Predrinks at Laylah’s

Laylah Beattie

Predrinks at Laylah’s is a One Woman Show about the life of a transgender girl in her 20s.

Join me as I get ready for a night out and I’ll tell you all the gossip from the last few years of my life. I’ve been partying hard, I’ve been hospitalised, I’ve had my heart broken by every man I ever liked and oh yeah, I got a vagina. Just make yourself comfortable and give me a few minutes to put my face on.

Predrinks at Laylah’s is back by popular demand, with new extended material.

“Predrinks at Laylah’s is absolutely brilliant. Hilarious and heartfelt – I loved it.”

– Sophie White

About the artist… 

Laylah Beattie is a Dublin-based creative with experience on the stage and screen.
“Predrinks at Laylah’s” is her first show.

Running Time: 60 mins
Tickets €15 | €12
WRITTEN BY Laylah Beattie

CAST: Laylah Beattie, Intro by Liam DeBurca

Suitable for ages 15+

18 Aug 2023
Main Space