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5 – 7 Sep 2019

Ordinary Days

The Rising Theatre Company

From one of musical theatre’s most exciting new composers comes ORDINARY DAYS, a refreshingly honest and funny musical about making real connections in the city that never sleeps (but probably should at some point.)


19 – 31 Aug 2019

Bright Eyes

Little Shadow Theatre Co.

Bright Eyes is a dark comedy which follows four near-perfect strangers who are brought together through various circumstances and end up spending an alcohol-laced evening connecting with each other. They discover over the course of wine, whiskey and music that their meeting was not accidental and perhaps is far more sinister than they could have imagined.


12 – 31 Aug 2019

The Roaring Banshees

The Devious Theatre Company

After a failed assassination attempt on Eamon de Valera, a rogue Cumann na mBan unit flee across the Atlantic to escape the law. With Prohibition in full swing, they earn their keep by making bootleg poitín and selling it on to the Chicago mob. But it’s not long before a gang war breaks out with them caught in the middle…


23 July – 10 Aug 2019

Waiting For Godot

…no alternative… in association with ETHOS

Vladimir and Estragon wait endlessly for the arrival of Godot, discussing religion, contemplating suicide and crotch rot in a comical wordplay of poetry, dreamscapes and nonsense.


23 – 27 July 2019

The Kelly Company

Jack of All Trades Productions

Set against the back drop of the Wild West, The Kelly Company follows the story of the Kelly Brothers, James and Philip Kelly, Irish immigrants who head out West in search of fortune but soon find themselves embroiled in an epic tale of violence and betrayal that will put them in the cross hairs of legendary gunslingers, corrupt Pinkerton Detectives, scorned women, wild Natives and even each other.


17 – 20 July 2019

Unfit For Purpose

Grace Corry

Ronny has never felt worse. In a desperate effort to treat his depression, he turns to the last person he feels he can – his GP. Dr. Marianne Mc Cormack. A pillar of her community for many a year, Dr. Marianne is less than aware of how to approach such problems An irreverent, thought provoking dark comedy which will make you laugh when you might feel you shouldn’t. But we’re sniggering at depression, not with it.


16 – 21 July 2019

These Stupid Things

White Label

Two doctors work to save lives by improving the decision-making of their colleagues.
As they fall for each other and their professional and personal lives become intertwined, will their emotions cloud their reason and rationality? These Stupid Things is a new piece of theatre about the thin line between logic and intuition that exists in our heads.


9 – 13 July 2019

Kate Crackernuts

No Drama Theatre

Kate’s sister Anne, a ravishing beauty, wakes up one morning to discover a sheep’s head on her shoulders instead of her own.
Thus begins the journey of the ever-practical Kate in her quest to return Anne to her former glory, a journey sidetracked by Kate’s obsession with saving a slim raver-boy from a nasty little addiction. Based loosely and lyrically on the Scottish fairy tale “Kate Crackernuts”.


8 – 13 July 2019

Demelza Eating Apples

Three Wise Women Theatre Co.

A little boy, who is three… almost four, loses his Dad. His big sister steps in to look after the family. A funny and sad tale of love, caring, loss, tragedy and obsession.


1 – 6 July 2019

The Last Corner Shop on Misery Hill

Polliwog Theatre Collective

The Last Corner Shop on Misery Hill is a dark comedy set in Dublin. It follows brothers Mick and Joey O’Reilly as they battle to keep their disastrous corner shop afloat in a world where the conglomerate edges ever closer. Things go from bad to worse for the brothers. What happens next is something that will change the course of the shop and their lives forever.


25 – 29 June 2019

Below Below

Gaiety School of Acting

What happens when everything you have is lost? A divided world, sometime in the not so distant future. A ceremony is happening in the woods. A celebration of a beginning. A celebration of love. You are invited, even if you are from the city. There are some rules though – no gifts, no phones. Only you.


24 – 29 June 2019


Waiting Tables Productions

Welcome to Shakers cocktail bar! It’s the place where everyone wants to be seen. From leery businessmen to supermarket cashiers to the local heart throb. We meet our four waitresses amongst the hustle and bustle of gossip and spilled cocktails as they navigate the claustrophobia and chaos of busy bar life. We’re given an insight into their lives, which is at times poignant and always dangerously funny.


22 June 2019

Asperger’s Are Us, LIVE!

Asperger’s Are Us

The stars of the HBO docu-series ‘On Tour with Asperger’s Are Us’ perform a brand new live sketch comedy show for people who enjoy highly verbal absurdist humour.


