youth.


5 April 2019

Experience Japan 10th Anniversary

Experience Japan

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Experience Japan Hanami Festival, a special concert will be held on Friday 5th April. Four champion Japanese performers including Hiro Hayashida (former Kodo member and global award-winning Taiko Master) joined by Miyu Kobayashi (Shinobue & Taiko), Luke Hayashida (Taiko) and for this special event, Hibiki Sawada on Shamisen.


31 March 2019

Balding Made Me Do It

Clare Fullam

A story of struggle, perseverance and the art of learning how to be yourself. Basically a live Insta with Claire Balding! All questions answered, no holding back. An evening of fun, lol’s and uplifting, meaningful chats! Check out Claire on Instagramfacebook or on Snapchat: Claire.Balding.


30 March 2019


Barry Kerr

A unique exhibition of paintings and songs by Barry Kerr, performed by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Pauline Scanlon, Niall Hanna, Síle Denvir, Niamh Dunne and Seán Óg Graham.


29 March 2019

In The Window

Nuala McKeever

Life hasn’t turned out the way Margaret dreamed. She’s lonely as hell, in a house that won’t sell, with no kids, no husband and a job that’s deathly boring. So tonight, she’s got a date with a bottle of pink fizz and a bowl of pink pills and she’s going to go out in style.


27 – 30 March 2019

Love and Information

Inchicore College of Further Education

Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information” is a play addressing contemporary issues about knowledge, technology and communication, and our capacity for love. It was first performed at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, London, on 6 September 2012.


18 – 23 March 2019


ILA Productions

Baby wipes, glitter and cans at the ready, Joni and Scarlett head off on their respective weekends. From two walks of life and residing on two sides of the festival, the pair unexpectedly meet in the neon fields of Electric Picnic. Hysterically riotous and soul-stirring, ELECTRIC probes our innate prejudices and preconceived notions of who we are while taking you on the session of a lifetime!


18 – 23 March 2019

Fallen Angels

Blacklight Productions

It’s London, 1926. And two “wretchedly happily married” women are about to have their lives turned upside down by the return of their former French lover. Buckle up.


15 March 2019

Terra Firmish

Sean Mac Erlaine

Terra Firmish is a new musical work commissioned by St Patrick’s Festival, written by Seán Mac Erlaine for dance, harp, clarinet, marimba, percussion, and electronics.


11 – 16 March 2019

Just an Ordinary Lawyer

Tayo Aluko & Friends

He is Britain’s first Black judge, a fine singer and keen cricket lover. Finding himself stranded in the Heart of Empire, Nigerian Tunji Sowande muses on Black liberation struggles worldwide. He insists he is no political aficionado, but is content to contribute through his music and songs.


4 – 9 March 2019

Call Mr. Robeson

Tayo Aluko & Friends

A rollercoaster journey through African-American actor and singer Paul Robeson’s remarkable life, highlighting his pioneering and heroic political activism. Features Ol’ Man River and other famous songs, much fiery oratory, and a defiant testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee.


4 – 9 March 2019

Port Authority

Decadent Theatre

A young boy leaves home for the first time, a man begins a job for which he is not qualified, a pensioner receives a mysterious package. As each man confronts the significance of these events, they are forced to take stock of themselves, their feelings, and of the decisions they have made.


13 Feb – 2 March 2019

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard

The Festival of New Work

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is platform for work that is in development. We provide a safe environment with feedback and encouragement to support artists to make new work within the arts.


8 & 9 Feb 2019

Thirteen Steps To The Attic

MayDay Creates / Michelle Cahill

Versatile performer Michelle Cahill presents her first solo work; a multi layered montage of movement and text performed with a live sound-score and recorded tracks from the eclectic band Thieves of Silence.


6 Feb 2019

Gearoid Farrelly Home Truths

Lisa Richards

Gearóid Farrelly brings his brand of chatty stand up comedy on tour, addressing everything from Trump to decluttering and explaining why you shouldn’t toilet train a cat!


5 – 9 Feb 2019



Uncle Tony overdosed last month and has left the future of the family business resting on Sharon’s shoulders. Will Kit Kats and cocaine be her saving grace or will a frantic ex, fifty debts and a recent death in the family cause her to finally crack? ‘Kracked’ is the comic peek inside the mind of a young woman coping with the lows and highs (literally!) of life as a newfound business woman.


4 & 5 Feb 2019

Fond Pageant

Roomkeepers Productions

An illustrated, Poetic, theatrical meditation celebrating the healing and redemptive powers of art, written and performed by Daniel Reardon. The show is based on ‘Fond Pageant’, the author’s book of poems published in 2018.


31 Jan – 1 Feb 2019

One Love

Blue Diamond Theatre

One Love is a joyous exploration of friendship, what it’s like to be in love and have a learning disability. Paul and Orla are engaged and making plans for their future. One Love charts their journey towards their big day. Blue Diamond Drama Academy is a new initiative which is providing a 2 year drama training for talented adult performers with a learning disability.


28 Jan – 2 Feb 2019

So Where Do We Begin?

Sugar Coat Theatre

Psychotherapist Dave has fallen out of love: with his job, with his wife, with everything. But then he is visited by a new patient – a woman claiming she can steal people’s memories – and he is seduced by her story. With the help of his colleague Julieann, Dave begins to unravel the mystery before him.


22 – 26 Jan 2019

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

No Drama Theatre

A classic story of good versus evil, law versus the gun, one man versus Liberty Valance. A tale of love, hope, and revenge set against the vicious backdrop of a lawless society. A young scholar from New York travels west in search of a new life he arrives beaten and half-dead on the dusty streets of Twotrees. Rescued from the plains, the town soon becomes his home as he finds the love of a local woman.


23 – 26 Jan 2019

The First Protestant


A gripping psychological drama with moments of intensity and also unexpected comedy. The First Protestant presents a tense duel between Martin Luther and the shadowy figure of the Analyst, and through it the life and struggles of Luther, the monk who defied the Catholic church with  profound repercussions for Christendom. The play probes the far-reaching influence of Luther’s thinking on such leaders as Bismark and Hitler and also finds echoes in current events such as a European banking collapse and threats to global peace.


18 + 19 Jan 2019

Baroque Opera Double Bill

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama

Purcell’s much-loved masterpiece, Dido and Aeneas, recounts the love of Dido, Queen of Carthage, for the Trojan hero Aeneas, and her despair when he abandons her. The opera is full of magnificent music including Dido’s Lament, one of the most beautiful and tragic arias ever written. This is coupled with a rare opportunity to see Claudio Monteverdi’s Combat between Tancredi and Clorinda, a romance set against the backdrop of the First Crusade.


20 Jan 2019

Balding Made Me Do It

Claire Fullam

Claire lost her hair in front of the nation & miraculously grew it back again.
The show is a story of struggle, perseverance and the art of learning how to be yourself. Basically a live Instagram Live with Claire Balding! An evening of fun, lols and uplifting & meaningful chats! Learn how to tell your story.


14 – 19 Jan 2019

Personal Space Volume 2

Colfer Mamalis McGann

After last year’s sell out inaugural show ‘Personal Space’, an anthology of the dark, weird and deeply funny. Co-Writer/performers Stephen Colfer, Hannah Mamalis and Peter McGann return with three completely new short comedy scripts. Personal Space Vol II tells three more stories of the worst people in the worst situations. And then there’s a twist.


Fri 11 Jan 2019

Blue Devils

Fleet of Feet – Stella Godmet

In 1943, after being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Rose Williams, Tennessee Williams’ sister, underwent a prefrontal lobotomy which left her mentally incapacitated. Williams was very close to his sister and this trauma left its mark on the man and on the writer. Shades of Rose can be found in many of Williams’ female characters. Mentally unstable or free spirited ?


7 – 12 Jan 2019

Nothing But A Toerag

Taking the Biscuit

‘Nothing But A Toerag’ is a dark comedy about dealing with your demons and the effects of suppressing trauma. We meet two women locked away in a cell and a tense drama unfolds. Watch as two alpha females struggle for dominance in the confines of their shared space.


8 – 12 Jan 2019

i n f i n i t y

Eoghan Carrick + Nessa Matthews

Captain’s Log, Stardate (whatever). A lone astronaut hurtles through the cosmos on a one-way mission to the edge of the universe. She’s looking for a light in the dark. The source of a signal. Traversing time and space, isolation and uncertainty, her quest to find hope will bring her to the brink of the abyss. An exploration of fact, (science) fiction and the spaces in between. A star-bound journey that looks at the stories we tell ourselves when we feel most alone.


2 – 5 Jan 2019

Sally Denver Matthews

Gilly O’Shea

Sally + Stephen + 2 bottles of Malbec = Heidi. Heidi has only been around for 6 months, but she is already in charge. Sally adores her new baby, but she misses her old life when she only had herself to worry about. Her new life as a mother is overwhelming and it feels like there’s no time to talk to Stephen.


1 – 5 Jan 2019

Stephen Mullan : Son of a Preacher Man

Lisa Richards

From the church to the psych ward, Stephen’s life started with Jesus and almost ended with the Tellytubbies. Childhood Sundays were for watching Dad deliver sermons and Mam lead evangelical worship time, but how was he going to survive being so uncool in ’90s small-town Ireland?


16, 21-23 Dec 2018

Rocket Around The Christmas Tree

Rocket Octopus

This December, Rocket Octopus will be exploding all over your Christmas like Lidl fairy lights. The fire is roaring. The stocking is stuffed. The mince is pied. The crackers are shit. The turkeys escaped. Anyway. We’re going to rock your manger, or at least gently and politely rock around your Christmas tree. We’ve felt your presents so we know what you’re gonna get- funny laughs! Or at least an hour long sketch comedy show.


14 & 15 Dec 2018

BOLSTOFF: A Modern Actor’s Introduction to Advanced Contemporary Performance

Wicker Socks

Join Wicker Socks as they share with you the secrets of “doing the acting” and fast-track you on the road to success in the world of theatre. This electrifying ‘workshop’ will include groundbreaking warm-up technique, audition preparation and a mandatory fire announcement. Expect to be sent on a hilarious journey that may be eerily familiar to those working in the arts and delightfully off-the-wall for everyone else. The Wicker Socks trio will guide audiences through every facet of the performing arts, deftly negotiating each semi-disaster as it comes their way.


13 Dec 2018

Tale of a Hardy Buck

Martin Maloney

Tale of a Hardy Buck is a high-octane show filled with stories and songs that shaped the early Hardy Bucks episodes, the ups and downs of a career built around the cult comedy classic and a plush tapestry of impressions of real-life characters. Writer, creator and face of the Hardy Bucks, Martin Maloney takes his first solo stand-up show on the road!


11 Dec 2018

Death of a Salesman

Glass Mask Theatre

Glass Mask Theatre, under the artistic direction of Rex Ryan, are the Resident Theatre Company of Smock Alley Theatre Boy’s School. Glass Mask are committed to presenting plays that thrill audiences. Glass Mask commit to the playwright and will stage work, new and classic, from Irish and International playwrights who possess a fire and commitment to the stage.


11 Dec 2018

Leaving No One Behind

Irish Aid event supported by the Irish Forum for Global Health

The 2018 Irish Aid Annual Professor Michael Kelly Lecture on HIV/AIDS will take place in our Banquet Hall on December 11 at 5:00pm. The theme of this year’s lecture will be “Leaving No-One Behind”. Like in previous years, this event will bring together those of us in Ireland passionate about HIV/AIDS with a diverse panel of speakers from around the world to explore current priorities, commemorate World AIDS Day, and to keep HIV high on the agenda.


3 – 15 Dec 2018

Iphigenia In Splott

Reality:Check Productions

Stumbling down the street at 11:30am drunk, Effie is the kind of girl you’d avoid eye contact with, silently passing judgement.
We think we know her, but we don’t know the half of it. Effie’s life spirals through a mess of drink, drugs and drama every night, and a hangover worse than death the next day — till one night gives her the chance to be something more.


4 & 5 Dec 2018

A Christmas Carol

Neil McGarry

Neil McGarry’s award-winning one-man performance of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been inspiring audiences across the northeast United States for the past five years. Directed by Ross MacDonald and created under the auspices of The Bay Colony Shakespeare Company, the production makes its European debut at Smock Alley before moving on to London, the Tea House Theatre; Switzerland, The Safe in Basel & Theater Uptown in Geneva; Czech Republic, Prague Shakespeare Company, Prgaue; and Italy, the Michael Pacher Haus, Bruneck.


