NEWvember New Plays Festival 2019

This is the 8th annual NEWvember, a festival of rehearsed readings of new plays. After 5 years in New York, this is the 3rd year the event will be held in Dublin. The spirit of NEWvember is to provide a dynamic, interactive and welcoming place where writers can hear their plays read by seasoned actors, and discuss their work and creative process with the audience.

The NEWvember Dublin 2019 plays are:

The Paper Hangers by Emily Brauer Rogers

Me isn’t feeling quite right about her new baby and the expectations around motherhood, but is sure this trip away to the countryside with her husband will sort all that out.
That is, until her mother comes along too … and magical things start happening to the house, in this beautiful and haunting tale of recovering from trauma, adapted from the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Followed by post-show discussion.






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I Poured the Tea by Nicholas Makin

Seamus and Boxer seem to have it made, on their paid-for holiday in the tropics … until their island starts to feel a bit deserted and rather dangerous; meanwhile over in the Chairman’s office of an investment bank, Dickie Fitzsimons is feeling the heat and seeking to pass the buck, in this fast-moving comedy of the blame game and the financial crisis.

Followed by post-show Q&A with the playwright.






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Telemachus Unbound: A New American Myth by Ned Dougherty

Telemachus has waited all his life to meet his father, but now Odysseus is back home, he’s struggling to live up to his dad’s demands at Camp Olympus for Those Who Aspire to Be Men – and his mum Penelope seems lost in her gardening.

Luckily Athena and Poseidon are here to help – in the form of two fast-talking girls with tricks up their sleeves, in this playful and imaginative story capturing fathers and sons, the roles of masculinity, and what happens when a god comes down a slide?

Followed by post-show Q&A with the playwright.




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Bloodshed, Screaming and Monsters by Aidan Parkinson

Kevin returns home to Dublin having lost everything, but with a family like his, what can save him? This powerful and funny state-of-the-nation play, brimming with song, heartbreak, poetry and laughter features a cast of unforgettable characters and asks big questions about what makes us Irish – the drink, the craic, emigration, words, and the meaning of family.

Followed by post-show Q&A with the playwright.






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