Tale of a Hardy Buck

Martin Maloney

[blockquote_right] Thu 13 Dec | 7:30pm

“A Beautiful Mind… Russell Brand meets Russell Crowe – Brian Eno”[/blockquote_right]

Writer, creator and face of the Hardy Bucks, Martin Maloney takes his first solo stand-up show on the road!

Tale of a Hardy Buck is a high-octane show filled with stories and songs that shaped the early Hardy Bucks episodes, the ups and downs of a career built around the cult comedy classic and a plush tapestry of impressions of real-life characters.

A passion project a long time in the making that will give audiences the inside scoop on the bitter sweet trials and tribulations of show business, family living with a larger-than-life father, friends turned co-stars of the Hardy Bucks and an insight into living with ADHD and being too social for your own good.

Come along and experience in the flesh, the multifaceted, sparkle party of a brain that gave us the lovable rogue, Eddie Durkan. Otherwise, go and check out some RTE hack talking about Brexit, doylies and Tinder. If all goes well, Martin will end up on an annoying Channel 4 panel show instead, with Jimmy Carr and that middle-aged guy with the glasses. Sean something…

This white-knuckle ride through streets broad and narrow will feature special guest BonMot (providing warm-up laughs and insights)

Quotes from the press

“Never heard of the lad!” – Gaz (Geordie Shore)

“Is that Dennis Waterman’s son?” – Gisele Bündchen

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Photography: Tom Maher Multimedia

Produced by: Ali Fox

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