3-9 Dec | 10am-4:30pm

Nieves Fernandez

After her first solo exhibition last year, Nieves Fernández is returning to Smock Alley Theatre this December with oil paintings, acrylics and collages.



18-20 Dec | 8pm

I’m Too Fat For This Show
Kate Huffman

Dubbed “one of the most commanding solo shows around today,” Kate Huffman’s shockingly hilarious, brutally honest solo show covers two decades of living with an OCD-instilled eating disorder.


4-16 Dec | 7:30pm

Disco Pigs & Sucking Dublin
Reality:Check Productions

A double bill of two of Enda Walsh’s best loved plays on the 20th Anniversary of Sucking Dublin. Focusing on the two female protagonists, Runt & Little Lamb, this exciting new interpretation of Enda Walsh’s classics explored the story from their perspectives – how they are trapped not only by their cities and social standing, but also bound by the men in their lives.

This production went on to win Best Ensemble at the Irish Times Theatre Awards 2017.


5-23 Dec | 7pm

The Grimm Tale of Cinderella

Lost, tired and out of their depth, brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm seek shelter in the woods from a bitter storm. Unknown to them they are not the only ones seeking shelter and a chance encounter with a strange old woman is about to change their fate.

Trapped for the evening together the brothers begin to share with the woman the stories they have gathered on their travels. Stories they believe will make them bestsellers and famous the world over.

But the Old Woman too has a tale to tell, about a girl named Ella, her cruel stepmother, a handsome prince and the night that would change her life forever. However this is not the story the brothers expect. No, no this is the real story of the girl who became known as Cinderella…


29 Nov | 8pm

Izumi Kimura

Solo piano concert by pianist Izumi Kimura with prepared Steinway model M (1934). The programme of composed and improvised music, includes Sonatas and Interludes by John Cage, world premieres of works written especially for this concert by composers Ronan Guilfoyle, Greg Caffrey, and Izumi Kimura, and improvisations inspired by and dedicated to oceans. Interweaving of unusual sounds, silences and colours.


2 Dec | 8pm

Derek Ball

Soprano Elizabeth Hilliard sings you a song – one which just happens to last about an hour and a half – in the dramatic surroundings of the Boys’ School. The song is ‘Crann’ (Tree). Be prepared for an immersive experience, new music, poetry and stage design. In Irish with English subtitles.


26 Nov | 3pm & 7pm

Past Present Future

Celebrating 10 years of Showstoppers stage school.


27 Nov | 7:30pm

Phonica: Seven

Phonica: Seven features performances from a range of vibrant, award-winning poets, musicians and artists with international outlooks and reputations working in the fields of electronic music, contemporary multilingual poetry, jazz composition, sound art, improvisation and theatrics, classical vocals, broken narratives, and more.


22 Nov | 7:30pm

What Ireland Needs To Nurture Its Soul
The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is hosting an evening of dialogue about how we are, individually and collectively, to nurture a relationship with that most important and indigenous part of us, our soul, as we move into the 21st century. We are fortunate to have one of Ireland’s most eminent thinkers, Mark Patrick Hederman, to give his perspective on key factors that have shaped us since the founding of our Free State and what we now need to sustain our inner lives and find meaning as we move forward.


23 Nov | 7:30pm

UNITE: American Voices From An Irish Stage
Roger Gregg

Spend Thanksgiving with the Yanks! American Voices from an Irish Stage presents Unite! An event to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Unite with us. Following up our first successful fundraising event in May, American Voices from an Irish Stage, invites you to Thanksgiving with a difference. An evening of music, comedy and spoken words in support of civil liberties and freedom.


13-25 Nov | Various Times

Trilogy: The State of Us
Peter Duffy Productions

This trilogy of shows included: The Great Hunger by Patrick Kavangh, The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoyevksy and The Murders at Wildgoose Lodge by William Carleton. The shows were adapted and performed by Peter Duffy.


20+21 Nov | 7:30pm

You Could Be Us
Fregoli Theatre Company

Do you suffer from daily doses of The Big D? Are you crippled by The A-Oh-Nay everyday? Consolation is only a click away… T.H.E.Y are proud to present You Could Be Us: A new live stream to buttress a brittle you. Yule, Catherine, Billy, & Ursula – Four best-worst cases of mental instability represent the apex of your aches and pains. Click in! Alleviate your troubles with a calming dosage of comparison. Remember: Things could always be worse… you could be us!


