Photo head shots of Tim Bingham and Karen Lee

Visual art/photography EXHIBITION

Reject. Connect.

Creative photographer, Tim Bingham and Visual Artist, Karen Lee

Two creators: rejecting and connecting.


Thu 9 – Sat 25 Feb | Banquet Hall

Two creators, ‘swiping left’ until they both hit upon that elusive creative seed. This is Tinder for artists where photography meets visual art.

Creative Photographer: Tim Bingham
Visual Artist: Karen Lee
Curator: Audrey Lawless

block 44
theatre / rehearsed reading


“So can you still not see?”


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Andy Hourihan

The Cave is all they knew until one amongst them discovers a world upstairs. Will this new curious revelation shed light or bring chaos?

Written + Performed By: Andy Hourihan
Directed By: Daragh Fitzgerald
Artwork By: Anna Frizelle
Cast: Andy Hourihan, Emily Healy, Myles Feerick, Sean McAuliffe

Running Time : 30 mins

block 44

In Her Shoes

A tale of hardship and survival.


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Dovile Kraske

A tale of hardship and survival. Hear 86-year-old Ona’s voice echoing through her granddaughter as we walk through the shades and shadows of memory back to her Soviet Lithuanian village.

Written by: Dovile Kraske & Padraic McGinley
Directed by: Dovile Kraske & Sarah Noll
Produced: Dovile Kraske & Greg Wallace Costume: Agne Varpukeviciute

Running Time : 15 mins

block 45
music + poetry

A Bard is a Failed Poet

Stories about poems without rhyme


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Fireside Bard

From our ancient mythic past, through the sterile bullied classroom, to the expanse of inter-cosmic space – Let’s take some lines for a walk.

Written + Performed by Kevin C. Olohan
Produced by Thomas Emmet

Running Time : 20 mins

block 45

The Lead Pipe Pigeon Brigade

Pigeon. Pigeon. Pigeon. Pigeon. Pigeon. Pigeon.


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Michael Sullivan

A coming of age story about a 32-year-old artist’s struggles with perfectionism, paying rent, and an army of sentient pigeon drawings.

Written by: Michael Sullivan
Directed by: Stephen Bradley
Produced by: Fionn Cleary
Art by: Sharon Conneely

Running Time : 25 mins

block 46


A play about everyday pain


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Rare Antics
Through playful vignettes, three performers examine how we feel and forget pain. An exploration of things that poke and pinch – the propensity to flinch.

Writer: Emer Tyrrell
Director: Em Ormonde
Sound Design: Dan O’Brien
Lighting Design: Lucy Bracken
Costume Design: Seirce Mhac Conghail
Set and Props: Ciara Farrell
Image Design: Emma Scully
Stage, Production Manager, and Producer: Rachel Coote
General Crew: Eimear Conroy
Cast Anna Winifred, Ellen Reidy, Patrick O’Leary
From our ancient mythic past, through the sterile bullied classroom, to the expanse of inter-cosmic space – Let’s take some lines for a walk.

Written + Performed by Kevin C. Olohan
Produced by Thomas Emmet

Running Time : 25 mins

block 46

One Hundred Ghost Stories

Based on supernatural samurai game


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Chris Moran
Can we tell 100 ghost stories over one night? And who can tell whose story? An interactive introduction to Irish-Japanese folklorist Lafcadio Hearn.

Adapted and directed by Chris Moran
Movement direction by Luca Villa

Running Time : 20 mins

block 47

Oh my GAD!

Living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Foul Mouth Jo
Comedian Foul Mouth Jo is an over thinker. She takes up knitting to relax but somehow the repetition just makes the bad thoughts get bigger.

Foul Mouth Jo – performer
Jonathan Hughes – producer

Running Time : 20 mins

block 47

What a P*ssy

Does your body feel like home?


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Eibhleann Caffrey
Does your body feel like home? Marie isn’t sure. She is more independent and sex-positive than ever, but her new housemate, The Pussy Pillow is here to show her the way.

Written + Performed by Eibhleann Caffrey
Produced by Niamh Ní Fhlatharta
Puppetry + Puppet Creation: Adrienne Walsh

Running Time : 20 mins

block 48
theatre / improv

The Improv Diaries

Teenage dreams: Almost fun, never cute.


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

No Desserts Theatre Company
You pick the hilarious, tragic diary entry: And we will ‘perform it all back to you’-S CLUB 7. RIP DIGNITY/ RIP GROOVY CHICK.

