Pol na Mone


First Fortnight Festival 2017

From the award-winning company that brought you My Name is Saoirse and Overshadowed comes a work in progress to be debuted exclusively at First Fortnight.
Pol na Mone is Sunday’s Child’s new interactive theatre piece exploring mental health, identity and how a series of disastrous decisions can change your life forever. We meet Collete, Sabhdh and Jamie, three characters all facing unique life crises. At crucial turning points in their stories, their fate will be in the hands of the audience, whose decisions will change their stories irrevocably. Funny, insightful and provocative, this interactive piece by Eva O’Connor and Hildegard Ryan will explore the concepts of fate, fortune and fairness and will ask – are we passive victims of destiny or do we decide our own paths – and do the choices we make define us?

[blockquote_right]7 January | 6pm | Main Space [/blockquote_right]

Please note this is a work in progress showing ahead of the show’s 2018 production.

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