3-5 Nov | Various Times

Dublin Book Festival
Dublin Book Festival

The Dublin Book Festival is one of Ireland’s most successful and vibrant book festivals, running since June 2006. The annual public festival showcases, supports and develops Irish publishing by programming, publicising and selling Irish published books, their authors, editors and contributors – all in an entertaining, festive, friendly and accessible environment that reflects the creativity and personality of the Irish publishing sector and its authors.


6-11 Nov | 8pm

Devious Theatre

Pulled is an uncompromising comedy drama about female sexuality and the social media generation. Meet Amanda and Michelle as they retrace their drink-fuelled steps from the night before through a trail of Twitter, Facebook and selfies, and tackle existential questions such as ‘How did I get here? Did I pull?’


2 Nov | 6:45pm

RTÉ Radio 1’s Arena Live Show
RTÉ Radio 1

Featuring Dermot Bolger, Annabelle Comyn, Fintan O’Toole and Carlo Gébler.


2 Nov | 8pm

Eve Belle

A live show from Rubyworks’ recoring artist, Eve Belle.


25 – 30 Oct | 6:30pm + 8:30pm

Joan Sheehy & Colin Dunne

A haunting, theatrical experience exploring the chilling, tension filled voyage of the Demeter as it brings Dracula from Romania to the port of Whitby. Using the Captain’s log as the central framework, this multi-layered performance piece re-imagines the power of Stoker’s gothic masterpiece in the hauntingly evocative Boys’ School


26 Oct | 6pm

Writers at Smock Alley : Alan Hollinghurst
The Gutter Bookshop

Join us for an evening with Man Booker prize-winning author Alan Hollinghurst as he discusses his long-awaited sixth novel, ‘The Sparsholt Affair’. Evoking the intimate relationships of a group of friends bound together by art, literature and love across three generations, ‘The Sparsholt Affair’ explores the social and sexual revolutions of the most pivotal years of the past century, whose life-changing consequences are still being played out to this day. Richly observed, disarmingly witty and emotionally charged, ‘The Sparsholt Affair’ is destined to be of the most talked about books of the year.


24-28 Oct | 8pm

This Isn’t My Desk (#globalfuturism)
At Large Theatre Company

A fast-paced, surreal comedy with dark notes, This Isn’t My Desk (#globalfuturism) casts a critical eye on our relationship with work. Global Futures Inc. are recruiting. Constantly. They’re playing their part in contributing to economic growth. Out with the old and in with the new! Anything to keep the client happy. They are the 21st century bulldozer of modern INNOVATION, and not even a couple of flat tires can stop them.


21 Oct | 12pm

A Letter To A Character
The Book Show: RTÉ Radio One

Most books need strong characters but why do we love some more than others? How do writers create memorable characters and how do readers respond to them? In a special episode of RTÉ Radio 1’s The Book Show, Sinéad Gleeson is joined on stage by some of Ireland’s leading writers to discuss how characters in novels are created.


11-15 Oct | 7:30pm

The Good House of Happiness
Pan Pan Theatre

In The Good House of Happiness, we invite you to meet an actor, a pop singer and a scholar, from China, and two Mongolian accountants. They have come together to make a modern version of Brecht’s parable play, The Good Person of Setzuan first performed by German actors playing Chinese people.


16-21 Oct | 8pm

La Marie Vison
Moon Mad Theatre by Maki Mutai

Every day, for eighteen years, Marie releases an exotic butterfly into the open fields of the living room. Every day for eighteen years the beautiful boy, imprisoned in his den, catches and kills it.


Thu 5 Oct | 6pm

Wine Tasting

SPIT is a gathering of four passionate, entertaining, and quality-oriented wine importers presenting over 120 wines, from the classics to more unusual offerings. SPIT is a gateway into the world of wines which have a strong and unique sense of identity.

9 – 14 Oct | 7.30pm
God Has No Country
Donal Courtney

A dramatic retelling of the war time exploits of Irish priest Hugh O’Flaherty and how he saved the lives of 6,500 people in Rome during World War 2.


28 Sep-8 Oct | 7:30pm

Rough Magic

Melt is about the folly of humankind, our Icarus-like ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and the damage we do ourselves and our world in the process.


30 Sep | 11am

WellFest Pop Up

This event will focus on all things wellness, perfect for staying motivated and active as we move into the Autumn months.


23 + 24 Sep | 4pm

Monster LOL’s: Stand Up Comedy For Kids
Young Radicals: Fringe For Kids

A top notch comedy hour for children, mums, dads, friends, grandparents and anyone else who loves a giggle without the rude bits.


