Festival Programme : Tue 1st – Sat 5th March




Tues 1 / Wed 2 Mar @ 6.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


25mm x 25mm BLACK POT Súgan Theatre

Black Pot – Sugán Theatre

When I was two years old I witnessed my parents have a drunken row. The first blot on my white canvas. Black Pot is a physical exploration of what it means to be innocent and the effects on the human psyche when this innocence is tainted or lost. A fusion of folk tradition and contemporary style dance allows for an original insight into what it is to be naïve.

Written + Directed by: Therese Prendiville
Cast: Fiona Keenan O’ Brien, Diana Melo, and Anna Sidenko.




smock alley photo 25 x 25

Incidental Music – Vivian Brodie Hayes

We connect to ourselves and to others. We are alone, disconnected. Connection. Disconnect. The dancers investigate individual experiences of movement and the rhythm is the unifying force that pulls them together.

Choreography by: Vivian Brodie Hayes
Performed by: Vivian Brodie Hayes + Lisa Cahill

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Tues 1 / Wed 2 Mar @ 7pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space



Council of Nicea – Iseult Golden

Council of Nicea: the unauthorized version (inspired by the Bouffon Clown)
A group of clowns get together to hammer out the central beliefs of their Church with all the quarrels, tantrums and absurd debates you might expect. A short, irreverent and very blasphemous satire on one of the Christian Church’s formative conferences. If humourous attacks on ideology are your thing, this is the show for you. Amen, baby.

Written + Directed by: Iseult Golden

Cast: Gerard Byrne, Colin Campbell, Mark Fitzgerald, Gillian McCarthy, Jed Murray, Colm O’Brien, Eric O’Brien, Madi O’Carroll and Sophie Jo Wasson.

Costume Design by: Sarah Foley.




295 x 295 resize

How To Be Angry – Brazen Tales Productions

Do you act out your rage? Or swallow it up like a good girl? Are you the best boy for giving out?
Or do you only express the “poor man’s rage”­ sulking? It’s not a popular feeling­ so better be careful. A group of comedic dancers do some made-up interpretive dance and explore that naughty, fiery feeling, anger.

Written + Performed by: Camille Lucy Ross & Co

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Tues 1 / Wed 2 / Fri 4 / Sat 5 Mar @ 7pm
€15 / 12 conc. | Starting point : Smock Alley front gates


Smock allies 3

In Dublin Fair City – [insert reality here]

Through masks, dance and physical theatre [insert reality here] tells wordless stories of a city and its people. To the avid people watcher, join us in this voyeuristic, surreal second reality tour of the streets and lanes of Temple Bar and meet the regulars and ‘irregulars’ that frequent the backlanes of the city.

Directed by: Emily Elphinstone & Olga Criado Monleon
Cast: Morgan Barbour, Barbara Ceannt, Marie Hurley, Gemma Kane, Kevin Kehoe, Elizabeth Kovacich, Katie Noone, Maya Petrovic, Kieran Smyth, Stephen Tadgh.
Stage Manager: Sinead Heavin

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Tues 1 / Wed 2 Mar @ 8pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


295 x 295 resize

Running Blind – Laura Sarah Dowdall

A visceral dialogue of dance, sound and sight. An immersion into a tactile, imagined and experienced presence awaits.

Laura Sarah Dowdall’s work as artist-in-residence at a Dublin DeafBlind centre results in this daring exploration of the role of the senses, inviting you to find fresh vision and become a part of this investigative journey into metaphorical and physical blindness.

Choreographed + Performed by: Laura Sarah Dowdall





Skittles – Play Dough Productions

Bernie is stubborn. She won’t start the day until the skittles are separated. Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green. Angela is nervous. She can’t continue the dance routine until the book of jobs book has been ordered and filed. Fisherman, Floweriest, Vet, Care-taker, Nurse.They’re waiting. Preparing for the day they grow up. The day they become adults.

Written by: Eimear O’Riordan
Directed by: Niamh Denyer
Cast: Rachel Gleeson and Eimear O’ Riordan

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Tues 1 / Wed 2 Mar @ 9pm
€15 / 12 conc. | The Main Space


Couples 295 x 295

Couples Counselling – The Mess Around / Underdog Theatre Company

Real problems. Fake shrink.

Written + Directed by: Giles Brody
Cast: Edwin Sammon, Philippa Dunne, Stephen Colfer, Hannah Mamalis.