1 Dec 2018

Zeit 3


Z E I T Events presents an evening of improvised electronic music by four established artists each from different genres and experiences within the expansive electronic music scene both here and abroad. This eclectic mix of the contemporary and the retrospective will be performed on an array of analogue synthesizers and electronic effects in what promises to be a very unique performance of electronic soundscapes and sonic auditory experiences.


30 Nov 2018

Swift Laughs

The Johnathan Swift Festival

A celebration of Irish Comedy and Satire. Featuring John Colleary, Kevin McGahern, Hannah Mamalis, Aine Gallagher and hosted by David McSavage. Swift Laughs is sure to tickle a few funny bones while ruffling a few feathers.


26 Nov – 1 Dec 2018

Tuesdays With Morrie

Money For The Sun Productions

A heartwarming, emotional and humorous exploration of friendship, mortality, and the things that matter most in life. Tuesdays with Morrie is the charming and thought-provoking play about professor Morrie Schwartz and his former student Mitch Albom, who reunite 16 years after college for one final lesson: The Meaning of Life.


21 – 24 Nov 2018

Cloud Study

Irish Modern Dance Theatre

Cloud Study is part dance, part dream, part theatre, part athletics. Two compelling dancers: Mufutau Yusuf, an Irishman, born in Nigeria, and Salma Ataya, a Palestinian Dabka dancer, attempt to run 1,000 kilometres in circles and lines through the space, chasing dreams, memories and home.


15-18 Nov 2018

Dublin Book Festival

DBF 2018

The Dublin Book Festival is one of Ireland’s most successful and vibrant book festivals, running since June 2006.  The annual public festival showcases, supports and develops Irish publishing by programming, publicising and selling Irish published books, their authors, editors and contributors – all in an entertaining, festive, friendly and accessible environment that reflects the creativity and personality of the Irish publishing sector and its authors.


15 Nov 2018

Sight Unseen


Auto-Correbt have set themselves the challenge of performing all the greatest plays in the Irish canon.  The only problem is that they’ve seen none of them.  Based off just the titles and vague recollections from audience members they’re going to attempt to recreate the best bits from all the best shows by all the best Irish writers.  And they’re going to do it all on the spot.  Join Auto-Correbt on their joy-filled juggernaut of jest and japery.


14 Nov 2018


Angie Smalis

Based loosely on a 1798 Irish Gothic novel by Regina Maria Roche, “Madeline” illuminates something universal about the human response to personal and supernatural anxieties, and our sense of responsibility for the safety of others, through the story of a young woman. With original music by Limerick Jazz Ensemble.


13 Nov 2018

Best of Poetry – Transit Lounge Else – A Lift to the Stars

Else-Lasker-Schueler-Society with Astronautenkost

Transit Lounge Else is an international project of the Else Lasker-Schueler-Society (Wuppertal, Germany) in cooperation with the “Centre for Persecuted Arts” (Solingen, Germany), designed by the artist duo Astronautenkost. The focus is on the life and the outstanding work of the artist Else Lasker-Schueler.


13 & 14 Nov 2018

Baking in Space

Niamh Shaw & Andrew Smyth | Part of Science Week 2018

How can a retro dessert explain how astronauts safely return to Earth? What connects molten sugar and micro-meteorite protection? How would you even bake bread in space? British Council Ireland are delighted to present ‘Baking in Space’, a Science Week family event with Andrew Smyth, aerospace engineer and Great British Bake Off finalist, and Dr Niamh Shaw, scientist, performer and space explorer for an evening of all things space, food and baking.


6 – 10 Nov 2018

The Little Prince

Tartarus Theatre

Venture alongside the titular Little Prince as he voyages through the cosmos, uncovering answers and unearthing knowledge about love, humanity and life. Meeting an array of interplanetary vagabonds and faux philosophers, he discovers life in the universe may not be exactly what he expected.


12 Nov 2018

4 Weddings and a Funeral

Co-Orch Dublin

Co-Orch proudly announces another evening of eclectic and vibrant classical music. To date, Co-Orch has raised over €110,000 for local charities performing vital work in their communities. As always, Co-Orch will take on daring and rarely performed classical works. Amongst many aural delights comes Shostakovic’s rich and wonderful Chamber symphony and a remastering of the ever-beautiful overture to Mozart’s marriage of Figaro.


12 Nov 2018

Phonica : Nine


Phonica: Nine will feature performances and presentations from a range of exceptional, groundbreaking and award-winning writers, musicians and artists, in the realms of dramatic spoken word performance, experimental electronic music, avant-garde filmmaking, electroacoustic musique concréte, multimedia field research-based poetry, and improvisational spatial sounds w/ drones.


6 – 10 Nov 2018


Sugar Pie Theatre

We all love a good feisty discussion; arguing, listening and occasionally learning. The 6 members of the First Thursday Book Club are no different. Or at least that’s what they initially thought. They’ve discussed everything from Arianna’s choice of ‘Horton Hears a Who’, to Ann’s choice of ‘The Queen’s English and How To Use It’ to ‘War and Peace’ and lots more in between. But it’s only when Grace’s choice of ‘The Business of Babies’ is revealed that Elaine, Ann, Arianna, Tally, Grace and Sarah realise that they never really knew each other.


5 Nov 2018

Patrick Gale

Writers @ Smock Alley

Patrick Gale is one of the UK’s most popular writers and he is the author of sixteen novels including the bestsellers ‘Rough Music’, ‘Notes From An Exhibition’ and ‘A Perfectly Good Man’ as well as the Costa Award nominated ‘A Place Called Winter’. He is also the writer of the new BBC drama ‘Man in an Orange Shirt’. Patrick’s sixteenth novel, ‘Take Nothing With You’ is a sad-funny comedy of resilience and survival and we are delighted to welcome Patrick Gale to the Smock Alley theatre in Dublin to talk about it.


2 -4 Nov 2018

Murder One Festival

Murder One

Murder One, a three-day long weekend crime writing festival that launched in November 2018 was jam packed with interviews with Irish and international authors, panel events, and a free speakers corner where attendees could listen to readings from some of Ireland’s newest crime writers.


30 Oct 2018


Glass Mask

After the success of Glass Mask Theatre’s debut production ‘Idlewild’ by Jimmy Murphy, the company will now present regular nights of great play readings as part of our ‘Playground’ series.


27 – 31 Oct 2018


Quintessence Theatre, in association with An Táin Arts Centre

In the echoing confines of a Victorian mental asylum an incarcerated man struggles to convince a watching gaggle of doctors of the extraordinary truth of an immortal shape-shifter – more monster than man – who lives through the consumption of human blood. As he desperately strives to piece his fragmented mind and rememberings together and make sense of the unthinkable horrors that befell him and his missing comrades, he comes to realise that he is fighting not just for his sanity, but his very living soul…


25 & 26 Oct 2018

Little Hours (Solo Acoustic)

MCD Productions

To celebrate the release of his new ‘Acoustic Live at Attica’ EP, Little Hours AKA John Doherty will perform two new solo acoustic shows. Fans can expect stripped back, haunting versions of the band’s best known songs, together with some never before heard songs from his forthcoming debut album, due for release on Rubyworks in 2019.


24 Oct 2018

Inside Danny’s Box

Derek Murphy

A God-fearing comedy set in Ireland about secrets ; the kind we live with and the kind we keep in a box, about love and betrayal, about demented fathers and missing mothers. “Inside Danny’s Box” tells the story of a young, not so successful inventor, Danny Hubble, who’s life is turned upside down when he falls madly in love with his new neighbor Marybeth Doyle.


9 – 20 Oct 2018

St Nicholas

Dublin Theatre Festival & Donmar Warehouse

Conor McPherson’s chilling play receives its Irish premiere in an intimate new production by the Donmar Warehouse. Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey, Mary Queen of Scots, Paths to Freedom) returns to the Irish stage for the first time since 2002, directed by Simon Evans (The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Donmar Warehouse).


20 Oct 2018

Your Ma & Other Stories Vol. I.


Join BonMot for an in-depth analysis of dysfunctional family life through physical comedy, theatrical storytelling and self-loathing. Comedy that appeals to anyone who used to spin into a blind rage watching nature documentaries, when the camera crew wouldn’t intervene and save the animals and/or has PTSD from The Fox and the Hound. It’s either one or the other.



19 Oct 2018

An tEarrach Thiar

IMRAM & Poetry Ireland

Composed by Galway accordionist Johnny Óg Connolly for singer Liam Ó Maonlaí, An tEarrach Thiar is a cycle of 12 songs which sets poems by Máirtín Ó Direáin to music. It is a moving and lyrical exploration of themes of Aran Islands culture; love and affection; and cultural change in one person’s lifetime.


17 & 18 Oct 2018

The Streets Are Ours

Fregoli Theatre Company

‘The Streets are Ours’ chronicles the night time activities of a group of aimless 20-somethings still living in a small town in the midlands and their reunion with an old friend. Galway-based company Fregoli Theatre are champions of new Irish writing, giving a voice to an Ireland that is often silent and unheard.


15 Oct 2018

Film Music – Behind The Scenes

Brian Keegan

In this presentation composer Brian Keegan takes us through some of his work for film. He shows how musical responses arise from ideas and emotions that are present in a film. He looks at film composition as an act of translation that takes the intentions of the director as they occur in the film and reimagines them through the medium of music. During the presentation Brian will work through the creative process that results in finished music cues in a number of genres including action, horror, sci-fi and documentary.


15 Oct 2018

Ceardaí Focal | Craftsman of Words

IMRAM & Poetry Ireland

Poet, novelist, dramatist, broadcaster, columnist, translator, critic and children’s author – Liam Ó Muirthile was a writer of extraordinary diversity, depth and breadth.


11 – 13 Oct 2018

Mothers Nature

Hanashi Productions

Four women, four temperaments, four very different experiences of pregnancy and motherhood. This original work explores how our personal natures affect how we experience life and change. Raw and emotive, Mothers Nature invites you into the lives and minds of four very different women. Each embodies one of the classic Greek temperaments: Melancholic (sad), Choleric (angry), Phlegmatic (calm), Sanguine (happy). An older mother, a younger mother, planned and unplanned motherhood, their experiences are transformative and they are ready to be heard.


27 Sep – 7 Oct 2018

The Misfits

Corn Exchange

The Corn Exchange brings Arthur Miller’s iconic film The Misfits to the stage for the first time in this new reimagining by Annie Ryan. Originally published as a novella in 1961 to coincide with the release of the iconic film by John Huston, Miller’s language is intimate, visceral, elemental, and the stage offers it the space to come into its fullest expression.


25 – 29 Sep 2018


Guthanna Binne Síoraí

A group of nuns become the catalyst for institutional change, but will they transform forever the Church they love and have loyally served?


19 – 22 Sep 2018

A Line of O’Kane

Deirdre O’ Kane

Footloose from a glittering turn on Dancing with the Stars and revelling in her return to stand-up, Deirdre has really hit her stride. Don’t miss this hilarious and frank take on twelve frantic months in the life of a tango-tripping, family-minding, telly-making, house-moving, comedy dynamo.


18 – 22 Sep 2018

i n f i n i t y

Eoghan Carrick / Nessa Matthews

Captain’s Log, Stardate (whatever). A lone astronaut hurtles through the cosmos on a one-way mission to the edge of the universe. She’s looking for a light in the dark. The source of a signal. Traversing time and space, isolation and uncertainty, her quest to find hope will bring her to the brink of the abyss. An exploration of fact, (science) fiction and the spaces in between. A star-bound journey that looks at the stories we tell ourselves when we feel most alone.


18 – 22 Sep 2018

Double Bill: Cikada & SPIT

Reckless Ross / Ali & Henrik

Cikada Two acrobats create a world between the harmonious and the absurd. In this world, lines are blurred between human and nature. Ali Stanger and Henrik Gard create a mutual acrobatic language of finesse and honesty. A fun, thoughtful and humorous display of rich imagery and dynamic riveting movement. SPIT Push hard, stand up, and spit back. Stop being hijacked by the consumer culture, by spectacle, by tits and teeth and nipple tassels. This show is a celebration of the fierce and wild. Brutality balanced by beauty. Circus that challenges set ideas of gender stereotypes and female expectations in society. A political and evocative one-woman circus.


