Scene + Heard 2021 not going ahead. A note from the Festival producers…

For the longest time, we have been brainstorming, re-imagining, making plans, endless zoom calls, listening to the news, changing plans, more zooming, evaluating new alternatives, seeking advice from our theatre friends and fellow festivaleers, inventing fresh ideas, then redrafting those ideas, and after many months of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, It is with dismay we have to say that Scene + Heard 2021 will not be going ahead.

We have watched the fabulous work being done by other festivals to transfer their offerings online. However, the very core of our festival (our raison d’etre if you will) is to bring LIVE performance and art to a jam-packed room of people so they can share in that work, give their honest feedback and thus become part of the process. This symbiotic relationship is central to the creation of the festival and so we came to the conclusion that a digital programme would not be the right decision for Scene + Heard. We look forward to returning in 2022 brimming with even more bright brilliant ideas, but until then we wish you to stay sane and safe.

BIG love,

Caoimhe + Clíona

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