Festival Programme: Wed 17th – Sun 21st Feb


WED 17 – SUN 21 FEB


Wed 17 Feb @ 6:30pm
€15 | The Boys’ School


Jimbob 295 x 295 resize

A Little Wisdom – Black Wing Bird

In 2015, James Walmsley won a competition to find Dublin’s best busker. Part of the prize was two days of studio time that he used to record his debut album as Black Wing Bird. Expect world worn love songs with echoes of Cave, Cohen and Dylan.

Ticket holders will receive a free digital download.

Lighting by: Ilo Tarrant

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Wed 17 + Thurs 18 Feb @ 7pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space


into the depths 295 X 295

From the Depths – Four Men Hugging

“Out Out brief candle, life is but a walking shadow” explains Franks Gray as he slumps back in his armchair. His wife laughs and tells him to fuck off but she lingers too long with her look, his friend quickly looks away and starts mumbling something about the West ham result, fidgeting with the remote. His sister tells him how western culture is a cesspool of regret .

What the fuck is going on?!

What if your own mind was holding you under as you scrabbled frantically for reason , clawed at happiness as it skittered around your peripheral? How do you fight the battles of your life if your own mind wont let you see joy in a pair of clean socks or a full fridge?

Written by : Derek Tighe
Directed by : Michael Mullen
Cast : Patrick Murphy, Catriona Ni Threasaigh, Enda Connaughton, Hilary Bowen –Walsh, Pete Williams, Sean Bassett.




Yoga For Beginners 1 295 x 295

Yoga For Beginners – Why On Earth Productions

A yoga class with a difference. As the instructor’s hidden turmoil rises to the surface this unique workout will give you a little more than you bargained for.

Written + Directed by: Adam Wyeth
Cast : Paula McGlinchey

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Wed 17 Feb @ 8pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


LYRICS 295 x 295

LYRICS – Intensive Purposes Theatre Company

LYRICS is a darkly comic play with original music by Tom Moran about a chance encounter between two singer-songwriters who experience an unforgettable connection.

Can a love between two people be powerful enough to overshadow the darkness of their pasts? Or can we only ever hope to find someone who is willing to exist alongside our less than perfect history?

Written by : Tom Moran
Directed by : Leah Moore
Cast : Tom Moran, Sarah Gannon


295x 295 resize

Arousal & Valence – Eve Darcy

Life is confusingly difficult at times – but why?!
It shouldn’t be… we’ve all been doing it ages.
Join Eve in her quest to be ‘normal’ and see what sense she’s made of it all thus far, now that she’s a toddler of thirty.

You’re alive now – come along and feel better about our collective existence!

Written + Performed by : Eve Darcy

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Wed 17 / Thurs 18 Feb @ 9pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space


FOLK square

FOLK – John Doran

A man has made a very simple, yet drastic decision.

He no longer wishes to be himself anymore. He wishes to be identified as a completely different person. A person that (technically) he is not.

This is how he is currently putting that into effect.

Written by : John Doran
Music by : Moses Moorhouse
Cast : John Doran + Aoife Spratt




Lady Play – Eccles Theatre Group

Poppy is adjusting to life with her three new housemates – Daisy, Holly, and Rosie. Friday is “prosecco” and “book-club” night.

It’s a very “safe” place. “Liberated” even.

But something strange is happening. Poppy’s housemates are slowly turning into enormous cocoons and nobody seems to find this troubling. What’s a lady to do? Take a trip with us through this unusual and stylish satire.

Written by : Jane Madden
Directed by : Davey Kelleher
Cast : Alexandra Conlon, Danielle Galligan, Sarah Morris, Aisling O’Mara

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Wed 17 / Thurs 18 Feb @ 9.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School



Little – Without Wax

The Second Smallest Man in the World really has only one course of action.

Kill the Smallest Man in the World!
The only thing worse than being laughed at is not being laughed at…

Written + Directed by: Anto Howard
Cast : Tom Doonan + William Brady.



295 x 295 resize

Cora, Leah and I – Bridge Talk Theatre

Cora, Leah and Egan all have one thing in common; each other. Against the backdrop of childish mistakes with adult consequences, three people bound together by loss, try to live with what they think they have done.

Written by: Ellen Flynn
Directed by: Laura Bowler
Cast: Siofra O’Meara, Clare Walsh, Colm Gleeson

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Thurs 18 / Fri 19 Feb @ 6.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


900 x 900

The WIN – Banbha Theatre Company

When the 8th Amendment led the courts to rule that abortion information was illegal Irishwomen had a lifeline: a secret phone number scrawled on toilet walls and chanted defiantly at demonstrations.
It connected them to the Women’s Information Network (WIN).