18 – 22 Sep 2018

The Cat’s Mother

Erica Murray

Sinéad arrives at her sister Ciara’s door in London, all set for a weekend of respite from caring for their mother, Eileen. At least, that’s what Ciara thinks this visit is about. Sinéad has other ideas. Over one long weekend, they are forced to make a choice that will affect their lives forever. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of the family cat. This laugh-out-loud dark comedy asks: how far are you willing to go for your family?


18 – 22 Sep 2018

Sweet Sensations

Teri Fitzgerald

At Peafield Hospital for the Elderly, staff enjoy a slower pace of life than that of their bed-ridden patients, but a surprise inspection from HIQA forces them to make like Nixon and sweat profusely while conducting a massive cover-up. Octogenarian resident Josie, slung into this dumping ground by her ungrateful niece, isn’t about to lie down and die without exposing the staff’s lies. Criminal mastermind Toby, in for the day on community service, is happy to assist her in any way that allows him to smash shit up. With nothing left to lose, the pair are guaranteed success… or prison time.


17 – 22 Sep 2018


Sarah Gordon & Alice Malseed

“BILLY wants to help you make space. BILLY is about your ‘stuff’ drawer. All the old chargers for phones you’ve stopped using. That bag of old coats you might need some day. BILLY is about the wooden porridge-stirrer (or ‘spurtle’) you spent €14 on, and your unused Nutri-Bullet. BILLY is about corporate jargon, and IKEA, and Tupperware parties. A disbelieving look at the weird ways we try and order our lives. Life is messy. But BILLY has a multi-purpose, reasonably-priced, space-saving solution.”


13 – 16 Sep 2018

Lex Talionis

Wandering Star

“If I told ya to jump off a buildin’ would ya?” “That’s different, we’re jumpin’ off buildin’s all day long!” Hugh’s a rook with chicks comin’. Mooney’s a younger rook whose new friend Max is not what they seem. Dónie’s a magpie, he’s bad news. After a vicious murder, one of them is out for blood. There will be vengeance. That’s what the weird Latin title means – the law of retaliation, an eye for an eye, like. From the seriously funny Liam Heylin comes a new play about savage craic on the streets of Cork.


12 – 16 Sep 2018


Femme Bizarre

Right, so let’s get one thing straight: Femme Bizarre are not ‘fierce’, they are fucking FEROCIOUS. A full-on force to be reckoned with. Marvel as they put themselves through the ringer with aerial stunts, high-octane voguing, explosive vocals and spoken word. Sound good? Yeah, we thought so. Step inside the cage, the door is wide open…


11 – 16 Sep 2018

Dreamgun Film Reads: The Fringe Binge


Getting it wrong has never felt so right! DREAMGUN amuse and exasperate cinephiles in equal measure with their skewed, joke-stuffed and wholly unrehearsed takes on established cinematic favourites. In this special Fringe Binge edition, DREAMGUN bring their classics together for a movie marathon to remember.


11 – 15 Sep 2018

Kiss Kiss Slap Slap

Chaos Factory

A dressing room. Three women invite you in. A multifaceted performance about the Ireland we live in. About the Ireland we could live in. #MeToo has happened. The game is changing, times are shifting and the masks are finally slipping. Everyone’s a witness. So where do we go from here? The jury is still out. A show created and performed by Fionnuala Gygax, Danielle Galligan and Venetia Bowe. About moving. Moving forward from past oppressions and microaggressions. About looking back but never returning, arriving and trying to define the new. A surreal spectacle of beauty, bravery and brutality.


10 – 15 Sep 2018


Fionntán Larney & Dominic O’Brien

If every time you leave the house you try to have the most fun you’ve ever had, how do you know when to go home? A new rap musical following two young men whose views on women, drugs, and each other collide and shatter. It’s about ‘old friend’ not meaning ‘good friend’, ‘better person’ not meaning ‘good person’, ‘less misogynist’ not meaning ‘not misogynist’. Original music, light show, three performers who rap what they can’t say. It’s gonna be a hell of a party.


9 – 16 Sep 2018


Some People Theatre Company

Warning: this show may contain knitting and crochet. Rich White is forming a university men’s rights activism society. However, on the morning of its inaugural meeting a student is found shot dead on campus. As Rich and his gormless band of misfits attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding the crime, truer and darker motivations begin to unravel. Could the killer be sitting among their very ranks? Is Rich too coked up to notice? An acerbic satire by Pea Dinneen.


8 – 13 Sep 2018


Rule of Three Collective

An Irishwoman, an Englishwoman and a Germanwoman walk into a bar. A hostel bar in Barcelona where a fight for Catalonian independence rages on the streets outside. Aside from disrupted festival-going plans, all they hold in common is a fucker of a hangover. Trapped, the travellers rip stereotypes into confetti. Grab your passport for a buzzing trip of laughs through the past, present and future of three nations.


3 – 8 Sep 2018

The Diary of Maynard Perdu

Menapia Theatre Company

Written and directed by the award winning playwright Billy Roche and starring the acclaimed actor/musician Peter McCamley. The Diary Of Maynard Perdu is set in the fantastic, mirrored, burlesque world of the Spiegeltent where fantasy and delusion reign supreme. Based on the novella by Billy Roche, this one man show takes us on a romantic  journey of  adventure and intrigue all of which serves to  mask the pain and loss that are buried deep within.


27 – 31 Aug 2018


Lakedaemon in association with Theatre Upstairs

Hero by Ken Rogan, is an original work about a man’s struggles with love. Life quickly grows more complicated for Smithy (Daithí Mac Suibhne) after a chance encounter with Marissa. This is one man’s hilarious, down to earth odyssey through love, ankle injuries and what happens when you don’t know how to lose…


30 July – 1 Sep 2018

The Shaughraun

Smock Alley Theatre

Smock Alley Theatre presents as its tenth in-house production, The Shaughraun, written by Dion Boucicault. Written in 1874 by the Irish master of melodrama Dion Boucicault, the themes in this play still ring true – from vulture bankers, rising rents and homelessness, to Anglo-Irish relations and impending Brexit doom. But can love conquer all? That is the question… Smock Alley’s production is a modernisation of this melodrama, musically underscored and imagining ourselves in another post crash Ireland. Is history always destined to repeat itself?


20 – 25 Aug 2018

I’m Too Fat For This Show

Kate Huffman

This shockingly hilarious, brutally honest solo show covers decades of OCD and eating disorders, but with comedic perfection, it defies preconceived notions and connects performer and audience in the mutually experienced dilemma that is LIFE. 18 characters, multi-media effects, and gut-busting humor allow all people with any kind of neuroses or negative self-talk to laugh at themselves.


14 – 18 Aug 2018

The Comedy of Errors

Dublin Youth Theatre

In a strange city where everyone watches everyone else, strangers are never welcome. Two young visitors arrive in the city unaware that their long-lost twins already live there. But really, what’s the worst that could happen? Shakespeare’s most anarchic comic creation is brought vividly to life by a cast of twenty-one performers in this riotous contemporary staging, complete with original music and live band.


25 Aug 2018

Myths of Our Own


‘Myths of Our Own’ is a two-part event celebrating street fashion and fables all as one. We encourage you to attend wearing something inspired by your favourite legendary story or myth, or maybe something from your home!


29 July – 11 Aug 2018


Glass Mask Theatre

Revenge started a gangland tragedy. Now only sacrifice can finish it.
Dublin 2018 – After a bitter gangland feud between two childhood friends has reached a deadly impasse, only a terrifying sacrifice can end the bloodshed.


24 – 28 July 2018

School For Dinosaurs

Underdog Theatre Productions

Chloe doesn’t like her new school. With scary exams, stressful subjects and mountains of homework, Chloe just can’t seem to adjust to her new secondary school life. So she and her parents start the “School for Dinosaurs”, a lively lizard alternative approach to scary school subjects! But the clocks ticking down to exam time! Will Chloe make the grade in time? School For Dinosaurs is a fun reptilian romp for the whole family!


19 – 22 July 2018

Festival of Curiosity

 Dublin 2018

Playful days & Curious Nights. Experience a cultural feast of unique, visual and interactive experiences in Dublin that merge cutting edge technology, design, arts and science in playful, immersive & curious ways.


17 July 2018

Cardboard Coffin

Valerie Masters

Imagine if you were told to pack a bag and leave your home forever and you had nowhere to go. Meet Johnny, the vulnerable yet tortured rogue who has lost everything and is about to face life on the streets. He’s desperate to tell those he’s lost how much he loves them before it’s too late.


15 July 2018

The Red Guitar Tour

Billy Roche

Billy Roche, playwright (Tumbling Down, The Wexford Trilogy, The Cavalcaders etc) returns to his musical roots with his own brand of psychedelic folk. He is joined by Mike Odlum (The Roach Band) on bass/piano/harmonium and Pete McCamley on drums/percussion/flute/glockenspiel/harmonica etc.


10 – 16 July 2018

The Good Father

Rise Productions

New Year’s Eve. A house party like any other, in a suburb like any other. Two very different strangers meet, each looking for a new start and to shake off the disappointments of the past. But champagne, cheap lager and their chance encounter leads this unlikely couple to an unplanned pregnancy.


8 July 2018

Irish Youth Dance Festival

Dublin Youth Dance Company

Dublin Youth Dance Company are thrilled to present an evening of dance at the Smock Alley Theatre as part of the 18th Irish Youth Dance Festival. The festival has consistently delivered exciting, highly physical and uplifting performances from a selection of up-and-coming Irish and International Youth Dance Companies and each year programmes masterclasses, workshops, informal showings and outdoor performances.


8 – 14 July 2018

Edinburgh Previews

Lisa Richards

The Lisa Richards agency present a week of top stand-up comedy! Each night, two comedians will perform their new work-in-progress shows. Check them out, for this bargain price, before they head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


5 – 7 July 2018

Window Woman

Fiona Quilligan

Choreographer Fiona Quilligan finds herself in the woods at Fernhill – as part of a dream team – to install James McKenna’s sculptures, two dancers act as a counterweight on ropes while the figures are hauled high up into the treetops – a vantage point where they reign supreme!


3 – 7 July 2018

She Kills Monsters

No Drama Theatre

A comedic romp into the world of fantasy role-playing games, She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes Evans as she leaves her childhood home following the death of her teenage sister, Tilly.


2 July 2018

An Evening with Michelle McMacken

The Happy Pear

Join us for an inspirational talk with Michelle McMacken to discuss holistic lifestyle medicine and promoting optimal wellness through plant-based nutrition. Prevent disease and thrive!


30 June 2018

An Evening with Rich Roll

The Happy Pear

Rich Roll is a number one best-selling author, wellness pioneer, podcast host and Top 25 fittest men on the planet. Roll also an amazing speaker with a grounded, authentic style, and the unique ability to educate, inspire, and leave audiences filled with the motivation to unlock and unleash their best, most authentic selves!


30 June 2018

Samuel Beckett : Words and Music

Beckett Chamber Series

A rare concert performance of Samuel Beckett’s radio play Words and Music with American composer, Morton Feldman’s score. Renowned Beckett actors Barry McGovern and Stephen Brennan play the spoken roles of Words/Joe and Croak with a conducted ensemble of Beckett Chamber Music Series musicians playing the role of Music/Bob.


27 June 2018

Schoenberg and Poetry

Beckett Chamber Series

Schoenberg and Poetry presents two important works based on poetry, which span the development of composer, music theorist and painter, Arnold Schoenberg’s musical style from late Romanticism to twelve-tone. Barry McGovern reads the poems by Richard Dehmel and Albert Giraud which inspired both works in celebrated English translations by Stanley Appelbaum and Andrew Porter.


25-30 June 2018

Lost And Found

The Gaiety School of Acting Graduating Class 2018

An idyllic new estate in a commuter town (very convenient for the M50 and the direct train to Dublin) is flipped on its head when divine forces begin to interfere. Eager to meddle in the affairs of the picture perfect couples in residence, one of the Gods has fallen to earth with her sights set on mischief making.


24 June 2018

Instrumentalising Folk Song

Beckett Chamber Series

Instrumentalising Folk Song explores the idea of the musical setting of language in, perhaps, its purest humanistic form. The works presented use Irish folk song as a basis for three very different kinds of composition. On the subject, composer Béla Bartók writes that although folk song is “impulsively created by a community of men who have had no schooling… the single tunes – are so many examples of high artistic perfection. In their small way, they are as perfect as the grandest masterpieces of musical art.”


