block 17




Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Michael Lucey & Tristan Spellman Molphy

A dictator.
A rebel.
His granny.
A bomb. …but when is a bomb not a bomb?

Directed by: Tristan Spellman Molphy
Written by: Michael Lucey
Produced by: Alice Hennessey
Stage Manager: Matthew Moran
Production Manager: Deirbhile Mylod
Lighting Design: Samuel Ferrie
Costume Design: Leigha Plunkett
Sound Design: Ben Schönfeld
Prop Design: Peter Crighton
General Crew: Tim Kenny
Cast: Daire Ó Muirí Grace Davie Tadgh Snodgrass

Running Time : 25 mins

block 17

Amy’s Princess Party (it’s a surprise)

Happy Birthday! Your Dad is hot.


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Mae Leahy & Jess Fitzsimons Kane

This costume smells like vomit, my tiara broke, and my agent just dropped me. It’s your party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Directed by: Mae Leahy
Performed by: Jess Fitzsimons Kane
Written + Designed by: Mae Leahy & Jess Fitzsimons Kane

Running Time : 20 mins

block 18

Uncle Adolf

How could we be so blind?


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

N/A (No company name)
What should you do when evil stares you in the face? William Patrick Hitler presents his warning to the world for present and future generations.

Written by Dave Edward Keenan
Directed by Franziska Detrez
Starring Felix Brown
Light Design by Kevin Murphy

Running Time : 20 mins

block 18

A Quiz Too Far

Some people take quizzing too far…


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Ryots Productions
Jordan and his team have their eyes on first place at Frank’s pub quiz and are prepared to go to extremes lengths to achieve it.

Writer: Eoin Redmond
Director: Ciarán Gallagher
Dramaturg: Emily Gillmor Murphy & Jason Flynn

Running Time : 25 mins

block 19
THEATRE / Physical theatre


Three friends, three lives, one story


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

GráMORE Productions
When friends are as close as Pigeon’s, it’s hard to keep your stories straight. But Pigeon’s got to tell the truth – Especially to herself.

Written by: Kate Conboy-Fischer
Cast: Cara Jade Chapman, Laura Whelan, Kate Conboy-Fischer

Running Time : 30 mins

block 19

New Era, New Éire

The same old new stuff.


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

John-Thomas reflects on a night out in Dublin amidst the ever changing landscape of Dublin, surrounded by forced change he cannot control.

Written by Luke De Brún
Performed by Jason Corbett

Running Time : 15 mins

block 20

Factory 88

The catastrophe of the liquid sunshine.

Tue 14 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Rua Barron & Company

Radium: liquid sunshine, silent killer. How many more women’s healthcare scandals will it take? This is for anyone who isn’t believed at the doctor’s office.

Created + Performed by: Hannah Power, Judith Robinson, Luka Wilcockson, Rua Barron + Sally Hennessy
Sound Design + DJs: Judith Robinson + Sally Hennessy
Lighting Design: Owen Clarke
Set Design: Natasha Duffy
Costume Design: Luka Wilcockson
Sound + Lighting Assistant: Fionn Barron

Running Time : 40 mins

block 21

The Case of Gaffy Pooey!

Who dunna poo in the kettle?


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Twenty Minute Mysteries
A crime of passion, or desperation? A night of merriment, or malfeasance? Two detectives face their hardest case yet: who dunna poo in the kettle?

Written and Performed by: Matt McGowan, Tim Leech-Cleary

Running Time : 20 mins

block 21

The Argument!

Two people fight through the genres


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Charisma Check
What does an argument look like? We’re taking one fight and filtering it through multiple tropes, genres, and staging to see how things change!

Written & Performed by: Jessica Danner, Tom Duffy
Directed by : Jae M. O’Connor
Choreographed by: Gemma Trimble

Running Time : 20 mins

block 22

The Greatest Story Ever Cast

The Devil is in the detail


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Frank Notions
Mary is auditioning for the role of a lifetime, but she must impress BB, a formidable casting director who has been around a long time.

Written by Paul Elliot and Edel Murphy
Performed by Jennifer Laverty and Edel Murphy

Running Time : 25 mins

block 22
stand-up comedy

You Who!

Knock knock: who’s really there?


Tue 14 + Wed 15 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

You Who!
You Who! is for lovers of comedy and existential crises. Kate shares how she untangled her identity by talking to strangers: dates, therapists, and audiences.

Written and performed by Kate Feeney
Produced by Felix O’Connor

Running Time : 20 mins

block 23
rehearsed reading

If I Die It’s Your Fault

Theatre interns collect severed horse heads

Wed 15 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Emily Featherman

A play about the inadequacy of plays. Two interns collect severed horse heads for the inexplicably still alive, Brecht. You might both laugh and cry.

