The Last Incel

A woman has entered the chat.

Log into the world of the Incels: an online community of toxic men that blame women and society for their inability to have sex.
That is, until one of them does hook up with a woman who invades their group meeting. And all hell breaks loose.
Strap in as this wild satire turns over one of the darkest stones of the internet to reveal the strange fleshy humans wriggling underneath.

Developed at Scene + Heard Festival
CAST: Fiachra Corkery, GoblinsGoblinsGoblins, Niall Johnson, Jackson Ryan, Justine Stafford

Strong language and mature content: references to sexual assault and sexual violence towards women, self-harm

Jamie Sykes is a writer, director and improviser based in Dublin. He uses theatre and comedy to tell stories that are real, personal and absurd. He has written and directed a number of short films and plays. His most recent show ‘Coffee Kid’ had successful runs at both Dublin and Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was recommended as RTE’s top pick of the Fringe. He loves theatre and bringing work to life through an intimate, collaborative rehearsal process.

Age suitability: 18+

TICKETS €19 | €16 concession
23 – 27 Apr 2024
4pm on Sat 27 Apr
Boys’ School