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Tues 1 / Wed 2 Mar @ 9:30pm
€15 / 12 conc. | The Boys School


295 x 295 resize

Good Grief – Keith Fox / Ger Staunton

Irish comedians Keith Fox and Ger Staunton playfully deal with the struggles and expectations of modern living. ‘Good Grief’ invites you to take a step back, tilt your head and see the world from their perspective as they look to make grief…good!

‘Incredibly funny’ (Irish Examiner)
Vodafone Comedy Carnival 2015, Electric Picnic, Edinburgh and Galway Fringes 2015

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Thurs 3 / Fri 4 Mar @ 6.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


Fray 3

Fray – Blue Heart Theatre

Charlie and Jack are best friends in their twenties. It’s all banter and shenanigans – until a young woman called Fray finds herself on their doorstep, looking for a place to hide. As the three discover the dark underworld at the heart of their city, they came face-to-face with the culture of silence surrounding the treatment of Irish women throughout our history.

Written by: Margaret Perry
Cast: Niamh Denyer, Mike Kunze, Brian Higgins





Thicker Than Blood – Wooden O Productions

“They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, this has been ice ******* cold. Nineteen years bubbling away. Ready to explode.”
Some kids get a computer or a car when they turn 18.
Joe got a gun.
And a story.
Wooden O premiere this twisted tale of revenge and the bond between father and son.

Written + Directed by: Gerard O’Shea
Performed by: Niall Eamon O’Brien

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Thur 3 / Fri 4 Mar @ 7pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space



Schoolgate Catwalk – Grace Morgan + William Dunleavy

A true story of the false life of Pauline Bannon-Hume.
Her mission: to dress the mothers of private school children for the schoolgates.
Her team: three friends from a thinly disguised southside school.
Her problem: TK Maxx.

Written by: William Dunleavy
Directed by: Grace Morgan
Cast: Rua Barron, Alison Devlin, Joyce Dignam, Emma Finegan, Maia Purdue.




295x 295 resize

All The Way – Michelle McCormack

A one woman show, which questions our young subculture of fame and ego, through the personal story of a twenty-something year old named Lucy, who lives to be famous. The only flaw; she is going about it in all the wrong ways.

Written + Performed by: Michelle McCormack
Directed by: Emily Foran

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Thurs 3 / Fri 4 Mar @ 8pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School



Welcome To The Memory Palace – Game Theory

The Memory Palace has many rooms. Each room contains an object, and each object contains a story. Some of these stories are funny. Some of them are scary. All of them are true. These are the stories of life in the digital age. Come with us, we’re here to guide you. But be warned: the Internet never forgets.

Written + Directed by: Cathal McGuire
Cast: Fiona McGarry, Fionnuala Gygax, Shane O’Regan




295 x 295 resize

TRIANGLES – Sad Strippers Theatre

TRIANGLES. There are three corners on a triangle. There are three characters in this play.

Bread, Muesli and Chair carry out their daily routine, same as everyday, confined to their room. Chair breaks this routine and their sanities are tested. This doesn’t sit well with Bread and Muesli.
And it doesn’t sit well with Chair. (For more questionable puns come see TRIANGLES.)

Written by: Ciara Smyth
Performed by: Laura Brady, Meg Healy, Ciara Smyth

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Thurs 3 Mar @ 9pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space


FOLK square

FOLK – John Doran

A man has made a very simple, yet drastic decision.

He no longer wishes to be himself anymore. He wishes to be identified as a completely different person. A person that (technically) he is not.

This is how he is currently putting that into effect.

Written by : John Doran
Music by : Moses Moorhouse
Cast : John Doran + Aoife Spratt



resize 295 x 295

The Egg is a Lonely Hunter – Hannah Mamalis

On Sophie’s fifth Birthday, a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat that tells her the world is going to end. Twenty years later, as she sits on the brink of destruction with her two feet in one sock, she thinks about life and the prophecy that ruined it. A story about beached whales, black holes and the redeeming power of eggs.

Directed by: Ria Murphy
Written + Performed by: Hannah Mamalis

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Thurs 3 / Fri 4 Mar @ 9.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


900 x 900

The WIN – Banbha Theatre Company

When the 8th Amendment led the courts to rule that abortion information was illegal Irishwomen had a lifeline: a secret phone number scrawled on toilet walls and chanted defiantly at demonstrations.
It connected them to the Women’s Information Network (WIN).

