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Sweet Chilli Sauce


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Come here til I tell you! With a surplus of chillies, the temptation was just to freeze them and use from frozen as needed. But creativity got the better of me and I decided to use them for a jam. It ended up runny, so I’m calling it a sauce.

Drawing on many inspiring sources, I decided to let them all wash over me and see what the end result on my metaphorical shore would be. The results are quite appealing.

150 grams of red chillies, were blended with the same quantity of roasted red peppers, and 100 grams of tomatoes. To this blend was added 200 grams of brown sugar, and 200ml of red wine vinegar. All these ingredients were put into a pot and boiled for 10-15 minutes. The contents were then liquidised again, passed through a strainer and boiled again for 5 minutes. Leave to cool and voila, homemade chilli sauce.


Look at the comparison! Shop bought on left, homemade on right! That’s more of it now!