PJ Kirby

Warning this show contains a gay man having an identity crisis as he turns thirty. You may experience extreme eye rolling.

Join PJ Kirby in his first solo comedy show as he comes to terms with the fact that for his entire life he has basically been a walking Cliché.

I mean a cis white man doing a one man show about his life is another one that we can add to the list.

Tickets €18
Running time: 60 mins

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About PJ…
PJ Kirby is a queer multidisciplinary creative from Cork City. He’s trained and worked as a writer and performer in London for ten years and has recently moved to Dublin. Queerness and Irishness feature heavily in PJ’s work as he uses different creatives mediums to highlight issues that people may find difficult to talk about in their everyday lives.

19 + 21 Jan
3 + 4 Feb
Main Space