18 – 23 June 2018


Monkey Backstage

From the creators of the acclaimed How To Build Your First Robot comes Walkinstown. A surreal soiree that traverses the streets of Dublin’s past, present and future. Two humans on a comedically cosmic trajectory, led by love, lust and all that’s elementary.


18 – 23 June 2018

The Rapture of Hugo Ball

Charisma Check

The Rapture of Hugo Ball is a rollicking satire staged as an experimental radio comedy with hard hitting live music and sound effects created before your eyes by a multi-talented cast. The story follows unknown Irish performance artist, Fergal Greene, as he struggles to gain recognition in a fickle contemporary Art world.


13 – 16 June 2018

Lady Na Master & The Synaptic Room

Collaborative Artists Company

This multi-layered work directed by David Francis Moore, featuring performances by spoken word artist Feli Speaks and composer Dan Reid, interweaves poetry, sound, installation, animation and the body to create a highly charged performance within a captivating sensorial space.


4 – 16 June 2018

Love A La Mode


In this comedy of manners, double-entendres and double-crossings, an Englishman, an Irishman, a Scotsman and a dandy, compete for the hand of a rich bachelorette. But is she all she appears? Love à la Mode is a farce in two acts: there will be some lies, sword-fights, slapstick and assorted song-and-dance routines.


1 June 2018

Balding Made Me Do It

Clare Fullam

A story of struggle, perseverance and the art of learning how to be yourself. Basically a live Insta with Claire Balding! All questions answered, no holding back. An evening of fun, lol’s and uplifting, meaningful chats! Check out Claire on Instagramfacebook or on Snapchat: Claire.Balding.


29 May 2018

MAM Behind The Mic

Mothers Artists Makers

An informal evening of entertainment from Mothers Artists Makers. With a variety of performances from Theatre, Music, Comedy, Spoken Word and More it promises to be a fantastic night out that will leave you inspired and entertained. Mothers Artists Makers (MAM) are a movement of professional, feminist theatre and arts practitioners who are mothers.


29 May – 2 June 2018

Much Ado About Nothing

Arclight Drama Studio

It is said that love conquers all, but not without a few battles along the way! Arclight Drama Studio have had a wonderful relationship with Shakespeare and have previously performed acclaimed productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth and As You Like It.


19 – 27 May 2018

International Literature Festival Dublin


The International Literature Festival Dublin, founded in 1998, is Ireland’s premier literary event and gathers the finest writers in the world to debate, provoke, delight and enthral. Described by the press as ‘boasting a stunning array of top international literary talent’ and ‘the country’s most successful and easily the best annual literary event’, International Literature Festival Dublin line-up is sure to impress.


17 May 2018

Things We Talk About When We Talk About Things

Rocket Octopus

From the company behind the critically acclaimed ‘Boyz of Harcourt Street’ (“Not as funny as it thinks it is”- No More Workhouse) comes a sketch comedy show of undoubtable brilliance but questionable morality. Rocket Octopus will endeavor to make you laugh and think by doing and saying things.


15 – 16 May 2018

Quentin Crisp : Naked Hope

Mark Farrelly

From a conventional Surrey upbringing to global notoriety via The Naked Civil Servant, Quentin Crisp was an extraordinary raconteur and wit, and one of the most memorable figures of the twentieth century. This much-acclaimed solo play, following a UK tour and off-West End season at the St. James Theatre, shows Quentin both in his beloved Chelsea flat in the 1960s, and in his adopted New York, with the new millennium beckoning.


15 – 16 May 2018

Everybody Sings

Bealtaine Festival

Everybody Sings is a candid and poignant examination of the relationship between intimacy and ageing and was developed in collaboration with a group of older citizens whose stories and experiences are presented through music, film and live performance.


14 May 2018

The Streets Are Ours

Fregoli Theatre Company

‘The Streets are Ours’ chronicles the night time activities of a group of aimless 20-somethings still living in a small town in the midlands and their reunion with an old friend. Meeting in an empty parking lot, the gang reconnect, reminisce and attempt to heal old wounds, but as the night goes on, things left unsaid for too long begin to resurface.


13 May 2018

Cinderella’s Dreamand

Myart School of Dance

Cinderella’s Dreamland is a fantasy tale for children and adults. This performance combines different styles of dance performed by MyArt students.


1 – 12 May 2018

The Wendy House


Join six year old Lily as she packs up her favourite worldly possessions. She’s going to her Wendy House and once she gets there she’s never coming back. Through the delicate intertwining of her memories, Lily explores the struggles that families face in moments of trauma and the fearless power of childhood innocence and imagination.


23 – 28 April 2018


Squad Productions

Watch our wonder couple navigate through treacherous disruptions like your stepmam being a bollocks, your best friend being a dope, an uninspired future existence, kleptomania and deciding which boxset to watch next.


23 April – 5 May 2018


The Gonzo Theatre Company

With allusions to classical myth, PILGRIM (Fishamble New Writing Award Nomination/ Manchester Theatre Award nomination) is a powerful new comedy/drama about a hard-edged youth coming of age on a pilgrimage home for the birth of his son. Written by award-winning playwright Philip Doherty and performed by Rex Ryan. (Dublin Fringe Best Actor nomination).


20 April 2018

Aine Cahil


Áine Cahill is a pop singer-songwriter from County Cavan. In June 2016 Áine made her debut playing a small tent at Glastonbury when she was spotted by the BBC and asked to play an acoustic performance live on their Glastonbury TV coverage.


15 April 2018

Scéals of the City – The Repeal Edition

Vickey Curtis

We’ve got that repealing in feeling and we’re here to pronounce proudly our pro choice stance through spoken word and song. Come and witness some of Irelands best and most powerful voices as they stand Together For Yes and raise funds for the campaign to repeal the eighth amendment. These are our bodies, our choices and our voices.


9 April 2018

Music Current 2018

Dublin Sound Lab

DUBLIN SOUND LAB presents MUSIC CURRENT 2018 a three-day festival of the best in new Irish and international contemporary electronic music. Considered as the ‘Fringe’ of Irish new music festivals, MUSIC CURRENT, now in its third year, gives a platform for the newest contemporary electronic music, hosting four concerts over three days.


11 – 21 April 2018


Reality:Check Productions

An odyssey of pain, blood, love and loss. An unreal journey through two disturbed minds, and the unfolding events leading up to the self crucifixion of their father in the front room. Enter the insane world of siblings Michael and Michelle. Debris is a depraved vision of the world, seen through their eyes.


9 April 2018

Back Our Boys

Guihen Family

Shay and Finn Guihen are 6 year old identical twins, born with Pfeiffer Syndrome Type III: a rare genetic disorder causing a number of very challenging and life limiting disabilities. Come along and show support and help to pay for nursing care to allow these loving parents a break from the 24/7 demands of caring for the boys.


6 – 7 April 2018


DADA Youth Theatre

Set against the backdrop of the cotton mills where these young people work, the play follows the lives of a few of the gang leaders; living, fighting and loving on the streets where they live. Leading to inevitable tragedy, these gang members are merely cogs in a wheel and so try to make their mark in other ways, marks that can still be felt in the Manchester of today.


2 April 2018


Andy Kirkpatrick

Top British climber, and award winning author Andy Kirkpatrick looks back at 40 years of adventure in his brand new show ‘Psychovertical’. Andy is as well known for his stand up comedy as his climbing, so lots of laughs guaranteed!


29 March – 7 April 2018

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard Revisited

The Festival of New Work

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is platform for work that is in development. Scene + Heard Revisited was a chance for shows that were cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions of March 2018 to be rescheduled.


28 March 2018

The Woman in the Woods

John Connolly

To celebrate the launch of ‘The Woman in the Woods’, a new Charlie Parker thriller, John Connolly will be joined by composer and musician David O’Brien in what promises to be a unique and thrilling evening. The launch event will be followed by a book signing in The Gutter Bookshop, Cow’s Lane.


26 March 2018

Phonica : Eight


Phonica is a series of events rooted in Word and Sound and with an emphasis on multiformity and the experimental. Conceived, programmed and hosted since early 2016 by Christodoulos Makris and Olesya Zdorovetska, Phonica aims to explore compositional and performative ideas and to encourage a melting pot of audiences and artists from across artforms.


21 – 24 March 2018

Lysistrata by Aristophenes

Inchicore College of Further Education

Lysistrata is a comic anti-war masterpiece by Aristophanes. It recounts the story of an Athenian woman’s ingenious plot to end the ongoing Peloponnesian war. Lysistrata calls together the women of Greece and proposes that they all withhold marital relations from their menfolk until a peace treaty is signed.


20 – 24 March 2018

Daddy Long Legs

Boulevard Productions

The Irish Premiere of Daddy Long Legs The Musical. Starring Eoin Cannon (just off his run as Frank McCourt in Angela’s Ashes, the Musical) and Róisín Sullivan (best known for playing Adele Rice in the European premiere of A Man of No Importance at The Arts Theatre on London’s West End). With Direction by Killian Collins and Musical Direction by David Wray.


13 – 17 March 2018

Dearmad na Fola

Aisteorí Bulfin

Díríonn an dráma ar an tsochaí, agus forbairt teichnolaíochta lenar féidir le comhlacht ‘cuimhne dhaona’ a cheannach. Creideann taighdeoir amháin go bhfuil sí ag obair i dtreo leigheas a fháil ar iompar síceapatach, deirtear le taighdeoir eile go bhfuil príomhaidhm an taighde rúnda agus dáinséarach…


13 – 16 March 2018

Diary of a Martian Beekeeper

Niamh Shaw

Niamh is on Mars and a member of Crew 173, on a long duration mission to investigate new ways of growing food in this arid foreign land. As their 2 year mission comes to an end, one crucial experiment remains for Niamh. But will she overcome her personal struggles or put the whole crew and the mission in danger?


5 – 10 March 2018



Lily is 23, young, free and single and waiting for her life to start, but she’s hit a bump. Bump is a tale of some of the awkward encounters and nauseating moments that make up a girl’s life. Bump is a visceral and fast paced one-woman show exploring the journey from girl to womanhood.


14 Feb – 3 March 2018

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard

The Festival of New Work

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is platform for work that is in development. We provide a safe environment with feedback and encouragement to support artists to make new work within the arts.


9 Feb 2018

When Love Smothers : On the Struggle to Create “A Me”

Donna Redmond & Clive Brassington

This innovative day brings together psychoanaytic theory and the theatre of Samuel Beckett to reflect on and discuss concepts such as madness, identity, creativity and the nature of love and its implications in creating a sense of self.


7 – 10 Feb 2018

The Half Promised Land

DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama

Influenced by time she spent in Isreal, Binchy’s play revolves around two Irish schoolteachers’ experience on a working holiday spent in a rural community on a kibbutz in Israel in 1966. Performed by graduating students of the BA Drama (Performance) at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama.


23 Jan – 3 Feb 2018


Monkey Backstage

From the creators of the acclaimed How To Build Your First Robot comes Walkinstown. A surreal soiree that traverses the streets of Dublin’s past, present and future. Two humans on a comedically cosmic trajectory, led by love, lust and all that’s elementary.


15 – 20 Jan 2018

Personal Space

Stephen Colfer, Hannah Mamalis & Peter McGann

A black comedy about good people, none of whom are here. Personal Space tells three stories of mutual acquaintances who bring out the worst in each other. And then there’s a twist. An anthology of short comedies from Stephen Colfer, Hannah Mamalis and Peter McGann.


8 – 13 Jan 2018

The Egg is A Lonely Hunter

Hannah Mamalis

Sophie works in a shop.
She suffers from an irrational fear of eggs.
Her nipples are behaving strangely and a black hole has appeared in her neighbourhood that could be / probably is a pervert.


9 – 13 Jan 2018

The Friday Night Effect

Sunday’s Child

The Friday Night Effect combines compelling new writing with an edge-of-your-seat interactive experience. At crucial turning points in the story, the fate of the characters will be in the hands of the audience, whose decisions will change their stories irrevocably.


4 Jan 2018

A Face In The Crowd

The Discover/Recover Theatre Project

“A Face in the Crowd” was based on true accounts of the lived experiences of individuals who have come face to face with mental health challenges. It explored stories of darkness, hope, confusion, humour, friendship, resilience and recovery.