Written and performed by: Gemma Kane, Aoife Martyn, Sadhbh Mc Loughlin, Eoghan Collins, Niall O Brien Directed by: Our terrible life choices.

Running Time : 25 mins

block 48

Usual Programming

Bring on the summer of love!


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

NAF Dance
This is not a drill! Love Island is back with an all new cast ready to find the love of their lives, 9pm every night!

Choreographed by : Nóra Ní Anluain Fay
Cast : Yaniv Dagan Sorcha Murphy
Musician : Oscar Robinson
Crew : Dean O’Sullivan
Image : Sorcha Murphy

Running Time : 20 mins

block 49
sketch comedy

Is It Just Us?!

It’s all a bit serious lads!


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

A platter of unapologetic sketches dipped in a satirical sauce. A taste of the freedom we had before perfectionism stole the world’s appetite for fun!

Written + Performed by: Amy Kellett and Sorcha Dawson

Running Time : 25 mins

block 49


Voice. Gender. Hyperpop. Let’s Get F*cked.


Tue 21 + Wed 22 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Jaxbanded Theatre
An unabashedly Queer deep dive into Transness and Music. What it means to speak and for the audience, (yes, you babe) to listen.

Written + Directed By: Ois O’Donoghue
Produced By: Daniel Culleton
Production Design By: Jodie Doyle
Lighting Design By: Amy Dunne
Sound Design By: Ruairí Nicholl
Visual + Poster Design By: Kilian Harrison
CAST: Christopher O’Shaughnessy, Fiona Larmon, Ois O’Donoghue

Running Time : 25 mins

block 50
physical theatre


Oscillating in between!


Thu 23 Feb @ 6:30pm | Sat 25 Feb @ 4pm | Main Space

Chloe Commins
An autobiographical piece which is inspired by growing up CODA (Child of Deaf Adult). A journey through circus, physical theatre and ISL (Irish Sign Language).

Written and performed by Chloe Commins.
Produced by Micheál Fleming.

Running Time : 15 mins

block 50
clown + butoh


A new thing to exist during.


Thu 23 Feb @ 6:30pm | Sat 25 Feb @ 4pm | Main Space

Joseph Ryan Warner
Shaking my bum beag bídeach for God.

Created and performed by Joseph Ryan Warner
Produced by Aphra Lee Hill

Running Time : 25 mins

block 51
aerial performance

Red Lines

Female relationships explored through contemporary circus.


Thu 23 + Fri 24 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Monika Palova + Sean McIlraith
A contemporary circus duo performance on themes of female experiences and relationships, explored through aerial rope, hair hanging, dance and acrobatics.

Created + Performed By: Monika Palova Sean McIlraith
Dramaturgy: Megan Kennedy
Image by: Olga Kuzmenko Photography

Running Time : 30 mins

block 51

this started as a letter to my ex…

Warning: This tagline contains no spoilers


Thu 23 + Fri 24 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Humble Hedgehog
Like one of those conversations you have with yourself in the shower years after you lost an argument with someone you kinda loved
Trigger Warnings – Suicide

Written by Danny O’Leary
Directed by Ferelith Kingston
Starring Danny O’Leary & Kaitlin Cullen-Verhauz
Produced by Edel Doran
Photography by Bried Collins

Running Time : 15 mins

block 52

The Company Ink

Now Hiring: Your Raunchy Office Scandal


23 Feb @ 8pm | 25 Feb @ 6:30pm | Main Space

Time Card
Don’t tell HR about this. Join us on stage and we will turn your workplace gossip into improvised scandal.

Neil Curran – Performer / Creator
Jenna O’Brien – Performer / Creator
Megan Byrne – Producer
Sean Curran – Musician

Running Time : 25 mins

block 52
stand-up comedy


In The Shame of The Father


23 Feb @ 8pm | 25 Feb @ 6:30pm | Main Space

Life’s interactions can be awkward, divisive, and incredibly embarrassing. ‘Faux Pa’ is about embracing inadequacy, learning from one’s errors and ultimately being a better person.

Written and performed by Seán Begley
Produced by Pádraig Ormsby

Running Time : 20 mins

block 53


love is cruel; nature is crueller.


