Jordan Cassidy | Ró Dennis | Peter Smyth


Thu 15 Feb – Sat 2 Mar | Banquet Hall

Jordan Cassidy
Jordan Cassidy is a freelance artist from Meath with a keen interest in portraiture. His practice focuses on camp subjects painted in an abstract realism manner, often pulling from his experience in fields such as queer nightlife and club photography. Jordan recently graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art from IADT and has since been working across a range of mediums such as paint, graphic design and freelance production. As a founder of Thrust Collective, an arts and music collective in Dublin, Jordan frequently works in collaboration with various young Irish creatives to produce music and art events, recently curating his first exhibition alongside the Thrust team named ‘Lughnasagh’.
Instagram: @jordanpcassidy

Ró Dennis
Ró Dennis is a filmmaker and photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. Ró’s work primarily deals with themes of cultural identity, femininity and our natural world. After studying film in Trinity, Ró graduated with a masters degree from the University of Galway in Film Production and Directing and has since gone on to do a postgrad in Digital and Analog Photography from Parsons School of Design, New York. She was given the Agility Award 23’ from the Arts Council which allowed her to continue her practice in Los Angeles and New York. Website: roisindennis.com

Peter Smyth
Peter Smyth is an Abstract Painter based in North Kildare. He received his BFA in Painting and Visual Culture in 2017 from the National College of Art & Design before completing his Postgraduate studies in Cultural Policy & Arts Management in 2019 in UCD. His work is primarily centred around the convergence of Digital Art & Painting, their ontological differences and their collaborative potential. On another level the work draws inspiration from the likes of fungal networks and plants which specialise in sophisticated adaptation as a point of departure. He was also a beneficiary of the Arts Council Agility Award 2023 to further develop his practice, leading to exhibiting work in Denmark at the end of last year. www.petersmythartist.com

block 45

Compos Mentis

Are you merely just a character?


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Brendan Phillips

A Exploring existentialism, a lens through that uncomfortable recognition that your life may not be your own. Could another play your role? Does it ever end?

Written + Performed by: Brendan Phillips

Running Time : 15 mins

block 45
physical theatre

Les Picker Pockets

The silent movie era is back!


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space


They just want to pick a pocket, but some jobs aren’t that easy. A comedy about revenge and intrigue, with good ol’ fashion music.

Written by: Ciarán Treanor
Directed + Music by: Catalina Dechia
Cast: Alejandro Niklison, Caleb Ballantine, Gráinne Gallagher, Hannah Lemass, Kate Cosgrave

Running Time : 20 mins

block 46
aerial / dance / theatre

From Fear to Freedom

Sometimes Darkness reveals more than Light


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School


A journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance through Aerial dance and music. What are your self-limiting beliefs? What’s keeping you stuck? How can you free yourself?

Created + Performed by: Giulia Grigoli
Co-Producer: Ceres Chung
Stage Advisors + Props: Luisa Thiella + Conor Cahill
Image by: Shinu John Photography

Running Time : 15 mins

block 46

Máirtín agus Jenny from the Block

Tar linn síos poll coinín digiteach


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School


Seo scéal grá. Faoi cheirnín. Tar ar aistear físe agus fuaime ó litríocht na Gaeilge go hip hap Laidineach. Agus aimsigh brí na beatha.

Scríbhneoir + Aisteoir: Eoin P. Ó Murchú
Fuaim: Emma Ní Chearúil
Fís: Cúán de Búrca

Running Time : 20 mins

block 47
dance / theatre


a heap of broken images


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

The Avani Collective

A performance of loss and hope inspired by Eliot’s The Wasteland, offering a peek into the future that uncomfortably grasps with transition and tradition.

Choreography: Karen Watts, Parvathi Jayaram, Subhashini Goda
Performers: Karen Watts, Leah Mullen, Parvathi Jayaram, Subhashini Goda
Soundscape: Leah Mullen
Direction: Eftychia Spyridaki
Production and Costume/Stage Design: Emily Van Ruijssevelt

Running Time : 20 mins

Warnings: Mentions of grief & loss, loud scream at one moment

block 47


TFW there are no unnecessary journeys


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Nessa Matthews

A weather woman goes viral. A kid asks Siri if it’s going to be okay. Google: “inspirational anthropocene meme” – let’s doomscroll live together.

Producer: Aoife McCollum
Creator: Nessa Matthews

Running Time : 25 mins

block 48


a hot dish to kill for


Tue 27 at 8:15pm + Thu 29 Feb at 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Polina Cosgrave

You are what you eat: the path to a crime scene lies through the dark secrets of national cuisine. Would you like a taste?

