This event has been postponed until a later date. More details on the re-arranged performances will follow soon. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the box office on 01-6770014 or at info@smockalley.com.

The King’s Dark Secret is suitable for anyone over the age of developing the ability to smile. A humorous and thoughtful take on the dark and strange tale of the King with an unusual secret. What can it be? Why are there so many barbers? Come and enjoy the magic, the high energy of the cast in the wonderful setting of Smock Alley and leave with some crowd pleasing tunes ringing in your ears and a lightness to your step.

John Scottus school has a history of musicals written especially for them by the inimitable Fran Dempsey and Joe O’Donnell. These have usually been a joint secondary and primary school production. In recent years, with talent blossoming,the primary school are now going it alone. This current 5th and 6th class is full of drama in many senses of the word though much of it in the form of acting, singing and dancing ability.

12 + 13 MAR 2020

– 7:30pm –

Main Space