‘The WIN’ — based on WIN’s logbooks and the memories of its members — breaks three decades of silence about these women’s revolutionary work.

Written + Directed by: Cara Brophy-Browne + Tara Louise
Cast: Kelly Kierans, Nitai Aleksiewicz, Cliodhna Kelly, Johanna O’Brien, Orla Devlin, Laoise Murray Morrison



Jamie Hallahan - TUSOTB 25x25

The Unforgettable Story of Thomas Bartley – Jamie Hallahan

Thomas Bartley could never quite recall a time when his family felt welcome in Bóthar Buí, and after a particularly disastrous 9th birthday, devised a plan to change their outcast state. By performing in the lead role of his town’s local production of Oliver Twist, perhaps Tom could, once and for all, make the Bartleys feel at home once again.

Written + Performed by: Jamie Hallahan

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Fri 19 / Sat 20 Feb @ 7pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space



#trollmodels – alone/together/alone

#trollmodels holds a mirror up to the different cyber-versions we present online, for better or for worse.

As a devised physical theatre piece that interweaves body-based movement practice with digital media, it explores the collective power we have online when concealed beneath our digital masks.

#trollmodels is a tantalizing, contemporary, and upbeat performance that raises thought-provoking questions.

Written + Performed by: Kate Fitzgerald + Devon Baur



Mr Mollusc – Keelan Byrne

Mr Mollusc is an absurd comedy recounting the story of one Dublin mans riveting and haunting decent into madness.

Written + Directed by: Keelan Byrne
Cast: Emmet Kelly, Bryan Dunphy, Warren McCarthy

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Thu 18 + Fri 19 Feb @ 8pm
€30 | The Banquet Hall


dinner resize 295 x 295

9pm show, dinner sitting at 8pm

Dine in the decadent surroundings of Smock Alley’s beautiful Banquet Hall then take in some Culture.

Trout with Sautéd Potatoes & Spring Onions with Sauce Vierge
Braised Beef & Shallots with Garlic Mash
Root Vegetable Puff Pastry Pies with Sweet Potato Wedges

Thurs show – Folk + Lady Play
Fri show – Aislings’s Seven (The Central Bank Heist + The Worst We Have to Fear)

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Thurs 18 / Fri 19 Feb @ 8pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School



Bert – Ciara Fleming

From the rooftop prancing and fireplace dancing of ‘Mary Poppins’ returns Bert the chimney-sweep, portrayed as never before in this epilogue to the film’s events.

Written by: William Penswick
Directed by: Ciara Fleming
Cast: Benedict Esdale + Caitlin Scott


295 x 295 resize

Rise – Above the Clouds Theatre Company

Four working class friends from the inner city of Dublin must overcome the situations they have been faced with. As the city changes, so do their relationships with each other.

Written + Directed by: Kate Conboy-Fischer
Cast: Gina Lumsden

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Fri 19 + Sat 20 Feb @ 9pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space


295 x 295

Aisling’s Seven – Underdog Productions

Ash and Dan, have a plan. They’re plotting a daring heist on Dublin’s own Central Bank. Armed with nothing but their wits and Crime Caper Film obsession. What could possibly go wrong?

Written + Directed by: Cian Ó Ceallacháin
Cast: Susan Barrett, Stephen Gorman, Aisling Flynn


THE-WORST-WE-HAVE-TO-FEAR-IMAGE original_image_copy25x25

The Worst We Have To Fear – No Drama Theatre

Poetry, history and prejudice clash as a romantic literary writer and those nearest to her come face to face with the human side of violence, past, present and future.

Written by: Rosemarie Rowley
Directed by: Jonathan Shortall
Cast: Louise Dunne, Annette Burns, Siobhan Hickey, Pat Deery, David Breen, Nikhil Dubey, Adam Walsh, Greg Freegrove, Dorothy Godsill

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Fri 19 + Sat 20 Feb @ 9.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


295 x 295 resize

Losing It – Wild Woman

What is virginity? What are we losing and why aren’t we gaining? Let us take you by the hand and lead you through five experiences of losing it- the cringiness, the craziness and the beauty of it all.

Written + Directed by: Ciara Haley + Hannah Harman Conlon
Cast: Izzy Matushka, Cat Daly, Amy Kellett, Henry Earnest, Anna Hardstaff, Harry Higgins, Jack Dykstra-McCarthy, Sorcha Lavelle Walsh, Youss Koudri


Paddy Jo Malpas 25x25

The Mancunian Candidate – Paddy Jo Malpas

Vicky is a full blown Mancunian and proud but after an incident, she is sent to her relatives in Dublin. She struggles to adjust. They speak a different language and make fun of her accent so she refuses to fit in. However, in the run up to her cousin’s wedding, will she realise that she’s not that different after all?

