Scene + Heard Festival 2022 Week 1

block 1

The (Not So) Quick Murder of Man

Death over a bag of crisps


Wed 9 Feb | 6:30pm | Boys’ School


A brutal black comedy. Buckle up for 25 minutes of argument, black humour, surprising tenderness and a unique insight into the nature of violence.

Written by Darragh Feehely
Directed by Stewart Shields

Running Time : 25 mins

block 1

Sorry, Denny’s Dead.

Denny Redmond has been murdered. F*ck.


Wed 9 Feb | 6:30pm | Boys’ School


Homosexual juvenile, Drew Fletcher investigates the high profile murder of socialite Denny Redmond with the help of money hungry celebrities via Cameo. This tantalising and irreverent whodunnit gives the audience the HOLE story in hopes of catching the calculating murderer before they strike again.

Written + Performed by Denny Redmond
Photography by Karl O’Reilly

Running Time : 20 mins

block 2


A story of stunted romantic understanding.


Wed 9 + Thu 10 Feb | 7pm | Main Space


Growing up gay can rob you of your formative romances but who cares when you’ve known “the one” this whole time… and he’s just walked through the door of your free gaff.

Written + Performed by Benjamin Reilly
Produced by Shane O’Regan
Directed by TKB

Running Time : 15 mins

block 2


Transitioning Ain’t For Cissies


Wed 9 + Thu 10 Feb | 7pm | Main Space


Through music, monologues and synthetic wigs, Annie Sherry sonically shares her experience of transitioning in Ireland

Written + Performed by Annie Sherry
CAST: Esther Brady, Jacqueline Carroll + Jodie Sweeney

Running Time : 30 mins

block 4

Suicide Bees

A laugh-a-minute dive in to mental illness and recovery


Wed 9 Feb | 9pm | Main Space


MJ Stokes talks family, addiction and getting better in a manic attempt to coax a bunch of suicidal bees out of a blender.

Written + Performed by MJ Stokes
Produced by Cabrina Conaty

Running Time : 30 mins

block 4
THEATRE /spoken word


heading out to get out of her head


Wed 9 Feb | 9pm | Main Space


One woman’s journey through a night out. But something’s been put in her drink.
Think. Speak. Spike. Spoke.
A spoken word one woman show about a spiking. An exciting fast paced and darkly humorous show.

Written + Performed by Ali Dempsey McMahon

Running Time : 15 mins

block 5



“Dearest, I’m writing to you to say-“


Thu 10 Feb | 6:30pm | Boys’ School

“My body is not a harbour for your loneliness, and I have never felt more beautiful.”
Dearest explores the intimacy of unravelling and falling in love with yourself.

Written by Shannon O’Reilly
Performed by Gráinne Kavanagh
Music by Jamie Bishop.

Running Time : 45 mins

block 6



A Comedy of Improvised Horror!

Thu 10 Feb | 9pm | Main Space

To ride out the raging storm, Captain Laragub and his fishermen will take suggestions from the audience and perform a spontaneous one act comedy of the supernatural.

Produced by Lydia McCormack
Directed by Dan McCormack
Light + Sound by Sean Flaherty
Artwork + poster design by Debbie Cheevers
Performed by: Colman Hayes, Liam Kelly, Dan McCormack, Quinton O’Reilly

Running Time : 45 mins

block 7



Demon’s, Da’s and Disco Biscuits

Fri 11 Feb | 6:30pm | Boys’ School

“Barks like a dog I do, like a FUCKIN DOG”.
RETCH, a fast paced, monologue-style, one woman show. Rage, grief, anger and swans, all go hand in hand with the experience of being Irish.

Written + Performed by Leanne Bickerdike
Directed by Robert Downes
Produced by Eleanor Walsh
Sound Design by Tamar Keane

Running Time : 45 mins

block 8


Animals. The pair of them.


Fri 11 Feb | 7pm | Main Space


A story of one woman’s mistrust of herself, and another creature’s attempts at luring her into wary territory. A piece of theatre about memory, death and attempts at dating.

Written + Produced by Kat Ennis
Directed by Rachel Walshe

Running Time : 15 mins

block 8

Drop Dead

A shit show, through song.


Fri 11 Feb | 7pm | Main Space


A comedic, musical journey through the catastrophic Dublin dating scene and a woman navigating her way through it. Poorly.