Written + Performed + Directed by: Emily Featherman
Produced by: Simon Pepper

Running Time : 45 mins

block 24


You don’t even look sick.


Thu 16 + Fri 17 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Keelin Sanz
Told from an American perspective, Wo/Mi explores the perils and, often comedic, pitfalls of getting sick in a broken healthcare system.

Written and Directed by: Keelin Sanz
Producer: Emma Thornton
Performed by: Freya Blendell, Darragh Scannell and Olivia Walsh

Running Time : 20 mins

block 24

Show Time!

Isabella’s biopic. How does it end?


Thu 16 + Fri 17 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Ciarán Treanor, Presented by No Drama Theatre
Isabella: theater director colleague patient friend mother lover ex, is making her film debut, a biopic about her own life. But how does it end?

Writer / Director: Ciarán Treanor
Producer: Malcolm Bolton
Cast: Andrei Callanan, Carl Fitzpatrick, Carla Foley, Grace Moore, Jane Tuohy, Liam Murphy, Kate Cosgrave, Sarah Niland, Sorcha Herlihy

Running Time : 25 mins

block 25

And so it ends

We fall. We end.


Thu 16 + Fri 17 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

After Midnight Theatre
We broke us down into little pieces, trying to understand. We met, we fell, we ended. That simple. That complicated.

Written + Performed by Shane Robinson & Siobhán Hickey

Running Time : 25 mins

block 25
musical THEATRE

The Red Trials

New Twist on an Old Tale


Thu 16 + Fri 17 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

AD Theatrical
What if Little Red Riding Hood was a Social Media Influencer? and was framed for a murder? This is a true crime Dramady musical.

Writter and Performer: Andrew Dawson
Director: Emma Jones

Running Time : 20 mins

block 26

Shauna Carrick Wants A Dog

Girl Wants Dog. Has Anxiety Instead.


Thu 16 Feb @ 8pm | Sat 18 Feb @ 4pm | Main Space

Aon Scéal Theatre
A new musical comedy about navigating life, love, and wanting a dog. Almost thirty, Shauna attempts to become the main character in her own life.

Shauna Carrick – Writer / Performer
Conor O’Rourke – Writer
Kate McBrearty – Producer
Aidan Byrne – Musical Director

Running Time : 30 mins

block 26
THEATRE / physical theatre


Don’t think too hard, it’s unattractive.


Thu 16 Feb @ 8pm | Sat 18 Feb @ 4pm | Main Space

de Brún and Lane
A chaotic microcosm of society, with recognisable scenarios and stereotypes we are all guilty of falling into. Humorous, quick and simply fun!

Co-written by: Caoimhe de Brún and Emma Louise
Directed by: Caoimhe de Brún
Performed by: Emma Louise
Produced by: Megan Flynn
Lighting design by: T Kokalj

Running Time : 15 mins

block 27

Happy Capital

Don’t bet on the wrong horse


Thu 16 + Fri 17 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Tommy Harris
Mark believes he’s found his golden goose, Cryptocurrency – and he won’t let not knowing what it is or how it works affect his dream.

Written + Performed by Tommy Harris
Directed by Alan Dalton

Running Time : 20 mins

block 27
music performance


An improvised, synthesized garden of sound


Thu 16 + Fri 17 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ School

Dr. Mindflip
Psychedelic pop wizard Dr. Mindflip makes an ambient brew just for you. Bathe your brain in a synthy soup of dense drones and warm tones.

Written + Performed By : Dr. Mindflip

Running Time : 25 mins

block 28
musical theatre

The Wholly Divided Trinity Conspiracy of Queen Elizabeth (Near Dublin) – Act 1 of 2

We Wrote This Before She Died

Thu 16 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Disco Trolley Productions

A story of two friends, two timelines, one all-powerful wizard, one magical trolley, six Anne Hathaways, and as much popcorn as you can eat!

Written & Directed by Cathal Crowley and Alex Durac
Produced by Molly Donnery
Songs & Lyrics by Cathal Crowley, Johnny Mason and Alex Durac
Stage Manager: Abby Fry
Choreographer: Grace Doyle Flaherty
Conductor: Medb Brereton Hurley
Vocal Director: Nuala Whittle
Sound Design: Naoise Cunningham
Lighting Design: Pedro Pacheco
Set Design: Anika Kidd
Costume Design: Juliana Schmidt Tomazini
Costume Assistant: Gráinne Earley
Arrangers: Cathal Crowley, Johnny Mason, Cathal O’Riordan, Lucy Rice, Mark Deering Photography: Megan Ní Mhathúna

Running Time : 55 mins

block 29
rehearsed reading

Moving On

Relationships shatter and people move on

Thu 16 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Beaver Row Heritage Players
A darkly comic look at how 5 people [and a cat] struggle with broken relationships, try to rebuild their lives, perhaps heal, and ‘move on’.

