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In 1660, John Ogilby travelled to London from Dublin to create what became known as the Restoration Pageant. It was the greatest spectacle the Kingdom had ever seen and was designed to herald in the restoration of the English Monarchy under King Charles II. The King was so delighted by the entire event he met personally with Ogilby and asked him what he would like as a reward. Ogilby asked to be made Master of the Revels in Dublin and also for the Kings seal of approval to open up a Theatre Royal. After raising £4500 and two years of construction the Theatre Royal at Smock Alley opened its grand doors in the Spring of 1662. It was the only Theatre Royal built outside of London and the only purpose built theatre in the city at the time.

350 years later we are still carrying on this incredible tradition. We asked the people of Ireland to help us reinstate and reopen this historic theatre not only for Dublin and Ireland but for the world. And in February 2012 we opened its doors once again. Philanthropists and Government, small donations and large have enabled us to bring this extraordinary playhouse back to life. And since we have reopened new works, new artists and new creativity have breathed new life into this most unique of buildings. But we need your support for our work and we hope that you will support us into the future.

Make a philanthropic donation or become a significant Friend of Smock Alley Theatre 1662

You can support us directly here at Smock Alley Theatre. This would be practical and helpful beyond words. Needless to say we will acknowledge your friendship in a range of ways;

All donors will be listed on Our Donors page.
You will be the first to know of our upcoming events and be given priority booking.
You may invite your friends on a free private tour of Smock Alley Theatre before enjoying a night at the theatre with a reserved table in our beautiful Banquet Hall after the show is over.
You will (we hope) gain a certain satisfaction from supporting us in our first years as we strive to become a significant and welcoming theatre on the world stage.

We always welcome meetings with our supporters and philanthropists to discuss your contribution to Smock Alley and talk you through how we might best make your tax deductible donation so your generosity has the maximum benefit for both of us.

Our vision for Smock Alley’s future is ambitious but we are well under way in this lively exciting historic venue.

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