6 Jan 2018

Warriors and Women

Candlelit Tales

Most of us can name the great heroes of Irish legend, but what about the great heroines? Women who fought as hard as their husbands and brothers and sons, who struggled under curses and captivity, who rebelled, who avenged their loved ones, and avenged themselves. Women who deserve to be remembered!


5-23 Dec | 7pm

The Grimm Tale of Cinderella

Based on the popular world folklore tale.
Written by Katie McCann (Cirque des Reves)

Lost, tired and out of their depth, brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm seek shelter in the woods from a bitter storm. Unknown to them they are not the only ones seeking shelter and a chance encounter with a strange old woman is about to change their fate.


18-20 Dec | 8pm

I’m Too Fat For This Show

Kate Huffman

Kate Huffman’s shockingly hilarious, brutally honest solo show covers two decades of living with an OCD-instilled eating disorder. Charm, wit, and giddy self-deprecation offer an opportunity for all people with obsessions, neuroticism, or negative self-talk to laugh at themselves.


4-16 Dec | 7:30pm

Disco Pigs & Sucking Dublin

Reality Check Productions

A double bill of two of Enda Walsh’s best loved plays on the 20th Anniversary of Sucking Dublin. Focusing on the two female protagonists, Runt & Little Lamb, this exciting new interpretation of Enda Walsh’s classics will explore the story from their perspectives – how they are trapped not only by their cities and social standing, but also bound by the men in their lives.


2 Dec | 8pm


Derek Ball

Soprano Elizabeth Hilliard sings you a song – one which just happens to last about an hour and a half – in the dramatic surroundings of the Boys’ School. The song is ‘Crann’ (Tree). Be prepared for an immersive experience, new music, poetry and stage design. In Irish with English subtitles.


29 Nov | 8pm


Izumi Kimura

Solo piano concert by pianist Izumi Kimura with prepared Steinway model M (1934). The programme of composed and improvised music, includes Sonatas and Interludes by John Cage, world premieres of works written especially for this concert by composers Ronan Guilfoyle, Greg Caffrey, and Izumi Kimura, and improvisations inspired by and dedicated to oceans. Interweaving of unusual sounds, silences and colours.


26 Nov | 3pm & 7pm

Past Present Future


Celebrating 10 years of Showstoppers stage school.


27 Nov | 7:30pm

Phonica: Seven


Phonica: Seven features performances from a range of vibrant, award-winning poets, musicians and artists with international outlooks and reputations working in the fields of electronic music, contemporary multilingual poetry, jazz composition, sound art, improvisation and theatrics, classical vocals, broken narratives, and more.


22 Nov | 7:30pm

What Ireland Needs To Nurture Its Soul

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is hosting an evening of dialogue about how we are, individually and collectively, to nurture a relationship with that most important and indigenous part of us, our soul, as we move into the 21st century. We are fortunate to have one of Ireland’s most eminent thinkers, Mark Patrick Hederman, to give his perspective on key factors that have shaped us since the founding of our Free State and what we now need to sustain our inner lives and find meaning as we move forward.


23 Nov | 7:30pm

UNITE: American Voices From An Irish Stage

Roger Gregg

Spend Thanksgiving with the Yanks! American Voices from an Irish Stage presents Unite! An event to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Unite with us. Following up our first successful fundraising event in May, American Voices from an Irish Stage, invites you to Thanksgiving with a difference. An evening of music, comedy and spoken words in support of civil liberties and freedom.


13-25 Nov | Various Times

Trilogy: The State of Us

Peter Duffy Productions

This trilogy of shows included: The Great Hunger by Patrick Kavangh, The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoyevksy and The Murders at Wildgoose Lodge by William Carleton. The shows were adapted and performed by Peter Duffy.


20+21 Nov | 7:30pm

You Could Be Us

Fregoli Theatre Company

Do you suffer from daily doses of The Big D? Are you crippled by The A-Oh-Nay everyday? Consolation is only a click away… T.H.E.Y are proud to present You Could Be Us: A new live stream to buttress a brittle you. Yule, Catherine, Billy, & Ursula – Four best-worst cases of mental instability represent the apex of your aches and pains. Click in! Alleviate your troubles with a calming dosage of comparison. Remember: Things could always be worse… you could be us!


3-5 Nov | Various Times

Dublin Book Festival

Dublin Book Festival

The Dublin Book Festival is one of Ireland’s most successful and vibrant book festivals, running since June 2006. The annual public festival showcases, supports and develops Irish publishing by programming, publicising and selling Irish published books, their authors, editors and contributors – all in an entertaining, festive, friendly and accessible environment that reflects the creativity and personality of the Irish publishing sector and its authors.


6-11 Nov | 8pm


Devious Theatre

Pulled is an uncompromising comedy drama about female sexuality and the social media generation. Meet Amanda and Michelle as they retrace their drink-fuelled steps from the night before through a trail of Twitter, Facebook and selfies, and tackle existential questions such as ‘How did I get here? Did I pull?’


21 Oct | 12pm

A Letter To A Character

The Book Show: RTÉ Radio One

Most books need strong characters but why do we love some more than others? How do writers create memorable characters and how do readers respond to them? In a special episode of RTÉ Radio 1’s The Book Show, Sinéad Gleeson is joined on stage by some of Ireland’s leading writers to discuss how characters in novels are created.


11-15 Oct | 7:30pm

The Good House of Happiness

Pan Pan Theatre

In The Good House of Happiness, we invite you to meet an actor, a pop singer and a scholar, from China, and two Mongolian accountants. They have come together to make a modern version of Brecht’s parable play, The Good Person of Setzuan first performed by German actors playing Chinese people.


16-21 Oct | 8pm

La Marie Vison

Moon Mad Theatre by Maki Mutai

Every day, for eighteen years, Marie releases an exotic butterfly into the open fields of the living room. Every day for eighteen years the beautiful boy, imprisoned in his den, catches and kills it.


Thu 5 Oct | 6pm


Wine Tasting

SPIT is a gathering of four passionate, entertaining, and quality-oriented wine importers presenting over 120 wines, from the classics to more unusual offerings. SPIT is a gateway into the world of wines which have a strong and unique sense of identity.


9 – 14 Oct | 7.30pm

God Has No Country

Donal Courtney

A dramatic retelling of the war time exploits of Irish priest Hugh O’Flaherty and how he saved the lives of 6,500 people in Rome during World War 2.


28 Sep-8 Oct | 7:30pm


Rough Magic

Melt is about the folly of humankind, our Icarus-like ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and the damage we do ourselves and our world in the process.


30 Sep | 11am

WellFest Pop Up


This event will focus on all things wellness, perfect for staying motivated and active as we move into the Autumn months.


23 + 24 Sep | 4pm

Monster LOL’s: Stand Up Comedy For Kids

Young Radicals: Fringe For Kids

A top notch comedy hour for children, mums, dads, friends, grandparents and anyone else who loves a giggle without the rude bits.


25 Sep – 7 Oct | 8pm

The Boys

Reality Check Productions

Set in Drumcondra and adapted from the novel of the same name, The Boys is the story of a group of teenage boys coming to terms with the time and place in which they find themselves.


20 – 23 Sep | 8:45pm

The Woods and Grandma

Dead Lady Productions

Part gig, part theatre, part documentary, this verbatim pop-opera exhumes its singing ghosts from the transcript of a 2002 RTÉ interview with Anne (aged 90) and Catherine (aged 88), who were raised by their grandmother Lady Augusta Gregory in Galway.


20 – 23 Sep | 9pm



Val has disappeared, and Andrew, Claude’s brother, never came home. Papini slowly fills the space they left behind. Claude reacts as they always have: by writing a story.


20 – 23 Sep| 7pm

Efficacy 84

Luke Casserly

An original devised work led by director Luke Casserly deconstructing the controversial events surrounding the Kerry babies case of the 1980s.


20 – 23 Sep | 8:30pm

The Friday Night Effect

Sunday’s Child

Meet Jamie, Sive and Collette: three friends on a wild night out in Dublin. By sunrise, Collette will be dead. Can you save her?


19-23 Sep | 6pm

How to be Angry

Brazen Tales

Witness the Brazen Ensemble tackling that most feared emotion with their trademark, twisted humour. An absurd, physical comedy exploring the battle between our animal instincts and rational minds.


19 – 23 Sep | 6:45pm

The Assassination of Pope Urban II

James Moran

An experimental comedy show about the nightmarish life and brutal death of Pope Urban II. Born a runt, Urban II lived with a wasting disease of the body and spirit that has been eradicated by modern medicine.


15 – 17 Sep | 6:45pm


Paul Corrie

Leave your idea of stand-up comedy at the door. Master of surreal nonsense and bohemian clownarchist Paul Currie presents his follow up to last year’s Dublin Fringe Festival smash hit, Release the Baboons.


15 – 17 Sep | 8:45pm


Sahar Ali

“Your English is so good.” “Where are you REALLY from?” “Is your hair real?” You probably won’t find the answers to these questions in Saharcasm, a one woman show exploring the Irishism, Arabism and racism that provokes queries like these


12 – 17 Sep | 8:30pm

Close To The Sun

The Corps Ensemble

Perth, Australia – Irishman Colin prepares for his wedding to Australian sweetheart, Sophie. But everything changes when his estranged brother arrives unannounced, bringing the demons of their shared past.


12 – 17 Sep | 7pm

Everything Now

Irish Modern Dance Theatre

Everything Now – our final gesture before we’re thrown off a cliff. A rollercoaster ride with beautiful dancing men, a laughing/shouting multicultural chorus, dazzling lights, stunning sounds and physical explosions.


11 – 17 Sep | 9pm

Fierce Notions

Ill-Advised Theatre Company

A new musical about democracy, politics and fish-based confectionery products from writer / composer Fionn Foley.


12 – 17 Sep | 7pm

From All Sides

Bitter Like A Lemon

Two couples. Two stories. One ending. A journey through the savagery and beauty of modern relationships from one of Dublin’s most exciting new writing companies.


10 Sep | 8:30pm


Hilary Woods

A demystifying trip of intrigue at the edge of the cosmos, a powerful piece of theatre fusing sound, dance, film, romance, and a hapless hero called King.


11-17 Sep | Various Times

Gladys & The Gutterstars

Rachel Gleeson & Cameron McAuley

It has been a time of soul searching for Gladys and The Gutter Stars. They have stowed themselves away for months in seclusion, working on their hotly anticipated new album


28 Aug – 2 Sep | 8pm

The Rapparees

Little Shadow Theatre

It is the time of the Protestant Ascendancy in Co. Kerry when priest hunting is a favourite pastime.


10-17 Sep | Various Times

it’s getting harder and harder for me

In a time of all talk no action, you are invited to shut up and listen. Belfast. The bridge over the river. Friday evening. A three hander for the city’s forgotten.


12 Aug| 12pm

Breastfeeding Al Fresco

Diane O’Connor

Diane O’Connor is breastfeeding but she won’t let that keep her indoors. Join her in this fun and informative stand-up comedy show inspired by breastfeeding, motherhood and related adventures!


19 Aug | 8pm

Grace Notes

Noted Maidens

Grace is a talented pianist. She is also a convicted killer. With uncertain memories threatening to sabotage her rehabilitation, will she play again? Exciting and bold one-woman show.


31 July + 1 Aug| 7:30pm

An Evening With Rich Roll

The Happy Pear

Rich Roll is a number one best-selling author, wellness pioneer, podcast host and Top 25 fittest men on the planet.


31 July – 2 Sep | 7:30pm

The Rivals

Smock Alley Theatre presents as its eighth in-house production, Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s much loved Comedy of Manners, The Rivals.


26 July| 7pm

K-Pop World Festival Ireland

Embassy of the Republic of Korea Ireland

The K-Pop World Festival saw over 20 acts competing to be in with a chance to go to Changwon, Korea, to perform at the K-Pop World Festival Grand Final.


26-27 Jul | 8pm

I Wrote A Joke In 1987

Michael Redmond

Michael Redmond wrote a joke in 1987. He then left Dublin to try his luck on the London comedy circuit… with just the one joke! This is the story of that journey and why he has left something in his will to Ryan Tubridy.


24 & 25 July| 8pm

Sneak Peek @ new material from Foil, Arms + Hog!