WRITTEN BY: Polina Cosgrave
DIRECTED BY: Maud Hendricks
PRODUCED BY: Oonagh Wall
CAST: Peter Murphy, Polina Cosgrave
MUSIC BY: Alexander Arzhaev

Running Time : 20 mins

block 48


It’s Wet, Hot, Heavy Work


Tue 27 at 8:15pm + Thu 29 Feb at 6:45pm | Boys’ School


Do you sweat? How does it feel when it slides down your skin? People get warm in tight spaces. Can you handle the heat…

Anika Kidd – Producer
Caelinn Ní Bhroin – Dramaturg
Cameron Brady – Director
Daniel Lordan – Set Designer
Ethan Forbes Roe – Composer and sound designer
Freddy Mckinley – Costume Designer
Grace Doyle Flaherty – Publicist
Jess Fitzsimons Kane – Lighting Designer
Shauna Anne Lynch – Stage Manager
Tadgh Snodgrass – Production Manager
Performed by Amy Scollard

Running Time : 25 mins

block 49


Honestly. Live. Theatre.


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Blown Together/John O’Hagan

Come spin the wheel of archetype, put stuff in our hands, and decide our first and last words. What happens from there…nobody knows!

Created and Performed by: Anna Nugent, Charlie Kranz, John O’Hagan, Paul Nugent Produced by: Emer O’Neill

Running Time : 25 mins

block 49
stand-up comedy

John Spillanes CGI Comedy SPECTACULAR!! IN 3D!!

Stand up comedy… in 3D!!


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

John Spillane

John Spillane is taking stand-up comedy into the 21st century with his 100% improvised CGI comedy thrill-ride extravaganza… in 3-D!!

Performed by: John Spillane
Produced by: Kate Moylan

Running Time : 25 mins

block 50
aerial / theatre

Stop Generating

Tech’s twist. Human mist. Fate’s fist.


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Sean McIver

Ambition and AI transform friendship into rivalry. Experience acrobatics and technology collide. A thought-provoking, innovative journey. Perfect for those intrigued by tech’s impact on art.

Written and Directed by: Sean McIver
Performed by: Sean McIver and Adela Marchis
Cast: Adela Marchis Sean McIver

Running Time : 15 mins

block 50
staged reading

Grouchy Letters

Japanese letter-writing is not dead.


Tue 27 + Wed 28 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Co-Motion Media

Writing letters is easy? Beware, it may reveal something lurking deep down inside you. A dark comedy reflecting Japanese society. And maybe yours too!

Written by: Mizuho Yamaki
Directed by: Joe O’Byrne
Produced by: Lia Capotorto
Music by: Brian Keegan
Poster designer by: Ai Tsumuraya
Cast: Maki Mutai & Others

Running Time : 25 mins

block 51
physical theatre


This course takes approximately 15 minutes


Wed 28 + Thu 29 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Jill Srigley

Being a good human can be tricky – but what if there was some eLearning to help? Hang with Jill as she untangles life.

Written + Performed by: Jill Srigley
Creative Direction by: Lisa Walsh
Sound and Music by: Brian Dillon
Lighting by: Gavan O Huanachain

Running Time : 15 mins

block 51

Mr. Bergmann Of Deadman’s Point

Leave no trace or legacy obsessed?


Wed 28 + Thu 29 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Nth Degree Productions/Ronan Dempsey

It’s a typical day for undertaker Ger ‘Balmy’ Corrigan until Irelands most famous mystery man arrives on his slab and tests his every sensibility!

Written + Performed by: Ronan Dempsey
Produced by: Rachel Stout
Music by: Martin Corcoran

Running Time : 25 mins

block 52

A Dance of Two Halves

A dance between bodies and souls.


Thu 29 Feb + Fri 1 Mar | 6:30pm | Main Space

Clara Raventós Mulhall

X and O are attracted to each other. Together, they explore the origin of their desire, and their relationship towards sex and intimacy.

Written + Directed by: Clara Raventós Mulhall
Produced by: Clara Cronin
Performed by: Amy Scollard and Tom Brennan
Stage Managed by: Shauna Anne Lynch
Designed by: Daire Kelly

Running Time : 20 mins

block 52

Kālā Pānī

Two freedom fighters, one prison cell.


Thu 29 Feb + Fri 1 Mar | 6:30pm | Main Space


Opposing worlds forced to birth a bond of survival, human connection and companionship. For those searching for freedom – within, without and beyond…

Written + Performed by: Ayesha Syeddah + Subhashini Goda
Directed by: Ayesha Syeddah
Produced by: Sinéad Gallagher
Image Credit: Mandalena Miltiadi

Running Time : 25 mins

block 53
spoken word

The Hole.