25 Sep – 7 Oct | 8pm

The Boys
Reality Check Productions

Set in Drumcondra and adapted from the novel of the same name, The Boys is the story of a group of teenage boys coming to terms with the time and place in which they find themselves.


20 – 23 Sep | 8:45pm

The Woods and Grandma
Dead Lady Productions

Part gig, part theatre, part documentary, this verbatim pop-opera exhumes its singing ghosts from the transcript of a 2002 RTÉ interview with Anne (aged 90) and Catherine (aged 88), who were raised by their grandmother Lady Augusta Gregory in Galway.


20 – 23 Sep | 9pm


Val has disappeared, and Andrew, Claude’s brother, never came home. Papini slowly fills the space they left behind. Claude reacts as they always have: by writing a story.


20 – 23 Sep| 7pm

Efficacy 84
Luke Casserly

An original devised work led by director Luke Casserly deconstructing the controversial events surrounding the Kerry babies case of the 1980s.


20 – 23 Sep | 8:30pm

The Friday Night Effect
Sunday’s Child

Meet Jamie, Sive and Collette: three friends on a wild night out in Dublin. By sunrise, Collette will be dead. Can you save her?


19-23 Sep | 6pm

How to be Angry
Brazen Tales

Witness the Brazen Ensemble tackling that most feared emotion with their trademark, twisted humour. An absurd, physical comedy exploring the battle between our animal instincts and rational minds.


19 – 23 Sep | 6:45pm

The Assassination of Pope Urban II
James Moran

An experimental comedy show about the nightmarish life and brutal death of Pope Urban II. Born a runt, Urban II lived with a wasting disease of the body and spirit that has been eradicated by modern medicine.


15 – 17 Sep | 6:45pm

Paul Corrie

Leave your idea of stand-up comedy at the door. Master of surreal nonsense and bohemian clownarchist Paul Currie presents his follow up to last year’s Dublin Fringe Festival smash hit, Release the Baboons.


15 – 17 Sep | 8:45pm

Sahar Ali

“Your English is so good.” “Where are you REALLY from?” “Is your hair real?” You probably won’t find the answers to these questions in Saharcasm, a one woman show exploring the Irishism, Arabism and racism that provokes queries like these


12 – 17 Sep | 8:30pm

Close To The Sun
The Corps Ensemble

Perth, Australia – Irishman Colin prepares for his wedding to Australian sweetheart, Sophie. But everything changes when his estranged brother arrives unannounced, bringing the demons of their shared past.


12 – 17 Sep | 7pm

Everything Now
Irish Modern Dance Theatre

Everything Now – our final gesture before we’re thrown off a cliff. A rollercoaster ride with beautiful dancing men, a laughing/shouting multicultural chorus, dazzling lights, stunning sounds and physical explosions.


11 – 17 Sep | 9pm

Fierce Notions
Ill-Advised Theatre Company

A new musical about democracy, politics and fish-based confectionery products from writer / composer Fionn Foley.


12 – 17 Sep | 7pm

From All Sides
Bitter Like A Lemon

Two couples. Two stories. One ending. A journey through the savagery and beauty of modern relationships from one of Dublin’s most exciting new writing companies.


10 Sep | 8:30pm

Hilary Woods

A demystifying trip of intrigue at the edge of the cosmos, a powerful piece of theatre fusing sound, dance, film, romance, and a hapless hero called King.


11-17 Sep | Various Times

Gladys & The Gutterstars
Rachel Gleeson & Cameron McAuley

It has been a time of soul searching for Gladys and The Gutter Stars. They have stowed themselves away for months in seclusion, working on their hotly anticipated new album


28 Aug – 2 Sep | 8pm

The Rapparees
Little Shadow Theatre

It is the time of the Protestant Ascendancy in Co. Kerry when priest hunting is a favourite pastime.


10-17 Sep | Various Times

8 it’s getting harder and harder for me

In a time of all talk no action, you are invited to shut up and listen. Belfast. The bridge over the river. Friday evening. A three hander for the city’s forgotten.


12 Aug| 12pm

Breastfeeding Al Fresco
Diane O’Connor

Diane O’Connor is breastfeeding but she won’t let that keep her indoors. Join her in this fun and informative stand-up comedy show inspired by breastfeeding, motherhood and related adventures!