16 – 22 June 2019

Edinburgh Previews

Lisa Richards

The Lisa Richards agency present a week of top stand-up comedy! Each night, two comedians will perform their new work-in-progress shows. Check them out, for this bargain price, before they head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


10 – 15 June 2019

My Heart and I : The Life and Loves of Josef Locke


This two-man show brings you the fellow artists, agents and marriage partners of this working class hero whose extraordinary voice soared over the bustle of showbiz wheeling and dealing as he clambered to the top of his profession, no matter what.


9 June 2019

From The Blue

Brian Horgan

Having performed sell out shows in the Sugar Club, The Peacock Theatre and in the New York Foundation for the Arts Brian is bringing a new show to Smock Alley. Featuring Brian’s original songs; ‘From the Blue’ is a warm, funny and intimate, New York style cabaret that celebrates navigating life’s lessons. With four world class musicians and joined by special guest, West End Singer Róisin Sullivan, it’s a show not to be missed.


30 & 31 May 2019


Monkey Backstage

From the creators of the acclaimed How To Build Your First Robot comes Walkinstown. A surreal soiree that traverses the streets of Dublin’s past, present and future. Two humans on a comedically cosmic trajectory, led by love, lust and all that’s elementary.


28 May 2019

Abair / Samaa

Bealtaine Festival, an Age & Opportunity Arts Initiative

Abair/Samaa is a new commission by the Bealtaine festival. The piece is an intercultural choral performance by musical director Eimear Crehan, singer songwriter Farah Elle and theatre maker Rachel Bergin.


18 – 26 May 2019

International Literature Festival Dublin


The International Literature Festival Dublin, founded in 1998, is Ireland’s premier literary event and gathers the finest writers in the world to debate, provoke, delight and enthral. Described by the press as ‘boasting a stunning array of top international literary talent’ and ‘the country’s most successful and easily the best annual literary event’, International Literature Festival Dublin line-up is sure to impress.


12 May 2019


Decadent Theatre

There’s one in every town, and they call her the Pumpgirl.
She works in the garage, changes the oil and thinks she’s one of the lads.
She’s sweet on ‘No-Helmet’ Hammy, but he loves no one but himself.
He’s out all night with his racing boys, whilst wife Sinead’s off on a joyride of her own, with an ache that’s about to be cured.


11 May 2019

Sight Unseen – The Future of Irish Theatre


Auto-Correbt have set themselves the challenge of performing all the best new plays that are coming to Irish theatres in 2019.
The only problem is that these don’t exist yet.


9 May 2019

From The Plains – The Story of John Devoy

Fia Rua + Glorious Shambles Productions

Actor, writer and musician Fia Rua (Eoghan Burke) presents his one hour show on the life of renowned exiled Fenian, John Devoy (1842-1928).


6 – 11 May 2019

Writers In The Starts

Glorious Shambles Productions

We have lost many great writers over the years.
Where are they now?
Do they come to life every time you read one of their stories or plays?
Are they in the hearts of the children studying them for exams?


2 – 4 May 2019

A Chorus Line

American College Dublin

Ireland’s premiere musical theatre degree students present the quintessential backstage musical.


22 – 27 April 2019


Rise Productions and Then This Theatre, in association with Smock Alley, The Civic, and Everyman

Forty-something Genevieve has downsized from an affluent suburb and struggles with life in her new home backing onto a grim block of flats. Jenny, a leaving cert student who
lives in the flats, wants a way out. While Genevieve clings to her last chance of having children, Jenny avoids unwanted attention from the opposite sex.


19 – 20 April 2019

Fur City


Fur City is an improvised soap opera… with puppets! Completely made up on the spot based on suggestions from the audience, this hilarious soap parody features some of Ireland’s most talented comedy performers and improvisers, and a cast of puppet pals.


16 – 4 April 2019

The Seamster’s Daughter

Glass Mask Theatre

After the success of Glass Mask Theatre’s debut production ‘Idlewild’ by Jimmy Murphy, Smock Alley’s company-in-residence invites you back to the Boys’ School for Jimmy’s latest play, The Seamster’s Daughter.


10 -13 April 2019

Music Current 2019

Dublin Sound Lab

DUBLIN SOUND LAB presents MUSIC CURRENT 2019 a four-day festival of the best in new Irish and international contemporary electronic music, 10–13 April 2019.


8 – 13 April 2019


No Desserts

The new, lionhearted and savagely funny ’48’ by Dublin playwright Gemma Kane, captures the pulsating youth of 1980s Dublin on the brink of irreparable social change through sharp-tongued narrative and visceral movement, set to the backdrop of a haunting, 80s inspired soundscape by composer Dylan Tonge Jones.


6 April 2019

Otherworld : The Story of Tír na nNóg

The Lalala Choir & Ríona Sally Hartman

A show for all ages; come and hear about the adventures of Óisín and Níamh, and their journey away from Ireland to the Land of Eternal Youth.


