Reasons to be Pretty

reasons to be pretty

Untold Wants

[blockquote_right] 13 – 17 Dec | 8pm | Boys School[/blockquote_right]

The Irish premiere of Neil LaBute’s play ‘Reasons to Be Pretty’.

Who are we when all the cards are on the table? When excuses and distractions lose their power, what will we have to show? Are we pretty enough?

Greg’s ex, Steph, reminds him that words matter. His married friends Kent and Carly, expecting an unexpected baby, remind him of the interpretations at stake.

We walk individually together through life, not listening to each other, exploring our definitions of beauty. Are we living up to our own expectations? Or just the discontent of beauty?

In Ben Brantley’s review for the New York Times he illustrates this concept, “It’s never easy to say what you mean, or to know what you mean to begin with. With a delicacy that belies its crude vocabulary, Reasons to Be Pretty, celebrates the everyday heroism in the struggle to find out.”

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Untold Wants investigate the driving force of the human experience through the examination of individual perspectives with the belief that the arts can open eyes and make us feel.

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Ally Ryan
Gemma-Leah Devereux
Jack O’Dowd
Killian Coyle

Written by: Neil LaBute
Directed by: Jessica Aquila Cymerman
Set design by: Diarmuid O’Flaherty
Costume design by: Abby O’Reilly
Lighting design by: Conor Byrne
Sound design by: Kevin Blake
Fight Choreographer: Rich Wilson

Please note this show contains strong language and some sexual references.
Discounts available for groups of 8+.

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