19 Aug | 8pm

Grace Notes
Noted Maidens

Grace is a talented pianist. She is also a convicted killer. With uncertain memories threatening to sabotage her rehabilitation, will she play again? Exciting and bold one-woman show.


31 July + 1 Aug| 7:30pm

An Evening With Rich Roll
The Happy Pear

Rich Roll is a number one best-selling author, wellness pioneer, podcast host and Top 25 fittest men on the planet.


31 July – 2 Sep | 7:30pm

The Rivals

Smock Alley Theatre presents as its eighth in-house production, Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s much loved Comedy of Manners, The Rivals.


26 July| 7pm

K-Pop World Festival Ireland
Embassy of the Republic of Korea Ireland

The K-Pop World Festival saw over 20 acts competing to be in with a chance to go to Changwon, Korea, to perform at the K-Pop World Festival Grand Final.


26-27 Jul | 8pm

I Wrote A Joke In 1987
Michael Redmond

Michael Redmond wrote a joke in 1987. He then left Dublin to try his luck on the London comedy circuit… with just the one joke! This is the story of that journey and why he has left something in his will to Ryan Tubridy.


24 & 25 July| 8pm

Sneak Peek @ new material from Foil, Arms + Hog!
Foil, Arms + Hog!

Former children and regular eaters Foil Arms & Hog are back to try out some exclusive new material on an audience ahead of their Edinburgh Fringe + Dublin Fringe gigs!


25 Jul | 7:30pm

Ireland Meets Japan – W.B. Yeats, Lafcadio Hearn and Kyogen
Shigeyama Sengoro Family

W.B. Yeats was inspired by Kyogen and Noh, Japanese theatre forms, to produce some of his finest work. Lafcadio Hearn was the Irishman accepted and revered by the Japanese people emerging from centuries of isolation.


20-23 Jul

The Festival of Curiosity

Dublin’s International festival of science, art, design & technology.


Mon 24 July | 7:30pm

Lal Batti Express

Lal Batti (“Red Light”) Express is a one-of-a-kind production about the lives of young women from Mumbai’s infamous red-light area


17 July | 7.30pm

Phonica: Six
Christodoulos Makris & Olesya Zdorovetska

A selection of exceptional musicians, writers and artists working in a mix of media, playfully challenge the boundaries of word and sound.


18 July | 6pm & 8pm

Asperger’s Are Us
Asperger’s Are Us

The first comedy troupe composed of people with Asperger Syndrome performs their trademark absurdist sketches, ripe with hilarious wordplay and unexpected breaking of social conventions.


12 – 14 Jul | 8pm

Disorder Contained
Talking Birds

Disorder Contained examines the effects on mental health of the Separate System – a strict form of solitary confinement introduced in Irish and British prisons in the 19th century – originally aimed at reflection, repentance and reform, but later used as deliberate punishment.


15 + 29 July | 8pm

DIY Play
Peter Dunne

In DIY Play, you, the audience, will decide whether to help the characters solve a comedy mystery, or make it harder for them. To give them a happy ending or dreadful one. And to decide what they’ll wear while they do it!


4 – 8 Jul | 7:30pm (plus 2:30pm Sat 8 Jul)

An Experiment With An Airpump
No Drama

“I had smaller ambitions, I wanted to be God”. in a world where knowledge is power, how far should we go? What drives us forward and what makes us snap? Love, ambition, hope and betrayal. These are the themes explored in Shelagh Stephenson’s’ beautifully layered play over the span of two centuries and within the debate of Art versus Science asks us where the line is drawn in morality and ethics.


Sat 8 Jul @ 6pm + 8pm

Your Mother’s Son Theatre Company

ONSET is composed of ten new, exciting and daring pieces of original writing performed by ten new theatre makers from all over Ireland, working together to bring electric new writing to life.


Monday 26 Jun- Saturday 1 July at 7:30pm

True Pirates Never Die
The Gaiety School Of Acting

A notorious pirate ship has been lost at sea, and the surviving members of the crew wash up on a mysterious island. But more than the crew has washed ashore; there’s also the pirate captain’s stolen treasure, which will bring much more than worldly wealth.


26 Jun – 1 Jul | 8pm

Little Shadow Theatre Company + Unravel Productions

Billy and Breda are married and live in an Irish midlands town. This is their weekend.


Friday 16 Jun at 1:30pm, 6pm + 8pm. Saturday 17 Jun at 3pm + 8pm

The Dubliners Dilema
Co-Motion Media in association with The Bloomsday Festival and Bachelors Walk Productions

From Oslo to Mayo to Moscow, Declan Gorman’s performance based on James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’ has enthralled audiences and critics nationally and internationally over the past five years.


