The Good Women

Good Women Arts Ltd

It’s the 1960s, the world is changing. Protesters take the streets, hippies celebrate free love, and a young band called “The Beatles” is rising to fame. Not in conservative Switzerland, where women did not even get the vote until the 1971.

Bette, star of a regional TV cooking show and Trudy, a housewife with an alcohol problem and an obsession for Bette’s show, are about to change that – and question their life choices, sexualities and what it means to be a good woman in the process.

“The Good Women” is a funny, bold and romantic new play inspired by a true story – making its Dublin premiere after its critically acclaimed opening at London’s Greenwich Theatre and a sold-out UK tour.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll meet two extraordinary women.

Age suitability: 15+
Warnings: Strong language, sexual reference, references to suicide and domestic abuse, smoking on stage

WRITTEN BY Lena Liedl, co-written by Faith McCune and Sophie Marsden
DIRECTED BY Sophie Marsden
CAST: Lena Liedl and Faith McCune

SET DESIGN BY Chloé Rochefort
COSTUME DESIGN BY Chloé Rochefort and Mathilde Giraud
DRAMATURGY BY Tor Leijten and Hugo Papiernik
VOICE OVERS BY Alberts Vecmanis, Carmine Tiberini and Sophie Marsden

Special thanks to Matthew Gordon, Austeija Ceg, Lauren Wedgeworth, Astrid Kaufmann, Tia Hubbard, The Messy Kind Theatre Collective and The Austrian Cultural Forum London

RUNNING TIME 90 mins Plus a 15 Minute Interval
TICKETS €17.50 | €14.50

About The Company
Lena Liedl, Sophie Marsden and Faith McCune all met while training at East 15 Acting School in London. “The Good Women” started out as a final year drama school project, which led to the founding of their own production company after graduating. Another piece of new writing, a short film and a podcast are in the making.

3 + 4 May
Boys’ School