Dopa-Mean Girl

First Fortnight Festival

Winner of the First Fortnight Fringe Award 2023

Welcome to the musical journey of a woman with late diagnosis ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Fáilte go cheolseó grinn faoi bhean a bhfuil ADHD uirthi.
Can she harness the boundless energy and creativity alongside the crippling self-criticism and impulsivity? Everything, including this show, is in search of one thing – the elusive Dopamine hit.
This cabaret-style show recreates the polyphony of a brain that must do at least two things at all times.

Scríofa agus curtha i láthair ag Louisa Ní Éideáin, seo seó ina bhfuil Béarla agus Gaeilge fite fuaite.

Developed at Scene+Heard, Premiered at Dublin Fringe Festival.Supported by Gorilla Design.

TICKETS €16 | €14

About First Fortnight:
First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health stigma through arts and cultural action.

First Fortnight hosts an annual mental health, arts and culture festival throughout January, throughout Ireland. The festival celebrates the arts as a powerful catalyst for sparking unscripted conversations around mental ill health and serves to challenge the stigma associated with mental ill-health. The festival aspires to make the beginning of each year synonymous with mental health awareness, actively challenging societal prejudices, and eradicating the pervasive stigma surrounding mental health.

11 – 13 Jan 2024
3:30pm matinee on Thurs 11
Boys’ School