Written + Directed by: Paddy Jo Malpas

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Sat 20 Feb + Sat 5 March @ 3pm
€15 | The Banquet Hall


lunch resize 295x 295

4pm rehearsed reading, lunch sitting at 3pm

Come for a delicious artisan lunch and savour some new writing in our New Plays Rehearsed Reading Programme.

Poached Chicken Tartine with Sauce Gribiche
Roast Vegetable Tartine with Pesto
Choice of 2 salads – Carrot Slaw with Dill/Cucumber Salad with Dijon Mustard/Rocket, Sugar Snaps and Feta

Sat 20 Feb : New History
Sat 5 Mar : Once More for Toby Jugg

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Sun 21 Feb + Sun 28 Feb @ 12:30pm
€15 | The Banquet Hall


295 x 295

Sunday Brunch with Nova Collective

Brunch with the musical musings of NOVA COLLECTIVE.

Influenced by an unusual blend of Latin Jazz, traditional Irish singing, classical, and more, their live shows often involve more than just a simple music performance.

Latin vibes with Sweetcorn Fritters, Spicy Sweet Potatoes, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs. Served with Smoked Ketchup & OR Ricotta & Banana Pancakes with Berry Compote.

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Sat 20 / Sun 21 Feb – @ 2pm
€10 / €8 | The Main Space


295 x 295 resize

Dreams Under the Roof – Magikloko Theatre Company

DREAMS UNDER THE ROOF is a play about the wonder and the effectiveness of dreaming big. An old man, a very special carpenter and a talented young boy all live in the same building, dreaming under the same roof.

Written + Directed by: Debora Danti
Cast: Debora Danti, Jessica In-Spiral

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Sat 20 / Sun 21 Feb @ 6.30pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School



IS IT SOMETHING I DID? – Catch The Pigeon

A controversial pickup artist struggles to get his ‘mojo’ back after his YouTube videos receive massive backlash online.

Directed by: Gerard Adlum
Written + Performed by: Ian McEvoy

WARNING: Contains scenes of sexual malice that some patrons may find upsetting.


295 x 295

St. Boxfriend – Illustrated Productions

Terese is a religious statue restorer who spends her days painting and fixing under the watchful eye of her domineering boss. Terese has always felt an affiliation with Mary, but one day when a new statue of Mary appears before her, she realises all isn’t quite as she thought…

Written by: Louise O’Meara
Directed by: Clare Maguire
Cast: Clodagh Mooney Duggan, Louise O’Meara, Eithne McKeown

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Sat 20 / Sun 21 Feb @ 8pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Boys School


295 x 295 resize

First date, They said… – Elephant Surprise Theatre Company

First date, They said… is a brand new comedy about those awkward first encounters set up nowadays by social media with just a click of a button. Some triumph; others fail gloriously. How will our two Daters fare?

Written by: Shannon Keenan + Conor Kelly
Directed by: Seán Basil Crawford
Cast: Shannon Keenan, Warren Hanley, Hannah Ryan + Eoin Mannion


33 295x295

33 – Little Shadow Theatre Company

This Dublin Crime Family has one final score to settle before riding off into the sunset, But can they trust each other and make it out alive? “33” is a Crime Drama which explores Trust, Betrayal and Strength of Family Bonds.

Written by: Pauric Brennan
Directed by: James O’Connor

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Sun 21 Feb @ 4pm
€5 | The Main Space


295 x 295 resize

For Fleeting Dreams have many Gates and None – Jean Clarke

The four characters in this play speak in monologue, bringing the audience into their personal and interpersonal stories of power relations, hope and “life by proxy.” The play places the audience in a voyeuristic position which heightens the intimacy of the relationships being played out, while all the time a feeling of doom builds through the glimmers of cultural narrative.

Written by: Jean Clarke
Directed by: Róisín Lonergan
Cast: Prince Haliziman, Lauren Hennessy, Norasile Laily, Nicholas Pigott

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Sun 21 Feb @ 7pm
€15 / €12 conc. | The Main Space


angry and furious announcement - businessman spitting fire

Nowhere Now – At Large Theatre Company

In a world where cows are currency and nuclear weapons aren’t just for Christmas, what happens when a Prime Minister misses his flight? Join CEO, Ambassador and Minister as they bravely battle the opponents of free market capitalism to ensure the dream of beef for all dies a cruel, lonely death. It is Nowhere and we are Now.

Written + Directed by: Daniel O’Brien
Cast: Grainne Curistan, Darcy Donnellan, Noel Cahill, Yalda Shahidi, Ciaran Treanor, Kate Cosgrave

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