Culture Night – Stained Glass Illuminations

Ronan Coyle

For culture night this year, the public has a unique chance to admire our Banquet Hall stained glass from the street.

Artist Ronan Coyle will illuminate the stained glass windows with a magically unfolding animation through their decorated surface.
Projected from within, the animation will display the windows’ craftsmanship and structure in an ambient show that is both peaceful and mesmerizing.

Coyle is a visual effects artist with an architectural background, his light installations are all custom made and specific to the individual window. They serve to emphasize Ireland’s rich stained glass heritage. He is very excited to be working with Smock Alley in presenting this event.

It will be viewable from Cow’s Lane, from 7pm till 11pm.

As this event can be viewed from outside the back of the theatre on Cow’s Lane, no tickets will be issued.

17 Sep 2021

– Visible from 7pm until 11pm –

Outside | Cow’s Lane (back of Smock Alley)