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Support our festival!

Be part of the community!

Each year we invite the public to play a central part of the festival!

This Dublin 8-based festival showcases the best tasters of never before seen theatre, comedy and music from the North, West, South and East of Ireland.
We programme a variety of wild and wonderful performances within 60 minutes at very happy prices. The public then chooses which they like best – by Secret Ballot, Video Booth, Tablet Tale or our 4 word Twitter challenge.

Our festival is fresh, fun but unfunded …

We started this festival to give much needed support to fledgling artists. 5 years later, we have produced over 500 new shows that are touring internationally and in the UK, appearing on Irish TV, Radio and showcasing at Ireland’s biggest festivals. Each year in addition to our festival programme, we provide producer workshops, design workshops, networking opportunities, resource sharing, casting information, insurance, technical support, dramaturgy, development and mentoring for those taking part in the festival.

Show us some love, it can’t happen without it!

By taking the time here to purchase one of our PERKS, you become part of our fast-growing, energetic and engaged COMMUNITY, you effect CHANGE and you allow people’s DREAMS to be realised and if for nothing else, you create positive karma…

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Meet the Scene + Heard Stars

We are match-makers too! We use our little black book of agents, literary readers, theatre reviewers, artistic directors, programme + venue managers to help our artists with their next steps. There are too many to mention in detail here but click here to see what they did next

Other Ways You Can Help …

Maybe you can’t afford a perk today, that doesn’t mean you can’t help us

Come meet the artists and see the SHOWS (Programme announced JAN 14)
Become a festival ALLY (information to follow about our volunteer programme)
Become an AMBASSADOR (like, share our campaign)
Give us your thoughts on the NEW WORK (review shows by secret ballot / video booth)
And that’s all there is to it.

Imagery by Ste Murray

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Alternatively you can support the Artists by liking and sharing news of their work on your social media platforms ?