block 1




Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Man Overboard

Join Man Overboard as they use the exacting science of sketch comedy to reveal who in the audience is human and who a robot.

Written + Performed by: Niall Johnson + Jamie Sykes
Produced by: Sarah Ahern

Running Time : 20 mins

block 1

Just One Law …

An improvised future.


Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Just One Law Improv

How much damage could just one law really do? Come, see the future for yourself, and find out. A dark improvised comedy.

Performers: Aidan O’Sullivan, Andrei Callanan, Emma Somers, Lisa Walsh, Michael Sullivan, Sonia Bishop

Directed by: Sonia Bishop
Acting Coach: Shane Robinson
Produced by: Katya Chapiro

Running Time : 25 mins

block 2

A Shack on the Edge of the World

Words o’the Wise, Ceol o’the Soul.

Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School


A poetic encounter at a home, steeped in the Gaelic tradition of the Seanchaí and the Ceoltóir, on the edge of our world.

Writen by: Íosac Ó Cathasaigh
Produced by: Lucy Jones
Lighting Design by: Éimhín O’Connor
Performed by: Stewart Shields + Íosac Ó Cathasaigh

Running Time : 20 mins

block 3

Men Eating Dinner

Take, eat; this is my body.


Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Morghan Welt

Wine, bread, and a traitor among the 13 dinner guests. This adaptation of DaVinci’s “Last Supper” questions what it means to be a man.

Written + Directed by Morghan Welt
Composed by Saoirse Miller
Produced by Laura Shannon
Managed by Daire Kelly & Matthew Moran
Designed by Erica Smith, Niamh O’Farrell-Tyler & T Kokalj
Performed by Agostino Luisetti, Callum Byrne, Cameron Brady, Daire Ó Muirí, Danny O’Leary, Donnagh Mayock, Joe Barford, Kate Brosnan, Luan Rogers, Ryan McDonald, Samuel Ferrie, Saul Sherrard + Tadgh Snodgrass

Running Time : 20 mins

block 3

how do you remember me?

old friends, new love, broken hearts


Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

No Clú Collective

Exploring the intricate web of friendship, love, and growth, shifting perspectives unveil the complexities of human connection and the fragility of our own memories.

Conceptualised + Choreographed by Clara Sinclair
Produced by Louis Maxwell
Performed by Amy Cummins, Grace Doyle Flaherty, Lorna Fox, Meagan Hoare, Sophie Jo

Running Time : 20 mins

block 4


Francis… Francis… Francis…


Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Hello Operator

The final years of Ireland’s greatest photographer, presented like never before.

Stage Management + Set Design by Anika Kidd
Produced by Blaise Robinson
Cast: Blaithin Ward + Fiachra Corkery
Script + Sound Design by Daniel O’Brien
Lighting Design by Eimear Conroy
Direction + Costume by Sarah Joan K

Please note this show contains brief discussions of institutional violence directed at children.

Running Time : 25 mins

block 4

The Letterboxder

Idiotic film critic in a warzone


Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

The Mess Around

The story of Giles Brody’s job as the film website Letterboxd’s first war zone correspondent. Featuring danger, sex, excitement & twee lists of favourite films.

Written and performed by Giles Brody
Directed by Ronan Carey
Lighting by Eimear Conroy

Running Time : 20 mins

block 5
improv / musical theatre

Bum Notes: The Improvised Musical

A spot-on musical done on-the-spot

Thu 15 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Bum Notes

Ever seen an improv show where everything is made up on the spot? Or a musical? NO!? Whelp, 2 birds, 1 stone, all that jazz.

Directed by: Ross Curran
Musical Direction by: Paul Prior
Produced by: Paul Meagher
Performed by: John Close, Padraig Dooney, Stephen Doughten, Áine Gallgher, Amy Hughes, Oisin Moran

Running Time : 45 mins

block 6


May the Force dimwit you.


Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Becky Cheatle

Becky Cheatle hilariously examines her gender transition journey through the lens of her lifelong love of Star Wars.

Written + Performed by Becky Cheatle
Directed by Ally Ryan

Running Time : 20 mins

block 6


Life is buying 10,000 boxes.


Thu 15 + Fri 16 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Stephen Colfer

Stephen Colfer reviews the boxes of his life to find out if the shiny packaging matches the sticky, broken insides.

Written + Performed by Stephen Colfer
Directed by Hannah O’Reilly
Produced by Nuala McHale

Running Time : 20 mins

block 7
musical theatre

The Spiders

Old is the Web we Weave


Fri 16 + Sat 17 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Dermot Doyle

The Spiders is a musical about large spiders. There have been no sightings for generations and their legacy has been resigned to folklore… until NOW!

