Exhibition : Ian Brennan | ‘I’m Enough’

A series of paintings and a documentary of the shadow lands of the human condition, in nudes.

This series of work looks at shame, vulnerability, abuse, the inner-critic, sexuality, depression, the relationship with the body and the healing that can exist in being witnessed in these aspects of the human condition.

The audience can see the process from beginning to end. From initially meeting the sitter, to revealing the finished pieces and all the feelings in between. Ian allows the audience to witness the intimacy that exists in the relationship with his subjects, an insight that is rarely shared in the art world.

Ian Brennan is a young skilled artist living and painting in Co. Cork. Totally untutored, Ian’s raw talent has already won him fans internationally and locally.

His portraits are beautiful, yet fierce. There is a palpable energy in all of his paintings, as if the subject would get up and leave the canvas behind.

[blockquote_right]28 – 30 June 2019 | Banquet Hall
Fri 28 Jun – Exhibition opens, 8pm – 10:30pm
Sat 29 Jun – Open 12pm – 9pm
Sun 30 Jun – Open 11am – 6pm[/blockquote_right]