‘The WIN’ — based on WIN’s logbooks and the memories of its members — breaks three decades of silence about these women’s revolutionary work.

Written + Directed by: Cara Brophy-Browne + Tara Louise
Cast: Kelly Kierans, Nitai Aleksiewicz, Cliodhna Kelly, Johanna O’Brien, Orla Devlin, Laoise Murray Morrison




295 x 295 resize

Voices – Caroline Hart / Metamorphic Theatre Company

‘VOICES’ is about a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s who returns home to die. A relationship develops between ‘Missus’ the central character and her carer. Events take an unusual turn. The play explores the fractured inner world of Missus and the mythology of the Cailleach, which embodies Hag, witch, and supernatural woman; a naturally occurring stone figure on the Beara Peninsula, These worlds between memory and myth collide with sinister consequences.

Written + Directed by: Paula McGlinchey

Cast: Caroline Hart + Julie Sharkey

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Fri 4 / Sat 5 Mar @ 9pm
€15 / 12 conc. | The Main Space



John In Heels – Phoenix

John is a man.
A man who wears heels, dresses, lingerie.
John wants to tell you why. How it has changed him.
How, maybe, it might change you.

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Sat 20 Feb + Sat 5 March @ 3pm
€15 | The Banquet Hall


lunch resize 295x 295

4pm rehearsed reading, lunch sitting at 3pm

Come for a delicious artisan lunch and savour some new writing in our New Plays Rehearsed Reading Programme.

Poached Chicken Tartine with Sauce Gribiche
Roast Vegetable Tartine with Pesto
Choice of 2 salads – Carrot Slaw with Dill/Cucumber Salad with Dijon Mustard/Rocket, Sugar Snaps and Feta

Sat 20 Feb : New History
Sat 5 Mar : Once More for Toby Jugg

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Sat 5 Mar @ 4pm
€5 | The Main Space


25x25mm jpg

Once More for Toby Jugg – Brian Regan/Eoghan Regan

This play is a tragedy, that charts the rise and fall of struggling Irish Comedian, Toby Jugg. His warped sense of morality allows him to quickly become one of the world’s most divisive spokespeople; taking an almost inadvertent stand against ‘Anti-Islamic Extremism’. In a faustian pact with his manager Keith, Toby’s hunger for fame destroys everything and everyone he loves.

Written by: Brian Regan, Eoghan Regan, Donncha Gilmore

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Sat 5 Mar @ 6.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


295 x 295 resize

At the Roots of the Stars – Cal Folger Day

“Tradition has it that a singer must have a touch of bravado, a joyous putting-forth of first the right leg and then the left,” Djuna Barnes wrote of tenor James Joyce.
In a new musical setting of Barnes’ 1919 play, Mageen waits ten years for her son to come home.

Written by: Djuna Barnes
Directed by: Cal Folger Day
Cast: Naoise Roo, Nick Boon




295 x 295 resize

Unrhymed Dublin – Berni Dwan

Always watching; always listening, the curmudgeonly commentator,

Berni Dwan, reminisces about her early life in the grey backwater that as Dublin in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The words geek and nerd did not exist then, but she retrospectively admits to being an awkward combination of both. She continues to capture contemporary Dublin life in her signature Frankly Blank Verse.

Written + Performed by: Berni Dwan

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Sat 5 Mar @ 8pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


295 x 295 resize

Elbow Room – Danny Diamond

In his new solo performance project, Elbow Room, Dublin fiddle player Danny Diamond takes his roots in Irish traditional music as a starting-point to build a unique new sound-world. Bringing influences from Nordic and American fiddle music together with loops and analog electronics (controlled via a modified antique Stroh violn), Elbow Room showcases an important new voice in contemporary Irish music.

Written + Performed by: Danny Diamond





Bang Bang Goes The Hammer – Roger Gregg

Bang! Bang! Goes The Hammer – Roger Gregg presents for your spiritual distraction and sensual overload a diabolically defiant, all live performance of outlandish devilment featuring unbridled voodoo incantations and demonic ravings coated in the rapturous delirium of saxophonic ecstasies. Prepare to be consumed by the infernally contagious
rhythms drawn straight from the fiery furnace of the Abyss in this existential necromantic
confrontation with the eternal darkness that lurks within the human soul.

Written + Performed by: Roger Gregg

Directed by: James O’Connor

The Demon Crew: Olivia Haran, Suzie Seweify, Kyle Shannon, Brian Tuohy

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