5 April 2019

Experience Japan 10th Anniversary

Experience Japan

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Experience Japan Hanami Festival, a special concert will be held on Friday 5th April. Four champion Japanese performers including Hiro Hayashida (former Kodo member and global award-winning Taiko Master) joined by Miyu Kobayashi (Shinobue & Taiko), Luke Hayashida (Taiko) and for this special event, Hibiki Sawada on Shamisen.


31 March 2019

Balding Made Me Do It

Clare Fullam

A story of struggle, perseverance and the art of learning how to be yourself. Basically a live Insta with Claire Balding! All questions answered, no holding back. An evening of fun, lol’s and uplifting, meaningful chats! Check out Claire on Instagramfacebook or on Snapchat: Claire.Balding.


30 March 2019


Barry Kerr

A unique exhibition of paintings and songs by Barry Kerr, performed by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Pauline Scanlon, Niall Hanna, Síle Denvir, Niamh Dunne and Seán Óg Graham.


29 March 2019

In The Window

Nuala McKeever

Life hasn’t turned out the way Margaret dreamed. She’s lonely as hell, in a house that won’t sell, with no kids, no husband and a job that’s deathly boring. So tonight, she’s got a date with a bottle of pink fizz and a bowl of pink pills and she’s going to go out in style.


27 – 30 March 2019

Love and Information

Inchicore College of Further Education

Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information” is a play addressing contemporary issues about knowledge, technology and communication, and our capacity for love. It was first performed at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, London, on 6 September 2012.


18 – 23 March 2019


ILA Productions

Baby wipes, glitter and cans at the ready, Joni and Scarlett head off on their respective weekends. From two walks of life and residing on two sides of the festival, the pair unexpectedly meet in the neon fields of Electric Picnic. Hysterically riotous and soul-stirring, ELECTRIC probes our innate prejudices and preconceived notions of who we are while taking you on the session of a lifetime!


18 – 23 March 2019

Fallen Angels

Blacklight Productions

It’s London, 1926. And two “wretchedly happily married” women are about to have their lives turned upside down by the return of their former French lover. Buckle up.


15 March 2019

Terra Firmish

Sean Mac Erlaine

Terra Firmish is a new musical work commissioned by St Patrick’s Festival, written by Seán Mac Erlaine for dance, harp, clarinet, marimba, percussion, and electronics.


11 – 16 March 2019

Just an Ordinary Lawyer

Tayo Aluko & Friends

He is Britain’s first Black judge, a fine singer and keen cricket lover. Finding himself stranded in the Heart of Empire, Nigerian Tunji Sowande muses on Black liberation struggles worldwide. He insists he is no political aficionado, but is content to contribute through his music and songs.


4 – 9 March 2019

Call Mr. Robeson

Tayo Aluko & Friends

A rollercoaster journey through African-American actor and singer Paul Robeson’s remarkable life, highlighting his pioneering and heroic political activism. Features Ol’ Man River and other famous songs, much fiery oratory, and a defiant testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee.


4 – 9 March 2019

Port Authority

Decadent Theatre

A young boy leaves home for the first time, a man begins a job for which he is not qualified, a pensioner receives a mysterious package. As each man confronts the significance of these events, they are forced to take stock of themselves, their feelings, and of the decisions they have made.


13 Feb – 2 March 2019

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard

The Festival of New Work

Smock Allies : Scene + Heard is platform for work that is in development. We provide a safe environment with feedback and encouragement to support artists to make new work within the arts.


8 & 9 Feb 2019

Thirteen Steps To The Attic

MayDay Creates / Michelle Cahill

Versatile performer Michelle Cahill presents her first solo work; a multi layered montage of movement and text performed with a live sound-score and recorded tracks from the eclectic band Thieves of Silence.


6 Feb 2019

Gearoid Farrelly Home Truths

Lisa Richards

Gearóid Farrelly brings his brand of chatty stand up comedy on tour, addressing everything from Trump to decluttering and explaining why you shouldn’t toilet train a cat!


5 – 9 Feb 2019



Uncle Tony overdosed last month and has left the future of the family business resting on Sharon’s shoulders. Will Kit Kats and cocaine be her saving grace or will a frantic ex, fifty debts and a recent death in the family cause her to finally crack? ‘Kracked’ is the comic peek inside the mind of a young woman coping with the lows and highs (literally!) of life as a newfound business woman.


4 & 5 Feb 2019

Fond Pageant

Roomkeepers Productions

An illustrated, Poetic, theatrical meditation celebrating the healing and redemptive powers of art, written and performed by Daniel Reardon. The show is based on ‘Fond Pageant’, the author’s book of poems published in 2018.