23 Feb @ 8:15pm | 25 Feb @ 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Gift Horse Theatre
a love story between laura and jeanie. and laura and lizzie. and jeanie and some goblins. an ecological fairytale with music. after rossetti’s ‘goblin market.’

director & writer: signe lury
performers: ciara berkeley, elishka lane, Jilly McGrath
composer & musician: sam killian
production & stage manager: jess fitzsimons kane
costume: mae leahy
set: eimear hussey
lighting: jess fitzsimons kane
image by jilly McGrath
graphics by elishka lane with thanks to emma finegan, martha knight, & cian malin

Running Time : 25 mins

block 53


Shit just got really fucking real.


23 Feb @ 8:15pm | 25 Feb @ 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Louis Deslis
Yeah yeah we get it, you’re broken hearted, but granny’s broken her leg and you gotta help her get on the toilet chair ok?

Written + Performed by: Louis Deslis
Directed by: Lee Coffey

Running Time : 20 mins

block 54

Big Top

Join the circus! Or don’t. Prick.


Thu 23 + Fri 24 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Clodagh O’Farrell
Life’s a circus, we’re clowns and you’re a joke pal. Wanna clown around together? Get that red nose on baby and let’s have fun.

Cast: Cal Cunningham, Daire Ó’Muirí, Michael Lucey and Sarah Moran.
Lighting Design: Cameron Brady and Cillian O’Donnell.
Stage Manager: Chloe Callaghan Redmond.
Written and directed by: Clodagh O’Farrell.
Producer: Em Ormonde.
Publicity: Erica Smith.
Production Manager: Karen Megannety.
Assistant Costume Design: Lara Coady.
Set Design: Marcel Matys.
Costume Design: Molly Donnery.
Sound Design: Tadgh Snodgrass.

Running Time : 30 mins

block 54
comedy theatre


Something old, something new, something… hopefully.


Thu 23 + Fri 24 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Hannah Mamalis
We’re all in the gutter. We’ve been waiting for you. It’s horrible here.
Comedy, characters and trying to find your way back to the end.

Written and performed by Hannah Mamalis

Running Time : 20 mins

block 55


Live and Dangerous.

Thu 23 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Dominic O’Brien & Isaac Jones

You’re early to the gig. The opener is playing. You listen. A new play about music, memory and finding meaning in other people’s pain.

Performers – Dominic O’Brien and Isaac Jones.
Writer & Director – Dominic O’Brien.
Music – Isaac Jones.
Costume Design – Iseult Deane.
Sound Consultant – Daniel Montague O’Brien.

Running Time : 40 mins

block 56

Slow News Day


Fri 24 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space


Can a small writers’ room with limited resources put out a quality product in less than 24 hours? Of course they can. Come along & see!

The crew includes host Giles Brody (Irish Pictorial Weekly/Trial Of The Centurys), producer/announcer Ronan Carey (Dreamgun) and director Alex Gill (Diet Of Worms) alongside a team of talented writers including Colin Chadwick (The Mess Around), Aidan Fitzmaurice (The Now Show), Ciara Knight (The Michael Fry Show), Cian McGarrigle (Callan’s Kicks) and Diarmuid O’Brien (Clear History).

The cast features MOB Theatre founders Erin McGathy and Stephen Bradley alongside Síomha McQuinn (writer/star of Dublin Fringe Fest hit “Coffee Kid”) and Niall Keane a.k.a. Goblins Goblins Goblins (Dublin Fringe Festival 2022’s Spirit Of Wit). Special video appearances by Owen Colgan, Seán Burke and more!

Running Time : 45 mins

block 57

Scaredy Fat

We’re gonna need a bigger shirt…


Fri 24 + Sat 25 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

A solo performance poking fun at fat representation in the horror genre, asking what it means to love a genre that doesn’t love you back.

Written and Performed by Colm McCready
Directed by Seón Simpson
Produced by Gina Donnelly
Costume Design by Níamh Kearney
Animation & Set Design by Fergus Wachala-Kelly

Running Time : 20 mins

block 57
stand-up comedy


Seeking self-care in a fairy fort


Fri 24 + Sat 25 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Ian Lynam
Ian Lynam’s newest show chats about imposter syndrome and anxiety using Irish folklore. A cathartic must-see for fantasy fans.

Written & Performed by Ian Lynam
Produced by Ben Morgan

Running Time : 25 mins

block 58
stand-up comedy

Anxiously Preoccupied

How not to be an adult


Fri 24 + Sat 25 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

John O’Keeffe
This man has a talent: obsessing. Over relationships, family, even his audience. Discover why he’s mental. A hilarious new show from award-winning comedian John O’Keeffe.