Foil, Arms + Hog!

Former children and regular eaters Foil Arms & Hog are back to try out some exclusive new material on an audience ahead of their Edinburgh Fringe + Dublin Fringe gigs!


25 Jul | 7:30pm

Ireland Meets Japan – W.B. Yeats, Lafcadio Hearn and Kyogen

Shigeyama Sengoro Family

W.B. Yeats was inspired by Kyogen and Noh, Japanese theatre forms, to produce some of his finest work. Lafcadio Hearn was the Irishman accepted and revered by the Japanese people emerging from centuries of isolation.


20-23 Jul

The Festival of Curiosity

Dublin’s International festival of science, art, design & technology.


Mon 24 July | 7:30pm

Lal Batti Express


Lal Batti (“Red Light”) Express is a one-of-a-kind production about the lives of young women from Mumbai’s infamous red-light area


17 July | 7.30pm

Phonica: Six

Christodoulos Makris & Olesya Zdorovetska

A selection of exceptional musicians, writers and artists working in a mix of media, playfully challenge the boundaries of word and sound.


18 July | 6pm & 8pm

Asperger’s Are Us

Asperger’s Are Us

The first comedy troupe composed of people with Asperger Syndrome performs their trademark absurdist sketches, ripe with hilarious wordplay and unexpected breaking of social conventions.


12 – 14 Jul | 8pm

Disorder Contained

Talking Birds

Disorder Contained examines the effects on mental health of the Separate System – a strict form of solitary confinement introduced in Irish and British prisons in the 19th century – originally aimed at reflection, repentance and reform, but later used as deliberate punishment.


15 + 29 July | 8pm

DIY Play

Peter Dunne

In DIY Play, you, the audience, will decide whether to help the characters solve a comedy mystery, or make it harder for them. To give them a happy ending or dreadful one. And to decide what they’ll wear while they do it!


4 – 8 Jul | 7:30pm (plus 2:30pm Sat 8 Jul)

An Experiment With An Airpump

No Drama

“I had smaller ambitions, I wanted to be God”. in a world where knowledge is power, how far should we go? What drives us forward and what makes us snap? Love, ambition, hope and betrayal. These are the themes explored in Shelagh Stephenson’s’ beautifully layered play over the span of two centuries and within the debate of Art versus Science asks us where the line is drawn in morality and ethics.


Sat 8 Jul @ 6pm + 8pm


Your Mother’s Son Theatre Company

ONSET is composed of ten new, exciting and daring pieces of original writing performed by ten new theatre makers from all over Ireland, working together to bring electric new writing to life.


Monday 26 Jun- Saturday 1 July at 7:30pm

True Pirates Never Die

The Gaiety School Of Acting

A notorious pirate ship has been lost at sea, and the surviving members of the crew wash up on a mysterious island. But more than the crew has washed ashore; there’s also the pirate captain’s stolen treasure, which will bring much more than worldly wealth.


26 Jun – 1 Jul | 8pm


Little Shadow Theatre Company + Unravel Productions

Billy and Breda are married and live in an Irish midlands town. This is their weekend.


Stones in his Pockets

Arclight Theatre Company

Arguably the most famous American play ever written. Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer-winning drama set in Grover’s Corners remains as poignant and relevant today as it was in 1938 – a timeless story about living, love and loss and appreciating life and its quiet moments to their fullest.



29 May – 10 June 2017

Stones in his Pockets

The Theatre Chipping Norton and The Dukes Lancaster

A quiet Irish village is turned upside down with the arrival of a Hollywood film crew, looking for the ‘real’ Ireland for their latest schmaltzy blockbuster.


15 – 20 May 2017

The New Irish Playbook

Little Shadow Theatre Company

Little Shadow Theatre Company are giving some of the best up and coming writers, directors and actors a chance to showcase the immense talent this country has in this entirely original collection of short plays.


20 – 29 May 2017

International Literature Festival Dublin 2017

International Literature Festival Dublin

The international festival is back, showcasing exciting contemporary authors with various talks, lectures and events.


1 – 13 May 2017

Flann’s Yer Only Man

Bare Bodkin Theatre

Flann’s Yer Only Man is based on the life and work of Flann O’Brien, aka Myles na Gopaleen, aka Brian O’Nolan (1911-1966), widely regarded as Ireland’s finest satirist since Jonathan Swift.


4 – 6 May 2017

The Faerie Thorn

Big Telly Theatre

The Faerie Thorn recreates Jane Talbot’s dark, imaginative and bewitching tales, propelling the audience into a world of devilish debts, trysts and trades, broken bargains and unjust trials; of magic, quick-wittedness, hoodwinking and revenge.


13 Apr 2017


360 Entertainment

A world music concert that combines virtuoso individual performances with different instrumentation from around the world.
The show features world-class performers who trade and fuse their music and singing skills to achieve extraordinarily original, exquisite and powerful soundscapes.


27 – 29 Apr 2017

Music Current 2017

Dublin Sound Lab

DUBLIN SOUND LAB is a contemporary music group specialising in electronic and computer-mediated concert performance. They presents MUSIC CURRENT 2017, a showcase for the best in new Irish and international contemporary electronic music.


29 Mar – 1 Apr 2017

Peer Gynt

Inchicore College of Further Education

Ibsen’s play is a picaresque tale about the amiable rogue Peer Gynt. This version by Frank McGuinness re-makes it into a work as valid for contemporary audiences as when it was written in 1867.


3 – 15 Apr 2017

A Life In The Theatre

Byrne & McNulty

The 2017 revival of (Pulitzer and Tony Award winner) David Mamet’s A Life In The Theatre. David Mamet’s hilarious two-hander charts the relationship between an older actor reaching the twilight of his career, and that of his rising young counterpart.


13 – 18 Mar 2017

Wit’s End

Christina Reihill

In a resurrection of the 1920’s poet, famed as much for her suicide attempts, abortions and thwarted desires, as for her dark, pithy verse, short stories and journalism, through words, images and objects the artist re-imagines an internal narrative for Parker, to provide a context for the unthought known in the human experience.


20 – 25 Mar 2017

This Looks Bad

Kill the Cat Productions

You’re on a night out. You’re drunk and you think to yourself ‘maybe I should just go home’. But you don’t. Join Claire for This Looks Bad, a dark stumble through Dublin night life.


6 – 11 Mar 2017


Illustrated Productions

How could three Victorian spinsters have written some of the most romantic and passionate fiction of all time? Destined to lonesome, isolated lives in the English countryside, three sisters Emily, Charlotte and Anne, face their brothers decline into alcoholism and insanity. But as chaos descends on the household the sisters begin to write, creating works of art that would reach the hearts of millions and span centuries.


21 + 23 – 25 Mar 2017


The Royal Irish Academy of Music + The Lir Academy

Set in 1914, Angela Carter’s story tells of Hero, an English soldier on a cycling holiday in the Carpathian Mountains, who seeks shelter in a lonely castle where he meets and disarms the beautiful vampire Countess. Hero’s virgin innocence saves him from being eaten alive by the beautiful blood-sucking woman, but it will not save him from the butchery of the First World War.


6 – 8 Mar 2017



Powerful and tender, two dancers at opposite ends of their dancing career share a poignant duet through contemporary Irish dance. Lïnger, performed by ex-Riverdance principal Breandán de Gallaí and Nick O’Connell, is an immersive theatrical experience about sexuality, ageing and identity, told through a rich tapestry of photography, film, music, and movement.


8 Mar 2017

Herstory Hootenanny


A storytelling extravaganza in celebration of women on International Women’s Day 2017. This special evening features comedy, poetry, theatre, music, mini talks and a few surprises. From ancient goddesses to contemporary mavericks, discover the lost life stories of extraordinary women from Ireland and around the world.

Performers and speakers include Women are Boring, Amy De Bhrún, CandleLit Tales, Carina Fitzpatrick, Anna Carey, Rebecca T Kealy, Aideen Mc Queen and Fatin Al Tamini, to name but a few.


16 – 20 Jan 2017

Smock Allies: Scene + Heard

The festival of New Work

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is platform for work that is in development. We provide a safe environment with feedback and encouragement to support artists to make new work within the arts. We believe in breaking down barriers to showcase work that is accessible to all, across a variety of disciplines.


3 + 4 FEB 2017

Susanna by G.F. Handel

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama

Handel’s inspiring work brings to life an ageless tale of corruption, courage and vindication. The story tells of the attempted rape of an innocent woman
by two Elders in a close-knit community. Susanna is falsely accused of promiscuity and condemned to death, but the day is saved by the young judge Daniel.


16 – 20 Jan 2017

The Spinning Heart

Ariculate Anatomy Theatre

Everyone loves Bobby Mahon. Everyone that is, except his Da. Revered by his men on the building site, captain of the team that almost won the county final, loved by his wife, Triona, only Bobby himself knows the dark thoughts that prey on his mind, presaging tragic events to come.


24th – 28th Jan 2017

And Then There Were None

No Drama Theatre

Ten strangers receive a mysterious invite to a dinner party on an isolated island. One by one, their various sordid pasts catch up with them.


16 – 20 Jan 2017

Shakespeare for Schools

Gaiety School of Acting

The National Theatre School of Ireland offers Junior Cycle students a choice of two of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays, with opportunities to see them at theatres in Dublin, Cork and Portlaoise. This January they perform The Merchant of Venice.


17 – 21 Jan 2017

God Has No Country

Donal Courtney

A dramatic re-telling of the war time exploits of Irish priest Hugh O’Flaherty and how he saved the lives of 6,500 people in Rome during World War 2.


6 – 10 Feb 2017

Shakespeare for Schools

Gaiety School of Acting

The National Theatre School of Ireland offers Junior Cycle students a choice of two of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays, with opportunities to see them at theatres in Dublin, Cork and Portlaoise. This February they perform Romeo and Juliet.


14th Jan 2017

WILD Intentions

Lee Tracey

A healthy dose of top notch yoga led by Lee Tracey, accompanied by amazing live musician Gary Dunne, followed by some delicious bites from the good folks of Blazing Salads, topped off with a talk on all things meditation by the fantastic Alison Canavan.


12th Jan 2017

Comedy Corner

FirstFortnight Festival 2017

Queens of droll Eleanor Tiernan and Grainne McKeever present their latest material back-to-back in this FirstFortnight special event.


9th – 14th Jan 2017

Half Light

FirstFortnight Festival 2017

Meet Robin, a ten-year-old boy travelling through the magic, fantastical woodland of his father’s storybook. A tale which is as true as it is untrue; simultaneously fact and fiction. Chaotic yet controlled. Childish yet adult. Half dark and half light.


7th Jan 2017

Pol Na Mone

FirstFortnight Festival 2017

Pol na Mone is Sunday’s Child new interactive theatre piece exploring mental health, identity and how a series of disastrous decisions can change your life forever. We meet Collete, Sabhdh and Jamie, three characters all facing unique life crises.


5th Jan 2017

Ancient Echoes from the River of Time

Illuminate Herstory Event

This special evening in conjunction with the nationwide Illuminate Herstory Light Festival, will bring together storyteller Sorcha Hegarty of Candlelit Tales, mythologist and tour guide Treasa Kerrigan of Sacred Sites of Ireland, and the artwork of Jim Fitzpatrick and Courtney Davis, accompanied by the Candlelit Tales musicians.



12th – 17th Dec 2016

Reasons to be Pretty

Untold Wants

The Irish premiere of Neil LaBute’s play ‘Reasons to Be Pretty.Who are we when all the cards are on the table? When excuses and distractions lose their power, what will we have to show? Are we pretty enough?



8th – 10th Dec 2016

Bad Sunday + Incensed

Black Box to Red Carpet Theatre

Two new works of theatre from Black Box to Red Carpet Theatre …. Bad Sunday: Mark Wale’s comedy about a Sunday drive gone awry takes the audience on a riotous journey from Phibsboro to Howth Head.Incensed: Three women attend one man’s funeral but who are they and how did they know him? What connects them?



6th + 7th Dec 2016


Fregoli Theatre

Tape tackles questions of motive, memory, truth and perception and this production will be characteristic of Fregoli’s energetic and captivating style.



5th – 23rd Dec 2016

The Snow Queen

Smock Alley Theatre 1662

Gerda and Kay live in a watery town in a watery world. Some time ago, there occurred on Earth a seismic event known as ‘The Melting’, and since then there has not been a single flake of snow nor a single cube of ice. As such, Christmas has been cancelled. Forever.