31 Jan – 1 Feb 2019

One Love

Blue Diamond Theatre

One Love is a joyous exploration of friendship, what it’s like to be in love and have a learning disability. Paul and Orla are engaged and making plans for their future. One Love charts their journey towards their big day. Blue Diamond Drama Academy is a new initiative which is providing a 2 year drama training for talented adult performers with a learning disability.


28 Jan – 2 Feb 2019

So Where Do We Begin?

Sugar Coat Theatre

Psychotherapist Dave has fallen out of love: with his job, with his wife, with everything. But then he is visited by a new patient – a woman claiming she can steal people’s memories – and he is seduced by her story. With the help of his colleague Julieann, Dave begins to unravel the mystery before him.


22 – 26 Jan 2019

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

No Drama Theatre

A classic story of good versus evil, law versus the gun, one man versus Liberty Valance. A tale of love, hope, and revenge set against the vicious backdrop of a lawless society. A young scholar from New York travels west in search of a new life he arrives beaten and half-dead on the dusty streets of Twotrees. Rescued from the plains, the town soon becomes his home as he finds the love of a local woman.


23 – 26 Jan 2019

The First Protestant


A gripping psychological drama with moments of intensity and also unexpected comedy. The First Protestant presents a tense duel between Martin Luther and the shadowy figure of the Analyst, and through it the life and struggles of Luther, the monk who defied the Catholic church with  profound repercussions for Christendom. The play probes the far-reaching influence of Luther’s thinking on such leaders as Bismark and Hitler and also finds echoes in current events such as a European banking collapse and threats to global peace.


18 + 19 Jan 2019

Baroque Opera Double Bill

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama

Purcell’s much-loved masterpiece, Dido and Aeneas, recounts the love of Dido, Queen of Carthage, for the Trojan hero Aeneas, and her despair when he abandons her. The opera is full of magnificent music including Dido’s Lament, one of the most beautiful and tragic arias ever written. This is coupled with a rare opportunity to see Claudio Monteverdi’s Combat between Tancredi and Clorinda, a romance set against the backdrop of the First Crusade.


20 Jan 2019

Balding Made Me Do It

Claire Fullam

Claire lost her hair in front of the nation & miraculously grew it back again.
The show is a story of struggle, perseverance and the art of learning how to be yourself. Basically a live Instagram Live with Claire Balding! An evening of fun, lols and uplifting & meaningful chats! Learn how to tell your story.


14 – 19 Jan 2019

Personal Space Volume 2

Colfer Mamalis McGann

After last year’s sell out inaugural show ‘Personal Space’, an anthology of the dark, weird and deeply funny. Co-Writer/performers Stephen Colfer, Hannah Mamalis and Peter McGann return with three completely new short comedy scripts. Personal Space Vol II tells three more stories of the worst people in the worst situations. And then there’s a twist.


Fri 11 Jan 2019

Blue Devils

Fleet of Feet – Stella Godmet

In 1943, after being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Rose Williams, Tennessee Williams’ sister, underwent a prefrontal lobotomy which left her mentally incapacitated. Williams was very close to his sister and this trauma left its mark on the man and on the writer. Shades of Rose can be found in many of Williams’ female characters. Mentally unstable or free spirited ?


7 – 12 Jan 2019

Nothing But A Toerag

Taking the Biscuit

‘Nothing But A Toerag’ is a dark comedy about dealing with your demons and the effects of suppressing trauma. We meet two women locked away in a cell and a tense drama unfolds. Watch as two alpha females struggle for dominance in the confines of their shared space.


8 – 12 Jan 2019

i n f i n i t y

Eoghan Carrick + Nessa Matthews

Captain’s Log, Stardate (whatever). A lone astronaut hurtles through the cosmos on a one-way mission to the edge of the universe. She’s looking for a light in the dark. The source of a signal. Traversing time and space, isolation and uncertainty, her quest to find hope will bring her to the brink of the abyss. An exploration of fact, (science) fiction and the spaces in between. A star-bound journey that looks at the stories we tell ourselves when we feel most alone.


2 – 5 Jan 2019

Sally Denver Matthews

Gilly O’Shea

Sally + Stephen + 2 bottles of Malbec = Heidi. Heidi has only been around for 6 months, but she is already in charge. Sally adores her new baby, but she misses her old life when she only had herself to worry about. Her new life as a mother is overwhelming and it feels like there’s no time to talk to Stephen.


1 – 5 Jan 2019

Stephen Mullan : Son of a Preacher Man

Lisa Richards

From the church to the psych ward, Stephen’s life started with Jesus and almost ended with the Tellytubbies. Childhood Sundays were for watching Dad deliver sermons and Mam lead evangelical worship time, but how was he going to survive being so uncool in ’90s small-town Ireland?