Music and the Mind: Podcast Launch

First Fortnight Festival

Music is something that we are all touched by. It connects people deeply to themselves, others and their world. Numerous scientific studies have explored the therapeutic effects of music, and how it enhances wellbeing. Music and the Mind is a new podcast hosted by professional musician Shane Mitchell from legendary Irish Folk band Dervish and popular psychologist, published author and musician Shane Martin. They speak to singers, composers, record producers, and other pioneers in the music industry, who have all dedicated their lives to music. They share what inspired them on route to their musical career and how music has impacted upon their life journey. Expert guests bring in a psychological perspective and unearth psychological theories behind the impact of music on peoples’ lives.

To launch the Music and the Mind podcast, First Fortnight will host a panel discussion with musicians and experts on the topic of mental well-being and the positive role music can play.


About First Fortnight:
First Fortnight is a charity that challenges mental health stigma through arts and cultural action.

First Fortnight hosts an annual mental health, arts and culture festival throughout January, throughout Ireland. The festival celebrates the arts as a powerful catalyst for sparking unscripted conversations around mental ill health and serves to challenge the stigma associated with mental ill-health. The festival aspires to make the beginning of each year synonymous with mental health awareness, actively challenging societal prejudices, and eradicating the pervasive stigma surrounding mental health.

7 Jan 2024
Main Space