A commentary on men’s mental health


Thu 29 Feb + Fri 1 Mar | 8pm | Main Space

Daragh Fleming

The highly-commended poetry pamphlet, The Hole, as a live-performance by author and poet Daragh Fleming.

Written + Performed by Daragh Fleming

Running Time : 20 mins

block 53

Brian Garvan’s Last-Minute Body

The foolproof anxiety-based workout plan.


Thu 29 Feb + Fri 1 Mar | 8pm | Main Space

Brian Garvan

Brian Garvan has discovered the best way to lose weight and get in shape fast: anxiety, over-committing, fear, impossible goals and unrealistic deadlines.

Written + Performed by: Brian Garvan
Directed by: Kori Schagunn
Produced by: Jim Dawson

Running Time : 25 mins

block 54

Civil Servant

A One-Woman Sketch Comedy Show


Thu 29 Feb 9:30pm + Sat 2 Mar 8pm | Main Space

Erin McGathy

It’s Friday and Dee, the Civil Servant is having an existential crisis… TGIF!

Written + Performed by: Erin McGathy
Produced by: Sarah Ahern

Running Time : 20 mins

block 54
stand-up comedy / clown

What if he’s normal?

Extremely normal and regular comedy show.


Thu 29 Feb 9:30pm + Sat 2 Mar 8pm | Main Space

Francis Breen

Francis is sick of being a niche comedian. No more! Henceforth he’s going to be really normal… No funny business*
*there will be funny business

Written + Performed by Francis Breen
Produced by Jo Heffernan

Running Time : 25 mins

block 55
rehearsed reading

A Proud, Ill-Natured Bi

Queer riff on ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Thu 29 Feb | 9.45pm | Boys’ School

Annie Keegan

Fresher Darcy hates everything about college. When she falls for the popular Liza, Darcy’s botched attempts at seduction force her to question everything about herself.

Written by: Annie Keegan
Directed by: Emily Foran
Performed by: Gráinne Holmes Blumenthal

Running Time : 60 mins

block 56
dance / theatre / spoken word


A multidisciplinary exploration of sisterhood


Fri 1 + Sat 2 Mar | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Fizz & Chips

What is Sisterhood? Has its meaning changed over time? How does it feel, and how can we capture it? A physical, musical, and textual experiment.

DIRECTED BY: Orlaith Ní Chearra
PRODUCED BY: Juley-Ann Collins
SOUND DESIGN: HK Ní Shioradáin
MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Martha Fitzgerald
DRAMATURGY BY: Martha Fitzgerald and Lindsey Woods

Running Time : 25 mins

block 56

The Doll’s Hospital

Two sisters. One Doll’s Hospital. Playtime.


Fri 1 + Sat 2 Mar | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Eve O’Mahony

Two middle-aged sisters manage a doll’s hospital in a dilapidated pub in rural Tipperary. Contented enough until their peace is threatened by a handsome stranger.

Written by: Eve O’Mahony
Produced by: Meg Ahearne
Cast: Rachael Dowling, Emma O’Grady, Eve O’Mahony
Running Time : 15 mins

block 57
aerial / dance / theatre


a surreal dreamscape: the human psyche


Fri 1 + Sat 2 Mar | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Polina Shapkina

Follow Psyche down the MAKOSH rabbit hole of spellbinding visions and primordial entities. An intrinsic age old quest for meaning in a world of disillusion.

Performed by: Polina Shapkina( aerialist, actor)
Rosie Stebbing (dance, actor, aerialist)
Ruairi O’Sea (musician, actor)
Written by: Polina Shapkina
Directed by: Polina Shapkina
Sound Design by: Sean Doyle, Ruari O’Sea
Costume by: Niamh Byrne
Set Design by: Polina Shapkina
Outside eye: Chantal McCormick, Sasha Krohn

Running Time : 20 mins

block 57
music / theatre / spoken word

Cleanup On Aisle Masculinity

For sale: tear ducts, never used


Fri 1 + Sat 2 Mar | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Andrew Galvin

“I laughed, I cried, I sang along. I’ll never look at masculinity the same way again.” —Genghis Khan

Written + Performed by: Andrew Galvin
Produced by: Taryn de Vere

Running Time : 20 mins

block 58
theatre / drag

Who Robbed Annie Queeries?

A Real Life Dragatha Christie Mystery

Fri 1 Mar | 9:30pm | Main Space

GoblinsGoblinsGoblins + Sasha Shame

Electric Picnic 2023. Five queens. Five suspects. One makeup bag. In this true crime, drag comedy, we dare you to ask… Who robbed Annie Queeries?

