Pinocchio 100x150

13-22 Dec 2012

Tromluí Phinocchio

Enter the dark side of this classic tale and take a roller-coaster ride through a magical and sinister world, peopled by live puppets, talking animals and ghosts.


Edith Piaf100x150

18 Dec 2012

Edith Piaf
The Hole in the Wall

The show tells the story of Edith Piaf and the discovery of Miss McCollam and Miss McHugh. It highlights the links between Kilkenny’s St Fiachra and both Paris and the birth of Edith Gassion.


Freud 100x150

8 Dec 2012

Freud’s Last Session
Orchard Theatre Company

You are transported back to a beautiful stage set in 1939 London and almost immediately engrossed in conversational volleys on philosophy of life and religion, with smart laughs along the way.


Home 100x150

7 Dec 2012

Fregoli Theatre Co.

Fregoli is proud to present the debut of Home, an original piece that confronts the tender issues of home and identity and how they may be jeopardized by situations beyond our control.


TheDeadWomansSon 100 x 150

26 Nov-1 Dec 2012

The Dead Woman’s Son
Maylin Productions

This play is about a young man who suffers from schizophrenia. He develops it as a result of witnessing, as a child, a tragic accident that results in the death of his mother. When we meet this character, he has escaped from a mental institution where he has spent most of his life and has kidnapped a girl.


MaeveWeHaveAGoodTime 100 x 150

25 Nov 2012

We Have A Good Time Now
Maeve Higgins

In this field trip through her head and across her country and beyond (wherever English is spoken and dairy is eaten) Maeve talks about the curse of over-politeness (she thanks bank machines) and how to make a baby like you (simply whisper ‘I’m your real Mamma’ into their baby ears).


SheerTantrum 100 x 150

12-24 Nov 2012

A Bucket Full of Fire
Sheer Tantrum

A Bucket Full of Fire is an experimental play with each character symbolic of a different facet of human nature. The play explores the sacrifices western society has made in its brutal efforts to civilize itself. What have we cut from ourselves in order to sustain ourselves? Are these sacrifices upon the altar of social progress merely a repression of our true natures, which are not vanquished but rather temporarily buried?


DBF-2012-Programme2- 100 x 150

13-18 Nov 2012

Dublin Book Festival
In association with Dublin Unesco City of Literature

The Dublin Book Festival is one of Ireland’s most successful and vibrant book festivals, running since June 2005. The annual public Festival showcases, supports and develops Irish Publishing by programming, publicising and selling Irish published books, their authors, editors and contributors all in an entertaining, festive, friendly and accessible environment that reflects the creativity and personality of the Irish Publishing sector and its authors.


2. los sell out tour poster 100 x 150 Photographer Conor Buckley

5-10 Nov 2012

Sell Out Tour
Lords of Strut

Famous Seamus is convinced his destiny is fame, his younger brother Sean-tastic, is not really convinced but he is enthusiastic for their twisted journey in search of fame! They need to make this night count, this is their big chance because in the end, good looks are just not enough! This is absurd and surreal character based comedy, performed in sketch style through acrobatics and circus skills performed to perfection.


Beal 100 x 150

7-9 Nov 2012

Béal Festival 2012
Festival of New Music & Poetry

Béal Festival 2012 is a festival of new music and poetry. We are entranced by the fascinating capacity of words to be both pure sound and a means of communication, and our mission is to explore this in the spoken and sung word. Our festival this year is all about finding alternative ways (no matter how rough and ready) of thinking and experiencing, building alternative combinations of words and music.


affiche english 100 x 150

8-11 Nov 2012

Chronique des Sentiments
Compagnie du Coléoptère

The show opens in an old room where a loner lives. His days are synchronized with the rise of the sun and the light of the moon. His only companion is the portrait of a woman that hangs on a wall above him. He stares longingly at the image until one day she seems to come to life and enters the stage. From then on a love story unfolds marked by the rhythm of bodies and music.


BIG TELLY Nora's Story 100 x 150

6+7 Nov 2012

The Scarlet Wwweb
Big Telly

Two stories a century apart, one about the last witch burned in Ireland, the other about internet infidelity. Two worlds with common ground, and two couples who don’t know each other as well as they thought they did… Economic pressure, pipe dreams and a belief in made up worlds link rural 19th Century Ireland with today’s technology driven domain but a firewall hasn’t been invented yet which protects us from ourselves.


bram stoker thumbnail

27 Oct 2012

Batty Habits and Spooky Story Making / Nightmare at Smock Alley
Bram Stoker Festival

First learn the truth about native Irish bats and the connection to vampires from RTÉ’s Dale Treadwell, before author illustrator Oisin McGann reveals just how batty you need to be to create a vampire-inspired story in pictures. / A thrilling and terrifying evening of tall tales from young adult authors Oisin McGann, Will Hill and Derek Landy.


5-Habitaciones-ZeevStein 100 x 150

27 Oct 2012

Belén Maya – “Habitaciones”
Compañía Belén Maya

Legendary flamenco dancer Belén Maya presents an unusual production combining dance and theatre. The show, called Habitaciones (rooms in Spanish), is a collaboration with actor and husband David Montero. You will embark on a journey that will take you through all the rooms Belén inhabits, the rooms we ourselves inhabit…


2-SeisCuerdas 100 x 150

24 Oct 2012

CANO – “Seis Cuerdas”
Juan Antonio Suárez CANO

CANO’s guitar recital, “Seis cuerdas” (six strings in Spanish), will transport you to Spain for the evening. In the very atmospherical Boy’s School you will feel the raw emotion of CANO’s playing.


1-LaEsencia 100 x 150

19 Oct 2012

Jerez Puro – “La Esencia”

Jerez Puro

“La Esencia” is a tradition flamenco show featuring dance, singing and guitar. It is simultaneously an exploration of the deep sorrow at the heart of flamenco, and a celebration of the joy it can evoke. “La Esencia” is a look into the heart of a people who carry the emotion and sobriety of the Seguiriyas within them, whilst the joy of the bulerías is what is seen on the outside. Between these two extremes, they know how to find an intermediate nuance, in the same way that the greatest artists have done, such as Antonio Chacón, Manuel Torre and La Paquera de Jerez.