21st Nov – 3rd Dec 2016

Unshakeable Spirits: Double Bill

Biscuits for Breakfasts in association with NewDay Productions

Two strong willed women, on two different journeys… both with stubborn Irish blood which compels them to speak the truth and conquer adversity. These two one-woman plays explore their memoirs & inspirational stories in this exciting evening of new writing.


Version 2

28th Nov – 1st Dec + 4th Dec 2016

‘Twas the Night Before Murder

Catastrophe Theatre Company

A troupe of professional actors interact with guests throughout a three course meal and reveal clues and information leading to the identity of the killer.



17th Nov 2016

To Space

Dr. Niamh Shaw

Part comedy memoir and part fascinating space lecture with watercolour-based ghostly landscapes, this captivating performance explores the beauty, darkness and humanity of space, while begging the question- ‘What do you do with impossible Dreams?’



15th – 18th Nov 2016

Shadows of the Táin

Candlelit Tales

Candlelit Tales bring their unique telling of the Tain Bo Cualigne to life with a new and exciting element of shadow puppetry. Atmospheric, evocative, and lyrically beautiful, audiences will hear this ancient story as it has never been told before.



10th – 13th Nov 2016

Dublin Book Festival 2016

Dublin Book Festival

Dublin Book Festival present their annual festival, with talks, presentations and speakers on the latest contemporary literature. Complete with their own festival bookshop and coffee shop, Smock Alley is delighted to be the festival hub.



7th – 10th + 16th Nov 2016

God has no Country

Donal Courtney

Monseigneur Hugh O’Flaherty saved the lives of over 3500 people during Wolrd War 2 in Rome. Actor and writer Donal Courtney transforms his story onto the stage in this new production.



24th Oct – 5th Nov 2016


Restless Ecstasy

Sadist, sexual predator, murderer and necrophile, Peter Kurten is a monster by anybody’s definition. But is he insane? Restless Ecstasy bring Anthony Neilson’s Normal to the Boys School.



17th – 22nd Oct 2016

The Quare Fellow

Money for the Sun Productions

Money for the Sun Productions present Brendan Behan’s, The Quare Fellow. Exposed to gruesome crimes and in turn corporal and capital punishment, the men wrestle with what it is to be human and at times seem totally desensitized to the imminent ‘topping’ of ‘The Quare Fellow’.



11th – 15th Oct 2016


Irish Language Literature Festival

IMRAM Irish literature festival is the annual festival that showcases the richness of contemporary Irish literature. Through a combination of different events which includes prose, poetry and music, the latest of Irish literature is brought to audiences.



4th – 8th Oct 2016

Death at Intervals

Dublin Theatre Festival

Inspired by Nobel Prize winner José Saramago’s darkly humorous novel and developed in collaboration with an award winning creative team, Death at Intervals combines theatre, music and original song lyrics in an unconventional and touching duet between death and her musician.


The Weathered Stone

28th Sep 2016

The Weathered Stone


Dublin composer Benedict Schlepper-Connolly launches his new album The Weathered Stone with an immersive performance of beautiful and intricate compositions.



10th – 25th Sep 2016

Fringe Festival 2016

Tiger Dublin Fringe

Fringe is a curated, multi-disciplinary festival and year-round organisation focusing on fresh and innovative approaches to the arts from Irish and international makers.


Alice Milligan

1st Sep 2016

Alice Milligan: A Girl of Genius

Aisling Ghear

Aisling Ghéar celebrates the life of one of the most iconic figures in Irish cultural history, Alice Milligan.



22nd – 27th Aug 2016

As You Like It

Arclight Studio

Filled with laughter and music, Shakespeare’s As You Like It is romantic comedy at its most delightful.



17th – 20th Aug 2016

The Dream of Eithlinn

Candlelit Tales

An original dance theatre show, we blend traditional storytelling with live original music, song and contemporary dance, to steal your imagination away.



15th + 16th Aug 2016


Meaney Productions

An Irishman is punished for marrying an Icelandic princess. With an ensemble cast of 10 characters and a live score, this production of “Gondla” is the first since it was staged in Russia in 1920.



2nd Aug- 3rd Sep


Smock Alley Theatre

Smock Alley presents as its sixth in-house production, Bernard Shaw’s most popular and best loved play.



1st – 6th Aug 2016

Eamonn (From Menswear)


Eamonn (From Menswear) is a stylish, political and provocative fashion-infused musical dealing with the idea of a nation slowly ridding itself of the stratification of race, gender, sexuality and religion.



25th – 30th July 2016

The Sadness of the Little Sparrow

Les Enfants Terribles

What if you were invited by world famous French chanteuse, Edith Piaf into her dressing room to relive her earthly journey with all its pain, sorrow, joy, success and many love affairs?



20th – 24th Jul 2016

Festival of Curiosity

Various Artists

The Festival of Curiosity takes a brand new, innovative & research led approach to audience participation and engagement in science, arts, design & technology for all ages and has sold out every year since it’s inception.



18th Jul 2016

Insight #4

Tacquin and Jessie Keenan Dance

Taquin are a super-group of three of Ireland’s finest musicians. For one night only, they join forces with three dancers to present exciting performances of five new musical works and five new choreographed pieces by Jessie Keenan.



14th Jul 2016

Illuminated Passages

Lauren Spiers

An exciting debut performance of 3 new ballet works by NYC ballerina Lauren Speirs. Performed by a small troupe of professional dancers from companies all over the world.



13th Jul 2016

En Masse

Ragamuffin Collective

Ragamuffin Collective is delighted to present En Masse, a night of original theatre by The Gaiety School of Acting’s Class of 2016. The evening will showcase 18 pieces of new writing.



11th – 13th + 16th Jul 2016

The Spinning Heart

Articulate Anatomy

This stage adaptation of the award-winning novel is given its world premiere by Articulate Anatomy and preserves the original structure and narrative style while highlighting, often with a scabrous humour, the toll in human terms of recent times in Ireland.



10th – 12th Jul 2016

King Lear

Purplecoat Productions

After their sell out Twelfth Night and five star Hamlet, PurpleCoat return to Smock Alley at the start of a UK and Ireland tour with Shakespeare’s greatest play, King Lear.



9th Jul 2016

No Borders

Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity

No Borders is a theatre event that will raise funds for Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity.The show will feature a series of one-act plays, two performances of poetry and a musical performance, all of which deal the effects of war and having to leave one’s homeland.



27th Jun – 9th Jul 2016

Tender Napalm

Good Buzz Productions

A heightened love story filled with poetic intensity and a language that seethes and burns. A couple navigate their way through the passionate battlefield of a relationship, leaving a blazing trail of destruction in their wake in Philip Ridley’s highly charged play.



24th + 25th Jun 2016

Moliere| All Rise: A Double Bill


A double bill of theatre from the Gaiety School of Acting’s Youth Theatre Company, restoration pieces by Moliere and a new courtroom drama by Seamus Quinn



21st -25th Jun 2016


The Gaiety School of Acting

100 years ago the leaders of the Irish Rebellion stood up and declared their resolve to pursue the happiness of the whole nation; 100 years later, in a new play written and directed by Ronan Dempsey, the graduating class of The Gaiety School of Acting holds a mirror up to Ireland in 2016.



14th – 18th Jun 2016

The Boyz of Harcourt Street

Rocket Octopus

A high­ octane play about three twenty-­something men, D’arce, Fosterson and the Gavmeister, who live, work and play on Harcourt Street.When the clock strikes five the music kicks in, the ties are loosened and the desks are, quite literally, overturned.


The Trial

14th – 18th Jun 2016

The Trail 

No Drama Theatre

Someone must have been lying about Joseph K, for without having done anything wrong, he was arrested. A man wakes up and is arrested. He tries to find out why and fails. The end.


Kate Tempest

10th Jun 2016

Kate Tempest

The Gutter Bookshop

One of the biggest names in spoken word, Kate Tempest’s powerful storytelling and unique delivery has seen her cross over between the worlds of poetry and hip-hop, embraced by both the literary and music camps.


Down the Milky Way

5th Jun 2016

Down the Milky Way 

Myart School of Dance

MyArt is a unique creative school, which provides both dance and visual art education for children and adults with no age limit.


Insight #3

4th Jun 2016

InSight #3

Irish Composers Collective & Tonnta Music

InSight showcases 20 new musical works presented with visual interpretations, including dance, animation, projection, and simply the physical body in space.


69 Shades of Gay

30th May – 4th Jun 2016

69 Shades of Gay 

ZAC Entertainment Group

Aiden’s spending the afternoon going through his smart phone, getting rid of texts, dodgy snaps, phone numbers and, of course, the apps – Grindr, Gaydar, Growlr… But there’s nothing like a mammoth deleting session to send a boy down memory lane. And Aiden has a lot of memories – 68 boyfriends’ worth. And he has some corking tales to share…all will be revealed – and more – in the funny, filthy 69 Shades of Gay.


Malacoda's Bridge

1+2 Jun 2016

Malacoda’s Bridge – The Ninth Circle of Hell

The Gaiety School of Acting in collaboration with Southern Illinois School of Music

Raya is desperate to escape. Even her lover, Tam, fails her when she most needs him. Her road is littered with the corpses of those who have come before her. There are plenty of offers of help for a beautiful young woman. Who can she trust?


International Literature Festival Dublin

21st – 29th May 2016

International Literature Festival Dublin 

Various Artists

With readings, discussions, debates,workshops, performance and screenings, the festival creates a hotbed of ideas. Whether it’s the mix poets, writers of fiction and non-fiction, lyricists, playwrights and screenwriters, International Literature Festival Dublin brings new faces and house-hold names together in ways that suprise and inspire. Children’s fiction is well represented and we are spoilt for choice with the calibre of Irish language writers. Come celebrate many specially commissioned events in the City of Words.


Theatre of Menace

20th + 21st May 2016

Theatre of Menace

Purplecoat Productions

Award winning PurpleCoat return to Smock Alley after their five-star Hamlet and Twelfth Night, with an evening of short work by Harold Pinter. See how Pinter’s work developed over his career with a selection of lesser known short pieces that ineviutably shaped his masterpieces such as The Caretaker and The Homecoming, and see exactly why his dark creations came to be known as the Theatre of Menace.



16th + 17th May 2016

Noser Business

Clown Noir

A one hour-long physical comedy that combines clown, storytelling and circus skills. Joe Bloodworth, a homeless old clown, busks for money. Yet the audience does not go to see his skills they go to listen to the stories of his past. Exotic tales from St Petersburg, the glamour, the drink, and the mafia. We listen as the Iron curtain falls and Joe heads for the border back into Europe before returning home penny-less, with just the objects and memories he’s collected along the way but ultimately free and happy.



12th May 2016


Science Gallery Dublin

Artmeatflesh is a live cooking show, hosted by bioartist Oron Catts, forces two teams of artists, scientists and philosophers to face-off in a kitchen, where they will confront lab grown meat, future food cults, a secret ingredient and the very strong stomachs of the audience. Join us to taste, debate, embrace or reject a future where meat derived from animals has disappeared entirely.


Previous Shows

3rd – 7th May 2016

The Big Fellow

Co-Motion Media in assoc with Drogheda Arts Festival

A non-stop, edge-of-your-seat theatrical adventure, laced with scenes of daring, intrigue and humour. With original music by ex-Waterboys’ Colin Blakey, this is the compelling story of Michael Collins’ rise from unknown volunteer to military leader who brought down an empire only to meet his death at the hands of former comrades.



28th – 30th April 2016

Coram Boy

Dublin Academy of Dramatic Arts

Set in England in the 18th century, Coram Boy is the epic and sometimes disturbing tale of Otis Gardiner and his son, Meshak. An exciting and dramatic play originally written as a book for young adults and beautifully adapted for the stage by Helen Edmundson with a soundtrack by Adrian Sutton.


100 x 150

27th April 2016

Insight #2

Irish Composers Collective & Tonnta Music

Smock Alley Theatre plays host to four evenings of the aural and the visual, brought together. From March to July, InSight showcases 20 new musical works presented with visual interpretations, including dance, animation, projection, and simply the physical body in space. Brought to you by the Irish Composers’ Collective, Tonnta Music and Smock Alley Theatre.