Written by Dermot Doyle
Directed by Noel McDonough
Assistant Director Joe Cunningham
Creative Advisors Cónal Doyle, Cristiana Cattaneo + David Reynolds

Cast: Leah Treitlinger, Joe Cunningham, Georgia Snow, Conal Doyle, Chloe Conneely, Ryan McHugh

Running Time : 30 mins

block 7
theatre / drag / comedy

Cornucopia Jones Wants You to Succeed!

Even You Could Have It All


Fri 16 + Sat 17 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space


You’ve payed thousands for this self-help odyssey, from a warm/shameless life coach.
Who wants to empower YOU!
With the elite secret of lying.

Written + Performed by GoblinsGoblinsGoblins

Running Time : 20 mins

block 8
theatre / dance


A mixed-race guide to fucking up.


Sat 17 Feb | 1pm + 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Morgan Savidan & Sasha Carberry Sharma

“I hate Indians. They are beastly people. Beastly religion.” – Churchill
The Ramayana Epic is 7000 years old. Maybe Churchill should have read it.

Written + Performed by Morgan Savidan + Sasha Carberry Sharma
Lighting Design by Jess Fitzsimmons Kane
Produced by Khanyisile Mbukwane
Movement Direction by Tobi Balogun

Running Time : 20 mins

block 8
theatre / stand-up / comedy

Bad Girl: A One Man Show

How bad? Terrible! So he quit.


Sat 17 Feb | 1pm + 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Felix O’Connor

Stand-up comedy about being in an all-girls school when you’re secretly, obliviously, not a girl at all.

Directed by Ellen Corby
Written + Performed by Felix O’Connor
Photography by Francis Breen

Running Time : 20 mins

block 9
music / stand-up / improv

20 Minutes of Deliberate Absurdity

One Idea And Off She Goes!


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 2pm | Main Space


Musician and Poet Birdwoman Invites you to join her in a fast paced performance at her sometimes profound, often absurd, song making factory.

Performer /Song Conjurer : Birdwoman, (Kellie Marie Reynolds)
Graphic Design and Visual Art by Frieda Freytag

Running Time : 20 mins

block 9

Chapter 40

Unearthed diaries and an unlikely reunion


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 2pm | Main Space

Diane O’Connor

Diane is trying to find where she left herself. After discovering old diaries she looks at what went funny before she turns 40.

Written + Performed by Diane O’Connor
Produced by Louise O’Toole
Production + Artistic Support: Georgina McKevitt

Content Warnings: References to sex, drinking alcohol

Running Time : 25 mins

block 10
rehearsed reading

Kildare Street

Fire! (and the politics of fire)

Sat 17 Feb | 3pm | Boys’ School

Emma Finegan & Sam Killian

A child collects bonfire wood. A documentarian takes up smoking. A retired mother-of-two sets herself on fire outside Leinster House. The world keeps burning.

Written by Emma Finegan + Sam Killian

Running Time : 60 mins

block 11

Mortal Sin

Challenging authority in 1960s rural Ireland.


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 4pm | Main Space

Benjamin Reilly

They get a day off school to mourn the Pope but not JFK? Colm and Peggy stick it to the man… well, Sister Asumpta anyway.

Written by Benjamin Reilly
Directed by Lee Coffey
Cast: Benjamin Reilly, Isolde Fenton

Running Time : 20 mins

block 11

Nancy Blue

Unravel the mystery of Nancy’s misery!


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 4pm | Main Space

Anna Winifred

If John was the love of Nancy’s life, then why did he leave her? Just like her heart, this case is getting cracked wide open…

Written & Performed by: Anna Winifred
Directed by Mae Leahy
Stage Manager: Anika Kidd
Produced by Arianna Owens
Publicity & Set Design by Jordan Cassidy & Ben Harte
Sound Design by Luka Texier
Costume Design by Mazana Ronaldson
Assistant Costume Design by Niamh George

Running Time : 25 mins

block 12
circus / visual art

The Lost Bride

A journey through heartbreak and grief.


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Aisling Ní Cheallaigh

Exploring the loss of identity that inevitably comes with the end of a relationship, this is for anyone whose ever had their heart broken.

