The Sadness of the Little Sparrow

Edith Piaf The-sadness-of-the-little-sparrow

Édition d’Amélie / Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company

What if you were invited by world famous French chanteuse, Edith Piaf into her dressing room to relive her earthly journey with all its pain, sorrow, joy, success and many love affairs?

[blockquote_right] 25 – 30 Jul | 7:30pm | Main Space [/blockquote_right]

Come and join her for an evening in the pink-tinted purgatory where she is doomed to spend eternity with the likes of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Alfred de Musset and other famous luminaries.

A bittersweet tale brought to life by Nathalie Clément to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Edith Piaf… Édition d’Amélie presents a Les Enfants Terribles production of Jim Yates’ play The Sadness of the Little Sparrow.

Written by Jim Yates
Directed by Stella Godmet

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