Corporate Support

Why not associate your brand with a thriving creative hub, a unique urban iconic building – Smock Alley Theatre – 1662

Join Us – avail of Tax Deductable Donations

Business need creative energy and creativity needs business to survive. How we go about building this relationship is easy – just give us a call and we can start from there.

We can make sure you enjoy the biggest benefits possible while improving your company’s profile, brand identity, staff morale, and corporate hospitality performance – whether you are a multi-national company or a local company.

By becoming a patron of Smock Alley Theatre you can also involve your customers and staff in the socially responsible side of your company, showing your awareness and belief in the benefits that art development can offer to Dublin city. And, as a corporate donation to a charity is treated as a business expense, you will be able to avail of tax deductable donations.

We have a range of solutions on offer for your company and are always delighted to discuss bespoke events.

Team Outing

Bring your team to a night in Dublin’s newest, oldest theatre. We will meet you at the door and guide you to our beautiful Banquet Hall for a welcome reception including food and drink. We will reserve the best seats in the house for you and your guests and at the interval will have your interval drinks prepared and waiting. When the show is over you can return to the Banquet Hall to debate and discuss your experience during the post show reception.

Team Building

Let us motivate your team at Smock Alley Theatre 1662. We will design a unique one day event for your staff which will take place on the stage of Dublin’s oldest, newest theatre. Including breakfast, lunch and a closing reception allow us to challenge, entertain and motivate your team.

Team Meeting

Sometimes it’s useful to get out of the office for that all important strategy meeting. Consider our unique building as the place where you can get away from the world but remain in the heart of the city. With ample space and full technical facilities you can work in the beautiful historic surroundings which will help inspire you.

One for All…

For those special events, celebrations, product launches, announcements, conferences, lectures. Talk to us about designing your event together. Between our stunning Banquet Hall, magical Boy’s School and historic Main Space we can create an event for you that you will be proud of.

There are a range of Smock Alley initiatives you can support in return;

Buy A Brick… and not just any brick

You may have seen the display in our foyer. It’s your opportunity to buy a brick! We have a limited number of bricks that we are asking people to take ownership of in perpetuity. How would you like to own an amazing chunk of history for €5000?

The Smock Alley Theatre walls still contain bricks from the original 1662 building. That means they are 348 years old! They are rare fragments of one of the oldest theatres in Europe, literally, the building blocks of the European theatrical tradition.
Your valuable contribution will help preserve an invaluable piece of our heritage and ensure it continues on firm foundations, and we will send your own commemorative certificate too.

We will place a silver plaque on your brick so that you (or someone of your choosing) will be remembered…….forever.

Create the Programme

Support a project from beginning to middle to end. A €50,000 donation will enable you to sit with us and create a project that has significant community benefit. This could be in a number of areas including social disadvantage, suicide awareness, health and any number of areas that you feel should be highlighted and that you would like to be associated with.

Become our Branding Partner

Have your name, reputation and logo attached to all our promotional and publicity material. Please meet with us to discuss how your brand in partnership with ours can make a significant impact over a ten year period.

Make A Major Donation

Become one of our Platinum patrons by making a major donation. Be seen to be supporting one of Ireland’s most important community based charities. Let us work with you to maximise the return on a significant tax deductible investment.

Imagine….Making a phonecall and making a difference!

Imagine, the phone company, have continued with this amazing opportunity in conjunction with www.mycharity.ie to support charities further.

If you are a new or existing customer, Imagine will donate 5% of your monthly telephone bill to a charity of your choice – at no extra cost to you or the charity. We would be more than grateful if you would choose Smock Alley Theatre as your recipient of this scheme. Here’s how to help us.
1. Just call Imagine on their dedicated mycharity.ie number – 1800 938 080
2. They will discuss your current telecom spend and do their utmost to provide you with a rate card that offers you substantial savings, either if you are an existing customer of if you are switching (typical savings for customers that switch to Imagine are 25% – 40%)
3. They will donate 5% of your monthly spend to Smock Alley Theatre.