Written + Directed by: Connie Henry + Niall Keane
Produced by: Daniel Culleton
Cast: Emma Finegan, Emily Bradley, Jules James, Kevin Johnston, Luke Duffy, Praise Titus Lighting by: Amy Dunne
Sound: Ultan Stanley
Set: Jack Donoghue
Props and Makeup: Diane Dethier

Running Time : 40 mins

block 59
musical theatre / drag

Safety In Sequins

Exploring the power of drag


Fri 1 + Sat 2 Mar | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Rob Murphy Productions

A piece of autobiographcial musical theatre that invesigates drag artistry as a multifaceted and creative vehicle for self-expression.

Written, Directed + Produced by: Rob Murphy
Performed by: Morgan Crowley
Original music composition by: Sean Gilligan
LX + Sound Design by: Paddy Farrelly

Running Time : 20 mins

block 59

Platonic Love

Let’s show platonic love more love


Fri 1 + Sat 2 Mar | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Kate Feeney

Platonic love has been under-loved in society, and by Kate. Stand-up comedy meets social science in this exploration of pal-ygomy (loving your pals more intentionally).

Written + Performed by: Kate Feeney
Produced by: Tara Calihman

Running Time : 25 mins

block 60
rehearsed reading

Rose + Bud

Real or Ideal? Be your selves.

Sat 2 Mar | 1pm | Boys’ School

Commedia of Errors

What if who you wish you were, met who you wish you weren’t?
A comedy about transition and life inside the mind of Rose Coogan.

Written + Performed by: Rose Coogan
Directed by: Benjamin Gould
Assistant Director: Pea Dineen
Produced by: Clare McMahon

Running Time : 70 mins

block 61
rehearsed reading

Fingers Crossed

A chance meeting has life-changing consequences

Sat 2 Mar | 2pm | Main Space

Home You Go Productions

Two very different couples with two very different fertility journeys meet in the waiting room of a fertility clinic with life changing consequences

Written By: Colette Cullen
Directed By: Maya Shimmin
Cast: Emma Dargan-Reid, Jed Murray, Lesley Conroy, Eilish McLaughlin
Produced By: RC Bates

Supported by The Arts Council, The New Theatre and dlr Mill Theatre Dundrum.

Running Time : 70 mins

block 62
rehearsed reading

Glass Places

A fish tank tragedy

Sat 2 Mar | 3pm | Boys’ School

bluehouse theatre

In Berlin, the world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium bursts.
In Meath, a holy well floods.
A demi-opera about foyers, friendship and fish.

Devised by: bluehouse theatre
Performed by: Caoimhe Coburn Gray + Ellen Finnerty
Composed by: Sam Killian
Written by: Iseult Deane
Produced by: Jack Delaney
Lighting Design by: Owen Clarke

Running Time : 60 mins

block 63
rehearsed reading


A fever dream in Tallaght Hospital.

Sat 2 Mar | 4pm | Main Space

Holly Furey

A woman is trapped in a fever dream/snow storm the day she is due to be released from Tallaght hospital. A surreal comedy of memories.

Written by: Holly Furey
Directed by: Ursula McGinn

Running Time : 50 mins

block 64

Kathy Comes Home

Unforeseen homecoming forces adult siblings together.

Sat 2 Mar | 6:30pm | Main Space

Olivia Morahan

After twenty years living abroad, a Dublin woman finds herself dealing with changed circumstances, spending time with her younger brother in their family home.

Written by: Olivia Morahan
Directed by: Kathleen Warner Yeates
Produced by: Yvonne Ussher
Script Supervisor: Siobhan Mannion
ASM/Props: Amelie Noonan
Image by: Martin Dunne

Running Time : 40 mins

block 65
musical theatre

Space Deli: The Musical

A new-wave comedy musical in space!

Sat 2 Mar | 9:30pm | Main Space

Pay Attention! Collective

Work is normally boring for best friends Thordan and Fourdee, until a new co-worker shakes things up at Ralph’s Space Deli!

Written & Directed by Rob Keogh and Kat Clinch
Produced by Pay Attention! Collective!
Choreography by Kat Clinch
Songs by cast and writers
Sound design by James Ireland
Lighting Design and Programming by Konstantinos Papagiannis

Performances by: Sofi Sabbatini as Zelknor Bastilax
Richard Neville as Thordan Dronax
Esther Kleise as Fourdee
Sean Roper-Nolan as Ralph the manager
Gráinne Holmes Blumenthal as Space Margaret
Helena Geoghegan, Bláthnaid Daly And Gráinne Holmes-Blumenthal as The Space Cadets.
Band: Mitch Hamilton, James Ireland and Mic Newell

Running Time : 40 mins