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Pitch & Mix
We know how difficult it is to put yourself out there. Endless auditions, knock backs & networking. So at Scene + Heard we’ve turned this on its head. Companies & Artists who are programmed in the festival have an opportunity to pitch to YOU instead. Each year we host a Pitch & Mix where our programmed artists get to pitch their work and tell you what they’re looking for. Actors, Designers, Musicians, Composers, Dancers, Directors, Producers, Gymnasts, Cheerleaders – whatever your skills are, there, more than likely, will be a show for you. So if you’re interested in attending our Pitch & Mix on TUES 16 NOV 2021 and seeing what’s on offer let us know.

Smock Allies
Become an Ally. Each year we do a shout out for those of you chatty cultured cats who LOVE to see new work. Audience feedback is a key part of the festival. All the lovely feedback goes directly to the artists and helps them move the work further along (or maybe just leave it where it is!). We are looking for a gang of outgoing theatre advocates who enjoy meeting new people + talking about art, who have weekends or evenings free between 9 – 26 Feb 2022. You will get to see the new works & give your own feedback to our artists and in return we ask that you encourage your fellow audience members to do the same.

Talk the Talk
Be our Ambassador. Spread the word about the festival.

Do you know someone who always has those brilliant ideas – encourage them to APPLY.
Are your artist pals looking to perform, design, direct or dictate? Send them to our Pitch & Mix
Is your bestie looking to see wonderful works – tell them about our ALLIES

Wave that Wallet
Every year we run a crowdfunding campaign to cover some of the costs of the festival (marketing, technical, rental etc). All our companies get involved and there are always a range of fabulous rewards on offer. Our crowdfunding campaign will be running from November 2021 – January 2022 and we always need supporters like YOU. So check back in when our link goes LIVE.

Snag that Seat
Come meet the Artists + See the Shows. Scene + Heard showcases the best tasters of never before seen theatre, comedy and music from the North, West, South and East of Ireland. We programme a variety of wild and wonderful performances within 60 minutes at very happy prices. YOU then tell us what you thought – by Secret Ballot, Video Booth, Tablet Tale or Social Media Wall. Save those dates in your diaries – 9 – 26 FEB 2022 and come play with us.

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Alternatively you can support the Artists by liking and sharing news of their work on your social media platforms 🙂