Directed by Glenda Cimino
Co-produced with Deirdre Jones
CAST: Ciaran Daly, Lorna Fox, Mary Pat Moloney, Nicholas Lane, Rebecca Blomfield

Running Time : 45 mins

block 30

The Final Episode of The Magic Tower

Crime, lies and googly eyes


Fri 17 + Sat 18 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

The Bootsy Boys
Join the studio audience for a classic afternoon of Irish kid’s TV! Today we’re learning about friendship, family and facing demons from your past. 16+

Directed by: Mikey Fleming
Written by: Steve Bennett, Victor Bible, Fionn Cleary

Running Time : 25 mins

block 30
musical THEATRE

Heaven shakes a little

Drenched in honey, covered in sunlight.


Fri 17 + Sat 18 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Sonja Dinkelaker

A knock on the door. It’s life. It wants a word.
“You will fall in love.”
“Alright – I can handle that!”

Written + performed by: Sonja Dinkelaker

Running Time : 20 mins

block 31


For sale: feet pics, freshly painted.


Fri 17 + Sat 18 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Gráinne Holmes Blumenthal
Come with me, foot model extraordinaire, and learn the importance of why feet pics are NEVER free!

Written and Performed by Gráinne Holmes Blumenthal
Directed by Joy Nesbitt Lights
Sound by Colin Doran
Produced by Orla Devlin
Photo by Clara Cronin

Running Time : 20 mins

block 31

The Bag of Cats 9 Lives Show

3 People, 3 places, 9 lives!


Fri 17 + Sat 18 Feb | 9:30pm | Main Space

Bag of Cats
An improvised comedy show exploring the masks we all wear in our lives, and how those masks can slip when things get hectic.

Performed By: Aidan O Sullivan, Connor McGrath, Dan Binchy, Eoin Wickham, Michael Sullivan, Sharon Conneely

Director: Richard Zimmerman
Producer: Sharon Conneely
Artwork: Aidan O’ Sullivan

Running Time : 30 mins

block 32

The Buried

Fear What Lies Beneath


Fri 17 + Sat 18 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

No Drama Theatre
A successful horror writer returns to his home town to find his missing childhood friend. A dark force from their past reawakens.

Written and Directed by Dave Curran
Produced by Andrei Callanan
Performed by Dave McGowan, Cathal O’Donovan, Lana Camilli, Becky Jenkins, Bryan Murphy, Jacqueline Carroll, Dan McCormack, Celeste Gil Castro, Liam Murphy

Running Time : 30 mins

block 32

Yes, Uncertainly

A show for the perpetually uncertain


Fri 17 + Sat 18 Feb | 9:45pm | Boys’ School

Richard Zimmermann
Richard is positive he has a chronic case of uncertainty. He worries it might be terminal. If only he knew which problem to solve first.

Written + Performed By: Richard Zimmermann
Directed By: Ross Curran
Produced By: Andrew Hanley

Running Time : 20 mins

block 33
rehearsed reading

In Loco Parentis

They grow up so fast.

Sat 18 Feb | 1pm | Boys’ School

Wren Dennehy

A perfectly good mother-son relationship is turned on its head when the son becomes a daughter. A family drama with a gothic twist.
Contains themes of sexual assault

Directed by: Nessa Matthews
Produced by: Kat Ennis
Written by: Wren Dennehy
Cast Includes: Charlene Gleeson Barry John Morton Donncha O’Dea

Running Time : 60 mins

block 34

Dogs Already Know How To Love

It’s a doggie-dog world out there

Sat 18 Feb | 2pm | Main Space

Up Up Up

It takes us longer to figure it out. A show for dogs, and their humans. Especially the difficult ones.

*sorry no doggies other than our stage doggies allowed in the theatre for this showing

Written and performed by Emma O’Grady

Running Time : 40 mins

block 35

The Cassandra of Ulster

She who prophesies will be silenced.


Sat 18 + Sun 19 Feb | 3pm | Boys’ School

Up the Lagan.

Extraordinary scenes in Parliament: Bernadette Devlin MP, the only witness to the events of Bloody Sunday in the House, stages “a simple proletarian protest”.

Written + Directed by: Laura Morgan
Produced by: Maeve O’Lynn

Running Time : 25 mins

block 35
stand-up comedy

(Don’t) Vote for Pedro

Yes he’s incompetent but also funny.


Sat 18 + Sun 19 Feb | 3pm | Boys’ School

Pedro Guerra

Pedro is a terrible person and definitely not fit for office and he is going to tell you exactly why… hilariously.