Sat 17 June | 1pm

Darina Gallagher and Sinead Murphy
Misses Liffey

In this 50 minute performance, Anna Livia Plurabelle brings us on a riverrun journey through the city of Dublin, introducing us to many of James Joyce’s women characters that live, work, sing and laugh along her banks.


29 May – 10 Jun 2017

The Theatre Chipping Norton and The Dukes Lancaster
Stones in his Pockets

A quiet Irish village is turned upside down with the arrival of a Hollywood film crew, looking for the ‘real’ Ireland for their latest schmaltzy blockbuster.


20 – 29 May 2017

Arclight Theatre Company
Our Town

Arguably the most famous American play ever written. Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer-winning drama set in Grover’s Corners remains as poignant and relevant today as it was in 1938 – a timeless story about living, love and loss and appreciating life and its quiet moments to their fullest.


15 – 20 May 2017

The New Irish Playbook
Little Shadow Theatre Company

Little Shadow Theatre Company are giving some of the best up and coming writers, directors and actors a chance to showcase the immense talent this country has in this entirely original collection of short plays.


20 – 29 May 2017

International Literature Festival Dublin 2017
International Literature Festival Dublin

The international festival is back, showcasing exciting contemporary authors with various talks, lectures and events.


1 – 13 May 2017

Flann’s Yer Only Man
Bare Bodkin Theatre

Flann’s Yer Only Man is based on the life and work of Flann O’Brien, aka Myles na Gopaleen, aka Brian O’Nolan (1911-1966), widely regarded as Ireland’s finest satirist since Jonathan Swift.


4 – 6 May 2017

The Faerie Thorn
Big Telly Theatre

The Faerie Thorn recreates Jane Talbot’s dark, imaginative and bewitching tales, propelling the audience into a world of devilish debts, trysts and trades, broken bargains and unjust trials; of magic, quick-wittedness, hoodwinking and revenge.


13 Apr 2017

360 Entertainment

A world music concert that combines virtuoso individual performances with different instrumentation from around the world.
The show features world-class performers who trade and fuse their music and singing skills to achieve extraordinarily original, exquisite and powerful soundscapes.


27 – 29 Apr 2017

Music Current 2017
Dublin Sound Lab

DUBLIN SOUND LAB is a contemporary music group specialising in electronic and computer-mediated concert performance. They presents MUSIC CURRENT 2017, a showcase for the best in new Irish and international contemporary electronic music.


29 Mar – 1 Apr 2017

Peer Gynt
Inchicore College of Further Education

Ibsen’s play is a picaresque tale about the amiable rogue Peer Gynt. This version by Frank McGuinness re-makes it into a work as valid for contemporary audiences as when it was written in 1867.


3 – 15 Apr 2017

A Life In The Theatre
Byrne & McNulty

The 2017 revival of (Pulitzer and Tony Award winner) David Mamet’s A Life In The Theatre. David Mamet’s hilarious two-hander charts the relationship between an older actor reaching the twilight of his career, and that of his rising young counterpart.


13 – 18 Mar 2017

Wit’s End
Christina Reihill

In a resurrection of the 1920’s poet, famed as much for her suicide attempts, abortions and thwarted desires, as for her dark, pithy verse, short stories and journalism, through words, images and objects the artist re-imagines an internal narrative for Parker, to provide a context for the unthought known in the human experience.


20 – 25 Mar 2017

This Looks Bad
Kill the Cat Productions

You’re on a night out. You’re drunk and you think to yourself ‘maybe I should just go home’. But you don’t. Join Claire for This Looks Bad, a dark stumble through Dublin night life.


6 – 11 Mar 2017

Illustrated Productions

How could three Victorian spinsters have written some of the most romantic and passionate fiction of all time? Destined to lonesome, isolated lives in the English countryside, three sisters Emily, Charlotte and Anne, face their brothers decline into alcoholism and insanity. But as chaos descends on the household the sisters begin to write, creating works of art that would reach the hearts of millions and span centuries.


21 + 23 – 25 Mar 2017

The Royal Irish Academy of Music + The Lir Academy

Set in 1914, Angela Carter’s story tells of Hero, an English soldier on a cycling holiday in the Carpathian Mountains, who seeks shelter in a lonely castle where he meets and disarms the beautiful vampire Countess. Hero’s virgin innocence saves him from being eaten alive by the beautiful blood-sucking woman, but it will not save him from the butchery of the First World War.