100 x 150

27th + 28th April 2016

Stags and Hens

DIT Drama Society

Unknown to each other, Linda and Dave have decided to have their respective hen and stag parties in the same tacky Dublin club – or more accurately, in its toilets. With the girls applying make­up, doing their hair and crying in cubicles, and the boys puking into the lavatory and drawing on the walls, the whole of Stags and Hens takes place in the Ladies and Gents.


In The Willows Thumbnail

26th April 2016

Fallen Bired EP Launch

In The Willows

In The Willows release their new EP ‘Fallen Bird’. The artwork for the album was created by Oscar nominated illustrator Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea).



25th + 26th April 2016

Punk Rock

DIT Drama Society

Edgy and acute, Punk Rock is a slow-building story of violence at school, told with compelling depth and tension. The play introduces us to seven high- achieving teenagers at a fee-paying grammar school. They are holed up in the Upper School library, tucked away from supervision, revising — or not, as the case may be — for their mock A-Levels.



22nd April 2016


Smashing Times Theatre Company

The performance of the highly acclaimed Testimonies by Paul Kennedy and Mary Moynihan consists of dramatic monologues adapted from experiences of those who have lost loved ones to suicide and the experiences of those who have been through a suicidal or mental health crisis and survived.


100 x 150

21st April 2016

The Woman is Present: Women’s Stories of 1916

Smashing Times Theatre Company

The Woman is Present: Women’s Stories of 1916 reflects on the experiences of Helena Molony, Margaret Skinnider, Madeleine French-Mullen, Dr Kathleen Lynn, Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and Elizabeth Farrell and their experiences as part of the 1916 Rising.


100 x 150

21st April 2016

An Artists Vision for Ireland National Symspoium

Smashing Times Theatre Company

Smashing Times held a day-long event Echoes of 1916, consisting of an Artist’s Vision for Ireland national symposium with key note speakers Deirdre Kinahan, playwright and Dr Eric Weitz, Associate Professor of Drama and Theatre Studies, Trinity College Dublin.



20th April-23rd April 2016

April Bright

Inchicore College of Further Education & Cored Productions

A young couple’s arrival in their new home is disturbed by a caller from the past, whose presence unleashes the joys and tragedies of previous lives buried within those walls. A young couple’s arrival in their new home is disturbed by a caller from the past, whose presence unleashes the joys and tragedies of previous lives buried within those walls.


14th April 2016

Cords & Cadenzas 

 Co-Orch Dublin in Association with Spinal Injuries Ireland

A concert in aid of Spinal Injuries Ireland presented by Co-Orch. “Cords & Cadenzas” features Schuman Symphony No.4, Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer, and Le Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel. Co-Orch is Dublin’s most exciting instrumental ensemble. Comprising some of Ireland’s most vibrant talented orchestral musicians, Co-Orch is an orchestra with a twist. No black tie, no evening dress, n stuffy concert halls – just musicians coming together to play the music that they are passionate about, in venues where they don’t belong.


12th April – 14th April 2016

Outrageous Fortune

Carol Walsh

Dolores didn’t get the audition. Her lifelong ambition to be a Shakespearean actor and perform on stage at the infamous Globe theatre is in tatters. Years of dedication and sacrifice wasted and boy is she in a rage. Fuming and fired up, Dolores decides to take matters into her own hands… That’s when life and Shakespearean tragedy begins to blur.
OutRAGEous Fortune is a clown show for adults. It is a very human, funny and moving story of ambition, obsession and the desire to live our dreams.


10th April – 11th April 2016

Pleasure Ground 

 Fregoli Theatre Company

Pleasure Ground is based the decline of the rural Irish town exploring notions of home, belonging, community and change.
Tivnan’s writing is witty and sharp, and captures the beauty of rural and small town life whilst exploring feelings of sadness and isolation. Fregoli are a young Galway based company formed in 2007 this is their 20th production.


7th April – 9th April 2016

Music Current 

 Dublin Sound Lab

MUSIC CURRENT showcases contemporary electronic music through concerts, masterclasses and workshops. Music Current invites composers, performers, and music technologists to participate in masterclasses with Anne Cleare, Jennifer Walshe, Gráinne Mulvey, and workshop selected works. Featuring: Lucy Railton and Adrian Corker performing seminal works by maverick Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi and the Irish premier of Jennifer Walshe’s THE TOTAL MOUNTAIN.


4th April – 9th April 2016

Slice The Thief 

 Bitter Like A Lemon

Slice, a funny, charming an everyday bike thief who does what he wants but today he’s taken the wrong bike. 24 hours to get it back or he’s dead. The only problem is that the bike is now in the custody of an even bigger psycho than its rightful owner.


29th March – April 2nd 2016

Julius Caesar 

 Tartartus Theatre Company

Greed. Deceit. Treachery. Power. What happens when those who placed you at the top of your empire decide the empire is no longer yours?Tartarus Theatre Company presents this adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Set against the backdrop of modern gangland, this dark and vivid take on the classic promises a richly stylised and textured tale of ambition, corruption and blood soaked deception.


24th March – 26th March 2016

The Initiative 

 The Gaiety School of Acting Performance Theatre Company

The year – 1976. The place – Shadyville, USA. In this lawless town, where criminals call the shots, the mysterious Initiative hopes to rid Shadyville of crime forever. The trouble is, Vice wears many masks. In this piece of new writing from the Gaiety School of Acting’s Performance Theatre Company, a macabre dystopia of crime and punishment shows us just how tough it can be to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Who do you trust when no one is what they seem?


16th March – 2nd April 2016

The Wise Wound 

 Teri Fitzgerald

Meg March is all set to marry local politician John Brooke. He has everything a 19th Century woman could desire- teeth and an income! However, Meg’s sister, Jo, knows that John is not quite as perfect as he first appears. Jo, a playwright and political activist, plots to liberate her sister from a life of marital enslavement.  To do so she enlists the help of her youngest sister and lifelong nemesis, Amy…with explosive results! Even poor Beth with her impending death is causing a bothersome race against the clock for the couple!
Will Meg make it to the church alive for the happiest day of her life?!


16th March 2016

Andy Sheppard with Shakespeare Songs

 Music Network

‘The great English poet of the saxophone’, jazz virtuoso Andy Sheppard joins forces with drummer Christophe Marguet and pianist Guillaume de Chassy in a musical journey across Shakespeare’s world. Part-improvised and part-written, the music draws inspiration from Renaissance composers Thomas Morley and William Byrd, with the trio unfolding an extraordinary palette of sounds to conjure up everything from star-crossed lovers and brooding Danish princes to the rustling advance of Birnam Wood.


14th March 2016

Insight #1 Adrian Mantu & Mihai Cucu

Irish Music Collective & Tonnta Music

Smock Alley Theatre plays host to four evenings of the aural and the visual, brought together. InSight showcases new musical works presented with visual interpretations, including dance, animation, projection, and simply the physical body in space.

In this first installment of the series, Adrian and Mihai have chosen one Irish, one European and one universal piece: Anne Marie O’Farrell (In Mary’s Eye), Giovanni Sollimma (Lamentatio) and Hamza El Din (Escalay. The Water Wheel).


IMG2 - Otherworld - Thumbnail (1)

12th March 2016

Otherworld – The Story of Tir na nOg

Sam Kavanagh Music

A show for all ages; come and hear about the adventures of Óisín and Níamh, and their journey away from Ireland to the Land of Eternal Youth. Conducted by Sam Kavanagh, The Lalala Choir is a new group of singers who will present their own arrangements of Irish folk songs, performed alongside a unique ensemble of trad and jazz musicians, and featuring the surrealist storytelling style of Ríona Sally Hartman.


Previous Shows

March 7th – 19th 2016

The Great Hunger

Bare Bodkin Theatre Company

Peter Duffy’s powerful theatrical performance of Patrick Kavanagh’s poetic masterpiece The Great Hunger has been touring for the past eighteen months to popular and critical acclaim including performances in the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris, the Cathedral Quarter Festival in Belfast and in virtually every theatre venue in the country.


17th February – 5th March 2016

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard Festival

Smock Alley Theatre| Multiple Artists

In this three-week, multi-production event, artists from all over Ireland came together to mount 85 original works. Smock Alley hosted this festival of new work that helped fledgling performers from all disciplines share their work with the public. Audiences gave direct responses to the shows they saw, which created a freewheeling discussion between the creators and their spectators. A true celebration of innovation and appreciation for the artistic forms.



14th February 2016

Love’s Sublime Knot

City of Dublin Chamber Orchestra

The City of Dublin Chamber Orchestra are Dublin’s newest chamber orchestra, whose membership is characterised by talent, intelligence and commitment. Every year, in Dublin and throughout Ireland, the orchestra presents performances of artistic excellence and remarkable versatility of musical styles. The CDCO’s repertoire encompasses the masterworks of the orchestral repertory, engaging the public through inspiring performances of the highest standard.



1st February – 13th February 2016


Reality:Check Productions

Tracy Ryan’s critically acclaimed production of Trainspotting returns. Now teamed up with Reality:Check Productions, we present a bigger, better, never before seen version of Trainspotting. The generation defining novel is brilliantly adapted for the stage and tells the story of heroin addict Mark Renton, as he stumbles through bad ideas and sobriety attempts with his unreliable friends Tommy, Sickoy, Begbie and Alison.


25th January – 30th January 2016

Spandex Blues

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Theatre

Would you help a super-villain? E is a villainess at the top of her game. She’s the scourge of the League of Peace, the baddest bad-arse on the Northside. She’s also been voted Best Boss by Hench-Person Monthly three times in a row. But despite her well-earned infamy, things aren’t looking good. A job’s just gone South and she’s been left reeling. Her goody two shoes super-hero family are up in arms and vow she must be stopped. For the first time in her life, E has no idea what to do…



11th January – 22nd January 2016

King Lear

Gaiety School of Acting

The Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland – offers unique opportunity to experience the best of Shakespeare at theatres situated throughout the country in Dublin, Cork, Tipperary, Kerry and Waterford.
The Shakespeare Schools Programme is aimed at Junior/ Leaving Certificate Students, covering Romeo & Juliet and King Lear, with a workshop focusing on original text, relating the performance to the text and designed to directly address the 2015/2016 English syllabus Shakespeare Question.



11th January – 22nd January 2016

Romeo & Juliet

Gaiety School of Acting

The Gaiety School of Acting – The National Theatre School of Ireland – offers unique opportunity to experience the best of Shakespeare at theatres situated throughout the country in Dublin, Cork, Tipperary, Kerry and Waterford.
The Shakespeare Schools Programme is aimed at Junior/ Leaving Certificate Students, covering Romeo & Juliet and King Lear, with a workshop focusing on original text, relating the performance to the text and designed to directly address the 2015/2016 English syllabus Shakespeare Question.



14th January – 16th January 2016

Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii

First Forthnight Festival

You know that memory that stings? The one that will keep you awake that extra five minutes before you sleep? Alison has loads of them, but she’s found a way around it. Join her as she discovers Hawaii.
What is Hawaii? To some it’s the fiftieth State but to Alison, it’s a place in her head where she buries stuff. It’s her personal coping mechanism.
So join her for a personal stand up hour that tackles Alison’s biggest fears and regrets while trying to find her own personal Hawaii. A hilarious hour embracing the futility of being so self-involved.



6th January 2016

Yer Only mBan

Maeve Stone and Dan Colley

A Nollaig na mBan night of storytelling, song and cake celebrating the work of women, featuring performances by Olwen Fouéré, The Evertides, Sonya Kelly, Allison Spittle and many others. An intimate night of storytelling, song and comedy. This will be people coming together in the Irish tradition of Nollaig na mBan, to recognise and celebrate the work of women, in the public and private spheres.


The Dead - 100x150

5th January – 9th January 2016

The Dead

Presented by Dublin Theatre Festival with music by Feargal Murray

Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones, The Wire) brings James Joyce’s captivating short story The Dead to life alongside beautiful live music accompaniment by composer and pianist Feargal Murray.The Dead is the last of fifteen stories that make up Dubliners, Joyce’s searing exploration of life in Dublin.



3rd January 2016

Globe To Globe Hamlet

The Globe

In celebration of the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, the world renowned Shakespeare’s Globe will perform Hamlet,known as Shakespeare’s greatest play, at Smock Alley Theatre for the first time.