Written & performed by Pedro Guerra.
Directed & produced by Gillian Fitzgerald.

Running Time : 20 mins

block 36

The Scratcher

A dramedy about scratch card addiction


Sat 18 + Sun 19 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Kelly Shatter
All Nicole can think about is scratching but she’s about to meet her girlfriend’s best mates for the first time. Can she resist the itch?

Developed @ Axis Assemble
Written + Performed by: Kelly Shatter
Collaborator: Camille Lucy Ross

Running Time : 25 mins

block 36

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

DNA test destroys bride’s dream wedding.


Sat 18 + Sun 19 Feb | 6:30pm | Main Space

Through The Looking Glass theatre company
Elaine Bedford is rich, beautiful, and about to marry her lifelong crush. That is, unless her father reads the DNA test results.

Written and directed by: Letizia Delmastro

Running Time : 20 mins

block 37

Propitiation – Come. Join. Follow

You’re accepted. But you’re still annoying.

Sat 18 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The road to heaven is maintained by a complex chorewheel and sticky notes on the fridge.

Developed & Performed by: Debbie Cheevers, Hannah Lemass, Denny MacDermott, Ashly Stewart, Elaine Quinn

Running Time : 40 mins

block 38

Ba Dum Tsh

Sex, lies and cancel culture


Sat 18 + Sun 19 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ Sc

Aaron & Caitlin
A cheating comedian and his fan-turned-accomplice walk into a hotel room, in this rehearsed reading of a darkly funny and confronting new play.

Aaron Hickland: Writer/Performer
Caitlin Magnall-Kearns: Writer/Director
Méabh Quinn: Performer
Caoimhe McGee: Producer

Running Time : 25 mins

block 38

Failure Party!

Begins with F. Followed by A.


Sat 18 + Sun 19 Feb | 8:15pm | Boys’ Sc

Claire + Fergus
Join us at Failure Party! to celebrate life, rejection and failure through famous examples, personal experiences and audience interaction.

Hosted by Claire Millane and Fergus Keane

Running Time : 20 mins

block 39
rehearsed reading

Normal Turmoil

I’m fine. Don’t I seem fine?

Sun 19 Feb | 1pm | Boys’ School

Ella Skolimowski

Concussion, chlamydia, emotional incontinence… won’t stop her being a great date. A metatheatrical ramble through group therapy, neanderthal funerals and Barack O’bama Plaza.

Aneta Dina Keder
Susannah Conroy
Daniel Mahony

Running Time : 60 mins

block 40


Artist gives her first ceramics class.

Sun 19 Feb | 2pm | Main Space

InHouse Theatre Dublin

An established artist swaps her lonely studio for the classroom and rediscovers her passion for clay.

Written + Produced by Olivia Morahan
Directed by Paul Nugent
Dramatugy by Siobhan Mannion
Photography by Martin Dunne
Cast: Anna Nugent
Running Time : 40 mins

block 41
theatre / physical theatre / movement

Airport Journey

An everyday random chance of love

Sun 19 Feb | 4pm | Main Space

The Lumiere Theatre Company

Karim Nehran Messeri died in Charles de gaulle airport. Our story of arrivals, departures, is for those of you who yearn for inspiration.

Devised and performed by the ensemble
Director: Michael McCabe
Cast: Leanne Bickerdike, Maeve Bradley, Killian Filan, Claire Gleeson, Katarina Kaniamou, Agostino Luisetti, Sean McManus, Niamh McPhillips, Brian O Suilleabhain, Evan Sunderland, Ben Waddell, Sarah Wiley Producer: Saili Aine Ni Mhurcu
Stage Manager: Ruby Collin
Lighting Designer: Matt McGeown

Running Time : 40 mins

block 42

A Difficult Decision

Gogglebox Live!

Sun 19 Feb | 6:45pm | Boys’ School

Blood in the Alley Productions

A good old-fashioned argument over what to watch on the telly. Tempers are high in this intimate one act comedy.

Written by Oisín Flores Sweeney
Directed by Geoff Gould
Cast: Seamus O’Rourke, Joan Sheehy

Running Time : 45 mins

block 43
comedy panel show

Immigrants Ruin This Country LIVE

Ireland’s last hope: Five immigrant comedians.

Sun 19 Feb | 8pm | Main Space

Daniel Lukas

A satirical comedy panel show about Ireland. The Irish government has tasked five immigrants with saving a country in ruins, this show is the result.

Created, hosted and Directed by Daniel Lukas
Produced by James Surgeoner
Featured Comedians: Shrini Kalwad, Jim Elliot, Nghia Mai and Lesly Martinez

Running Time : 50 mins