Created + Performed by Aisling Ní Cheallaigh
Music by Alma Kelliher
Photography by: Olga Kuzmenko, Graeme Coughlan, Julia Dunnin, Aoife O’Sullliavan Produced by: Elysia McMullen
Framing by Image Framers

Running Time : 20 mins

block 12

In Praise of Me, You, and All We’re Going Through

Wherever you go, there you are.


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Eruption Collective

A comedy about the transformative power of not having an iota as to what to do with yourself. Or something like that, probably.

Written by Conor Burke
Directed by Sorcha Harris
Produced by Joe Murphy
CAST: Conor Burke Savana B.Smyth
Light + Sound Design by Freya Blendell
Stage Management by Jennifer Kilmurry
Photography by Joan Doyle

Running Time : 25 mins

block 13

Beneath the Currents

Dive beneath the currents and listen


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School


Explore a tapestry of folk music from around the world, intertwining original compositions with traditional melodies. Immerse yourself in the bewitching world of traditional music.

Written + Performed by Lily Brodie Hayes + Willow Brodie Hayes
Photo Credit: Cian Nolan + Lily Brodie Hayes

Running Time : 25 mins

block 13
immersive installation


I can’t remember her voice.


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School


Examining the concept of memory and loss, Rose is an audio visual exploration of old family holiday videos to find fragments of my Grandmothers voice.

Written + Directed by Peter O’ Brien
Produced by Rachel O’ Brien

Running Time : 10 mins

block 14
theatre / comedy / clown


Ireland’s carcass is ripe for picking…


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Saorla Rodger

A General from a future war. A Canadian vulture avenging his children. And a 28 year old woman living with her parents… Can Ireland survive?

Written + Performed by Saorla Rodger
Produced by Lynda Smyth
Directed by Francis Breen
With special thanks to Eimear Hussey, Morgan Savidan + Sasha Carberry Sharma

Running Time : 20 mins

block 14
comedy / music

Keep Walkin’

Music that makes you go ‘heh’


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Dan Eastwood

Dan has some kinda funny songs. But also some kinda deep songs. You’ll leave thinking, “Huh, that guy’s kinda funny. But also kinda deep. Interesting.”

Written + Performed by Dan Eastwood

Running Time : 20 mins

block 15
musical theatre

Robbie Ross?

A wild(e) divulgence of Victorian indulgence.


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Ivan Cush

A contemporary hip-hop musical told through the eyes of the desperate Robbie Ross and focusing on the object of his adoration, the toxic Oscar Wilde.

Written by Ivan Cush
Directed by Niamh McGowan
Produced by Emma Thornton
Music by Brian Dalton

Please note this show contains strong language.

Running Time : 25 mins

block 15

Princess Melancholy

Is…is she ok?


Sat 17 + Sun 18 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Sophia Cadogan

Mildly unhinged woman with a princess mentality is thwarted by her own mind while trying to perform stand-up. An effervescent performance or acute psychotic episode?

Written + Performed by: Sophia Cadogan
Produced by Anne Doyle
Music by Paddy Casey

Suitable for ages 16+. Please note this shows contains strong language.

Running Time : 20 mins

block 16
clown / physical theatre


A Comedy Show with Consciousness

Sun 18 Feb | 1pm | Boys’ School

Theatre Amok

Our experienced spiritual practitioner will battle her ego, face the great emptiness and obtain enlightenment for a live audience. Join us in our meditation.

Created + Performed by: Annie Lockerbie Newton, Tone Nybø + Charlotte O’Reilly
Directed by Charlotte O’Reilly
Produced by Theatre Amok

Running Time : 40 mins

block 17
music / workshop

Encoded Voices

Come chant with us!

Sun 18 Feb | 3pm | Boys’ School

Vetra Trinkunaite + Dovile Kraske

Venture into the mesmerizing world of Sutartinės, the ancient polyphonic vocal art, and immerse yourself in the spirit of Lithuanian folk music.

Performed by Vetra Trinkunaite, Dovile Kraske, Jolanta Marijosiute, Andra Vilimiene
Produced by Brenda Montemayor

Running Time : 40 mins

block 18
rehearsed reading

The 3:30 at Cheltenham

When the fun stops, stop.

Sun 18 Feb | 4:30pm | Boys’ School

Kenneth Hudson

A thrill ride down into the depths of the dark side of gambling. A razor sharp story that will have you on the edge.

Written by Kenneth Hudson
Performed by Darragh Conway, Kenneth Hudson + Louise Bourke
Directed by Jonathan Quigley

Running Time : 50 mins

Age Suitability: 16+
Warnings: Strong language