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‘Superb playing by Trio Con Brio Copenhagen at @smockalley – looking forward to the second half now!’ – @operapage

devioustheatre Dec 04, 6:13pm via Twitter Web Client – Chaos Theory in @smockalley is a cracker. If you’re looking for 60 minutes of high concept comedy, go see it before it finishes on Saturday.

‘And thanks to all at @smockalley for all of their help. Such a special venue in the heart of Dublin.’ -@MusNetIrl

‘The sublime @TonntaMusic setting the perfect tone – they would make angels jealous @smockalley Christmas do’ – @hostandcompany

‘@TonntaMusic You were absolutely wonderful this afternoon in @smockalley! Thank you for the wonderful atmosphere.’ -@jasminkagriffin

‘At @smockalley looking at Patricio Hidaldos art, its gorgeous 🙂 @DubFlamencoFest‘ – festsofireland

‘Excited to be holding our Health Summit in Dublin’s @smockalley – such a beautiful venue!#reworkhealth #medtech’ -@reworksophie

‘@_Hilary_Woods in @smockalley for @tigerdubfringe tonight. Spellbinding sound, vision and space.’ -@NiallCarver

‘Thanks to @smockalley for the great tour of their deadly theatre!pic.twitter.com/Bcqing94GP’ –@LukebCoffey

‘@tigerdubfringe @thisisjoeclarke @smockalleycant’t bloody wait for SMOCK ALLEY we’re going to let loose!’ -@MaudinCahoots
‘The beautiful @smockalley theatre is host to some fantastic productions during the @tigerdubfringe
festival.pic.twitter.com/ig6wjoj6q2′ -@TileStyle


‘A big thank you to all the staff at @smockalleyfor putting on a fantastic evening #impactseries’ -@SEIreland

‘Also, go see @CollapsingHorse ‘s Monster/Clock in @smockalley ASAP. Magical, heart-warming, life-affirming and utterly hilarious stuff.’
Adam Keogh -@keoghab

‘Just returned from MONSTER/CLOCK at @smockalley and it is every bit as good as everyone said. Believe the hype, yo’.’
Amy O’Connor -@amyohconnor

‘Fantastic day at the Nightmare Club workshops! @smockalley looked amazing! Big thanks to @stpatricksfest and all the fab authors and helpers’


‘@NiamhDonn @smockalley it is gorgeous indeed, one of my favourite places to see theatre.’
Niamh Smith -@niamhsmith

‘Never been in @smockalley before. It’s beautiful! #hiddengem’
Niamh Donnellan -@NiamhDonn

‘Having a drink at the bar after seeing a great new show ‘absolution’ @smockalley great night out!’
Caroline McEvoy -@carolineamcevoy

‘If you’re planning a trip to Dublin soon, @smockalley ‘s Collaborations 2013 Festival looks to be immense. Run, don’t walk.’
Alisande -@AlisandeF


‘.@smockalley is one of Dublin’s best theaters and the 2013 Collaborations Festival is going to amaze. Read about it him.ag/dz’

‘Our Migrant Education Access workshop is on in @smockalley theatre – the perfect creative space #migrantrights’

‘Just home from seeing Mercury Fur @smockalley – absolutely amazing show, perfect direction and stunning performances. Go. (By Saturday!)’
Jenny Nolan -@Jenny_Nolan

‘@smockalley Loved recent visit to your theatre. You have a really wonderful building, couldn’t help but gush a bit!’

‘@15thOak: Just over 1,600 people came to see ‘The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle’ last week in @smockalley. Thank you!!!” Brill!’
Rowena Neville -@The_Fundit

‘@15thOak @smockalley Truly fantastic show. Well deserved! :)’
Aisling Flynn -@aislingflynn

‘Fantastic night at The Life & Sort Of Death of Eric Argyle @smockalley – amazing cast & plenty of laughs throughout’
Ali Brennan – @AliBrenz

‘@smockalley Was dabbing at the tears- loved the play! And what a beautiful setting for the RADE sculptures. #EricArgyle’
Dominique Cleary -@clearez

‘@smockalley @slowskies Eric argyle great show tonight, got tickets in the end, was def worth the chase to get them!!’
Ciaran Cotter -@tocofirst

‘Waiting in @smockalley foyer ,really looking forward to @15thOak Eric tonight! #dublintheatre’
Kate Costello – @KateCostello89

‘Not surprised to learn #Silent at @smockalleywas a sell out, definitely a 2012 highlight, it even made waves in NYCtheater.nytimes.com/2012/09/10/the…
Platform Ireland – @platformireland

‘Blown away by Silent at @smockalley, beautifully poetic and a mindblowing performance!’
Gillian Greer -@GillTopia

‘Pat Kinevane had me hooked from the get-go of Silent @smockalley tonight An amazing & touching performance from a world class actor #FFfest’
Louise Marlborough – @louisemjm

‘@firstfortnight @smockalley @Fishamble Pat Kinevane is a National Treasure. Loved loved loved Silent. Stunning, uplifting, courageous’
John Delaney -@sometimeactor