Written + Performed by Eimear Barr
Produced by Louise Lawless
Photography by Maria J. Milla

Running Time : 25 mins

block 9


The Bootsy Boys

The Museum Of Yesterday, Tomorrow

Fri 11 Feb 8:30pm + Sat 12 Feb 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Dynamic indoor walking tour comedy theatre: A museum curator from the year 3022 needs your help to avoid the ultimate destruction of their life’s work: a flawless recreation of the world of 2022.

Written + Performed by Steve Bennett, Victor Bible, Fionn Cleary, Jordan Daniel, Brian Garvan, Niall Johnson, Kori Schagunn, Michael Sullivan, Richard Zimmerman

Running Time : 45 mins

block 10


Declan on the Trail Episode One: Dead Cow at Night, Declan’s Delight

The Documentary No One Asked For

Fri 11 Feb | 9pm | Main Space

This absurdly hilarious radio play follows the investigations of a disgraced RTE journalist who has travelled to a strange island off the Irish coast to salvage his career.

Written by Robbie Doyle, Jimmy Kavanagh, Sam Killian + Eoin Potts
Directed by Hugh Hick
Produced by Heather Macleod
Performed by Club Valentine

Running Time : 50 mins

block 11


Breaking Deep

Navigating the kaleidoscope of the unknown

Sat 12 Feb | 2pm | Main Space

One woman’s voyage through the treacherous waters of caring, advocating and fighting for her most precious treasures: Her family and her life. Warning: themes of self-harm, suicide.

Written by Nicola Whelan + Ion Whelan
Performed by Nicola Whelan
Director + Lighting Design by Ciara Meehan
Produced by Elisa Redmond
Music Composed + Sound Design by Ken Whelan
Musician: Nicola White
Vocalist Catherine Griffin
Choreography by Kate O’Connor
Stage Manager + Show Operator Susannah Conroy
Voiceover Amy Coleman, Aoife Dempsey, Elaine Purdue

Running Time : 45 mins

block 12


The Funny Mentalist

Laughter on the front lines!

Sat 12 Feb | 3pm | Boys’ School

Live performance and video footage from the first professional clown to use laughter as a mental health programme in countries at war…Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Si Lanka…It’s explosive!

Written + Performed by Johnie K
Audio visuals by Michael Higgins
Photo credit: Martin Klejnowski
Produced by Andrea Murphy

Running Time : 45 mins

block 13
THEATRE / Physical theatre

Un Crocodile

One second. One Mississippi. Un crocodile.


Sat 12 Feb | 4pm | Main Space


When five friends meet maybe for the last time, Ethan pops the question to his long-time girlfriend, Kat. One second is all they have to make up their minds

Written by Darragh Gilhooly + Gwenaelle Gillet
Directed by Charlene Gleeson
Produced by Sidonie Martha Welton
Cast: Darragh Gilhooly, Grace Keelin, Gwenaelle Gillet, James Agnew, Sadhbh Jackman.
Crew: Christopher O’Sullivan

Running Time : 25 mins

block 13
THEATRE /spoken word


heading out to get out of her head


Sat 12 Feb | 4pm | Main Space


One woman’s journey through a night out. But something’s been put in her drink.
Think. Speak. Spike. Spoke.
A spoken word one woman show about a spiking. An exciting fast paced and darkly humorous show.

Written + Performed by Ali Dempsey McMahon

Running Time : 15 mins

block 14


The Relatability Engine

Sincerity beyond imagining.

Sat 12 Feb | 6:15pm | Boys’ School

Relatability. Sincerity. True authentic self. Is this what audiences want? Hear the confessions of a talking dog, a paranoid billionaire, and a hillbilly to discover that the answer is no.

Written + Directed by Aaron O’Neill
Sound Design by Adam Donovan
Stage Management + Assistant Direction by Dee Finn

Running Time : 45 mins

block 15

rehearsed reading


Confectionery, it’s a bitter business

Sat 12 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

All families fight, but the O’Boyle clan are taking the mickey. In this hilariously dark story, sibling rivalry goes too far and Dublin risks losing one of its institutions. For those who love a laugh and a sugary treat.

Written by Susan Lynch
Produced by Eoin Lynch

Running Time : 45 mins

block 16



Putting the ‘Unpracticed’ back in Audience Participation

Sat 12 Feb | 8pm | Boys’ School

Take part in a thrilling interactive narrative experiment as your decisions drag unsuspecting couple Frankie and Jet through struggles, between genres and across the threshold of sanity.