Written + Performed by John O’Keeffe
Produced by Colman Hayes

Running Time : 25 mins

block 58
theatre + spoken word

Exit > Pursued by a Pint

Office chair. Cliff edge. Same difference.


Fri 24 + Sat 25 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Feral Pen
An Exit Interview: A meeting to discuss an employee’s departure from a company.
A Pint: Some sweet relief thereafter
Our Hero: Gasping to leave

Written + Produced by Kat Ennis
Performed by Daniel Mahon

Running Time : 15 mins

block 59
music performance


A bilingual live electronic journey

Fri 24 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Fluid Druid

Rud éigin difriúil. This cross-genre exploration taps into our folklore, from Fionn MacCumhaill to Paddy Losty. For lovers of tunes, psychedelia and the cúpla focal.

Written and Performed by: Darragh O’Connor
Produced by: Hannah Matthews
Additional Vocals by: Molly Thiesenhusen
Photography by: Darius Ivan

Running Time : 40 mins

block 60
rehearsed reading


A gothic chronicle of smalltown misery

Sat 25 Feb | 12pm | Main Space

Kate Finegan

Gammy never grew up. All puppy fat, pimples and missing teeth at 35. Stuck working at petrol pumps. Today is different. Something’s finally gonna happen…

Written by Kate Finegan
Dramaturg: Wayne Jordan

Running Time : 45 mins

block 61
physical theatre


Who is the Mother of Abominations?

25 Feb | 1pm + 1:30pm | Boys’ School

Footsteps Productions

Enter the realm of the roses. The Holy Mother of Harlots shall receive all who dare seek, none shall be refused. She beckons you inside…

Written by: Sorcha O’Shea
Photo credit: FaraLim

Running Time : 15 mins

block 62
music + physical theatre

What is Fusion Murga?

Is together really un poquito better?

Sat 25 Feb | 2pm | Main Space

Rather Gather presents a transcultural collaborative multilingual creation: Fusion Murga on the stage in a flamboyant, satirical, musical comedy about Ireland’s housing crisis.

Ideated and devised by Ro Cruañas and Romina Beiroa Rey

Xiaoting Yang, Shoshi Chong, Celia de León, Juliana Schmidt Tomazini, Veronica Salazar, Jim Kitson, Marina Schiuma, Claudia Grandez, Clara Quintana Silva, Susan Scally, Marcello Fidelis, Nazarena Usandivaras, Ahmed Ellayeh, Cristina San Miguel, Paula Estrade, Jacqueline Carrol, Anna Gabriela Brose, Anais Martinez Juanfra Ros, Gus Ecclesia, Cormac McCoy, Matias Carbón, Emiliano Beiroa Rey, Raluca Turcanasu, Arlet Iña, Sofia Steiner, Lenisa Massanet, Hernan González, Maria Angélica Mantilla

Running Time : 40 mins

block 63

Faobhar, Gaoth agus Grá (Three Things That Are Never Seen)

Myths, mystical music and a magpie.

Sat 25 Feb | 3pm | Boys’ School

A young woman is visited by an ancient being. This half-bird half-man initiates her to the stories that are the fabric of past and present.

Written + Performed by Charlotte O’Reilly
Music composed and performed by Richard Durning
Dramaturg: Nicholas Johnson
Lighting Design: Matt McGowan
Producer: Pénélope Hervouet

Running Time : 40 mins

block 64
music performance + poetry


A tale of souls and seasons

Sat 25 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space


The Almanac is a conceptual work, merging live music and theatre, conveying the symbolic phases of the seasons within one relationship.

Written and Performed by NIYL Cast: Caitríona Williams, Clodagh Mooney Duggan
Musical Director: Karen Cowley
Produced by Connor Dudley Fergus
Production + Lighting Designer: Fiach O’Neill

Running Time : 50 mins

block 65

Partners in Time

Back-stabbing, betrayal and improv comedy.

Sat 25 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Eensy Improv

A significant heirloom is discovered, whisking us to that fateful night it all went wrong. Back-stabbing, betrayal and improv comedy, what else do you need?

Devised by Luke Benson
Performed by Mark Cantan, Pearl O’Rourke, Kelly Shatter and Luke Benson

Running Time : 50 mins