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S’more S’more S’more

Come here til I tell you- you needn’t have gone to summer camp in ‘Merica to appreciate the delights of a S’more. Because now why not make a S’more tart! It’s a delight. Do it.

Get a little/large tart base, you don’t need to be forking out big euros for Graham Crackers- as long as it’s sweet you’ll get the essence.

Melt whatever kind of chocolate you prefer, I used Belgian chocolate with 33.5% cocoa. It was lovely. Natch.

Pour the melted chocolate into a tart shell and let it lap to the sides like a chocolate lake of wonder. Pop some little marshmallows, or 1 big one, on to the tart. Get a blowtorch, light it and unleash hell on the little beauties- mere seconds is all the mallows will need before the transformation is complete. Voila! Sure that’s more of it now!