Written by S.D. Clifford

Living in a tiny room that is a self-created world of isolation, negative voices and self-recriminations, it seems the modern world, AI and Social media is suffocating Terry into a hole he cannot seem to escape from. As a child he entered the world with a feeling that he does not quite belong. As an Adult heading into the latter part of his life, he finds modern life with all its complexities near impossible, especially the voices that keep reminding him that he has already been sentenced to death.

Battling with a constant feeling of hopelessness and intense depression, Terry has to tap deep into his heart and the Love of the things he Loves if he is to overcome his personal demons and quench those voices that want him dead. Are the voices real? Can he find a lighter space where he can live and love, or does he decide there is no place for him and his kind in the complex matrix that is everyday reality?
Has it gone too DARKK to come back, or will love and the will to fight for his own existence pull him through?

About S.D. Clifford…
S.D Clifford was born in Killarney, Ireland in 1975. During the 90’s, his works have been published in different Anthologies. In 1997 he founded the New Irish Writers Movement. In 2002 his play ‘Laurie and Jessie’s Christmas’ was optioned by an Award-Winning Theatre Company in Ireland, and its text was used in New York at The American Opera Project during the summer of 2006. His play ‘Don’t Know-Never Know’ was staged in Killarney and Listowel, Ireland in 2003. In 2011, his show DARK premiered in The English Theatre Berlin, where it got positive reviews in Der Tagesspiegel, Suddeutche Zeitung and Ex-Berliner. He also opened Heritage Week in Muckross House Killarney the same year. He is currently working on POEMUSIC with CIS Minor in Hamburg, whilst experimenting with a new Art/Writing/Spoken word form. This final version of DARKK is over 18 years in the making, and is the first project to be completed under the 20 year plan.

TICKETS €15 | €12
Duration 85 mins
30 Jun + 1 Jul 2023
Boys’ School