6 – 8 Mar 2017



Powerful and tender, two dancers at opposite ends of their dancing career share a poignant duet through contemporary Irish dance. Lïnger, performed by ex-Riverdance principal Breandán de Gallaí and Nick O’Connell, is an immersive theatrical experience about sexuality, ageing and identity, told through a rich tapestry of photography, film, music, and movement. 


8 Mar 2017

Herstory Hootenanny

A storytelling extravaganza in celebration of women on International Women’s Day 2017.  This special evening features comedy, poetry, theatre, music, mini talks and a few surprises. From ancient goddesses to contemporary mavericks, discover the lost life stories of extraordinary women from Ireland and around the world.

Performers and speakers include Women are Boring, Amy De Bhrún, CandleLit Tales, Carina Fitzpatrick, Anna Carey, Rebecca T Kealy, Aideen Mc Queen and Fatin Al Tamini, to name but a few.


14 Feb – 4 March 2017

Smock Allies: Scene + Heard
The Festival of New Work

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is platform for work that is in development. We provide a safe environment with feedback and encouragement to support artists to make new work within the arts. We believe in breaking down barriers to showcase work that is accessible to all, across a variety of disciplines.


3 + 4 Feb 2017

Susanna by G.F. Handel
DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama

Handel’s inspiring work brings to life an ageless tale of corruption, courage and vindication. The story tells of the attempted rape of an innocent woman
by two Elders in a close-knit community. Susanna is falsely accused of promiscuity and condemned to death, but the day is saved by the young judge Daniel.


16 – 20 Jan 2017

The Spinning Heart
Ariculate Anatomy Theatre

Everyone loves Bobby Mahon. Everyone that is, except his Da. Revered by his men on the building site, captain of the team that almost won the county final, loved by his wife, Triona, only Bobby himself knows the dark thoughts that prey on his mind, presaging tragic events to come.


24th – 28th Jan 2017

And Then There Were None
No Drama Theatre

Ten strangers receive a mysterious invite to a dinner party on an isolated island. One by one, their various sordid pasts catch up with them.


16 – 20 Jan 2017

Shakespeare for Schools
Gaiety School of Acting

The National Theatre School of Ireland offers Junior Cycle students a choice of two of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays, with opportunities to see them at theatres in Dublin, Cork and Portlaoise. This January they perform The Merchant of Venice.


17 – 21 Jan 2017

God Has No Country
Donal Courtney

A dramatic re-telling of the war time exploits of Irish priest Hugh O’Flaherty and how he saved the lives of 6,500 people in Rome during World War 2.


6 – 10 Feb 2017

Shakespeare for Schools
Gaiety School of Acting

The National Theatre School of Ireland offers Junior Cycle students a choice of two of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays, with opportunities to see them at theatres in Dublin, Cork and Portlaoise. This February they perform Romeo and Juliet.


14th Jan 2017

Lee Tracey

A healthy dose of top notch yoga led by Lee Tracey, accompanied by amazing live musician Gary Dunne, followed by some delicious bites from the good folks of Blazing Salads, topped off with a talk on all things meditation by the fantastic Alison Canavan.


12th Jan 2017

Comedy Corner
FirstFortnight Festival 2017

Queens of droll Eleanor Tiernan and Grainne McKeever present their latest material back-to-back in this FirstFortnight special event.


9th – 14th Jan 2017

Half Light
FirstFortnight Festival 2017

Meet Robin, a ten-year-old boy travelling through the magic, fantastical woodland of his father’s storybook. A tale which is as true as it is untrue; simultaneously fact and fiction. Chaotic yet controlled. Childish yet adult. Half dark and half light.


7th Jan 2017

Pol Na Mone
FirstFortnight Festival 2017

Pol na Mone is Sunday’s Child new interactive theatre piece exploring mental health, identity and how a series of disastrous decisions can change your life forever. We meet Collete, Sabhdh and Jamie, three characters all facing unique life crises.


5th Jan 2017

Ancient Echoes from the River of Time
Illuminate Herstory Event

This special evening in conjunction with the nationwide Illuminate Herstory Light Festival, will bring together storyteller Sorcha Hegarty of Candlelit Tales, mythologist and tour guide Treasa Kerrigan of Sacred Sites of Ireland, and the artwork of Jim Fitzpatrick and Courtney Davis, accompanied by the Candlelit Tales musicians.