Dreamgun Video

There were only three films made in 1992:

Brumpy Goes Vroom, a coming-of-age talking-car movie.

Kiss the Jury, an erotic courtroom drama based on the French original.

A newly discovered thriller adapted from the best selling spy novels of Tim Climby.

Sadly these classics were released on VHS (Versatile Movie Rectangle) and since what even is that? They were lost to time… Until today! Dreamgun have lovingly restored these cinematic classics into a triple feature film read of the greatest year in cinema history: 1992.

WRITTEN BY Stephen Colfer, Gavin Drea and James McDonnell
SOUND DESIGN BY Josh Reichantal
CAST Ronan Carey, Stephen Colfer, Gavin Drea, Hannah Mamalis

Age suitability: 15+
Aimed at adults but suitable for 15 and up

Warnings: Strong language / sexual reference

TICKETS €20 | €18

29 Nov – 2 Dec
Main Space