Written, Developed + Performed by Ellen Corby, Gavan O’Connor Duffy, Jae O’Connor, Jessy Danner + Rory Knox

Running Time : 45 mins

block 17


Julie Jay: Oops, This is Toxic

Clintons, Trouser Snakes and Britney Spears

Sat 12 + Sun 13 Feb | 8:15pm | Main Space

A dark-comedy examination of 90s/00s misogyny which celebrates not just Britney, but everyone who survived an era wherein Timberlakes flew high while Janet Jacksons got grounded. “Hilarious” IRISH EXAMINER

Written + Performed by Julie Jay
Directed by Gearóid Farrelly

Running Time : 45 mins

block 18



Dragging Ireland into the 21st Century

Sat 12 Feb | 10pm | Main Space

Platforms is taking the fight against the far right to the next level – the stage. Join us as we make those who punch down the punchline.

Written + Performed byAllie O’Rourke, Avoca Reaction, Enda Danite, Felix O’Connor, Goblin Goblins Goblins, MJ Stokes

Running Time : 45 mins

block 19

rehearsed reading

Vótáil Mindy

Being an tUachtarán is great for your profile

Sun 13 Feb | 2pm | Main Space

Frustrated by the poor standard of this year’s Presidential candidates, Síle and Sinéad cook up a contender who’s even worse: the social media diva Mindy McPhearson III. But what can they do when she gathers mainstream support? Aoir dhátheangach a bhreathnaíonn ar choincheap na muiníne i saol na polataíochta.

Performed predominantly through Irish with English subtitles.

Arna scríobh ag Kevin Johnston
Arna stiúradh ag Marie Kelly
Póstaer le Nathan Patterson

Running Time : 60 mins

block 20


The Next Room

Would you like to live again?

Sun 13 Feb | 3pm | Boys’ School

Marian is dead. But she has a choice: move on or give life another go. Frank, her guide, is a socially awkward paper pusher who’s afraid to tell his truth.

Written + Produced by Ger Collis
Directed by Rebecca Hickey

Running Time : 40 mins

block 21

Music / Dance


Music and movement between worlds

Sun 13 Feb | 4pm | Main Space

Heartfelt and visceral, Monuments is a hybrid performance of voice and movement. It is a portal. It is an excavation. It is a duet and ensemble work by John Scott and Robbie Blake with the vocalists of Tonnta searching for connection, presence, and the intangible.

Created by Robbie Blake + John Scott
Choreography by John Scott
Composition by Robbie Blake
Performed by Tonnta Vocal Ensemble, John Scott, Robbie Blake
Produced by Sophie Coote

Running Time : 45 mins

block 22


A Silent Rain

Experimental noir for the internet age

Sun 13 Feb | 6:15pm | Boys’ School

A paranoiac leap into the creative output of Ian Bailey, Daniel and Sophie Tuscan du Plantier and Bruno Cabornnet. What begins as artistic critique, devolves into a delirium of conflicting realities, references and representations.

Devised by Christian Cruceru + Ciarán MacArtain
Performance led by Timmy Creed

Running Time : 45 mins

block 23


Rodney Owl

“Elegant folksy guitar picking, a sweet wisp of melody – reminiscent of acoustic legend Nick Drake”
– Across the Line, BBC Radio Ulster

Sun 13 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

For SCENE + HEARD 2022, the Black Gate brings you a preview of songs from Rodney Owl’s stunning forthcoming album. Rodney Owl AKA Mark McConville is a self-described music-mad war baby.Hailing from Lurgan, in Co. Armagh – his music often has echoes of the turbulent Northern Ireland of his youth.
With lush arrangements, and poignant lyricism, this album is a tonic for times we live in.

Produced by Alex Borwick
Recorded at the Black Gate Studio in Galway

Rodney Owl will be released on The Black Gate Label in April 2022

Running Time : 45 mins

block 24


How does one obtain salvation?


Sun 13 Feb | 8pm | Boys’ School


REDEMPTION is an avant-garde amalgamation of provocative religious imagery, improvised music, cacophonous soundscapes, and performance art that considers the erroneous nature of mankind and existential distress.

Created + Performed by:
Greg Clifford (Visuals, Electric Guitar and Voice)
Dylan Curran (Electric Violin)

Running Time : 20 mins

block 24
Stand-up comedy

Failed By Design

A stand-up show about design


Sun 13 Feb | 8pm | Boys’ School


Design is all around us, and it’s mostly shit. In this hilarious improvised stand-up show we will careen through the detritus of modern life before designing a perfect solution.

Written + Performed by Allie O’Rourke + Cian Jordan
Produced by Matthew Tallon

Running Time : 35 mins