Your Ma & Other Stories Vol. I.


Join BonMot for an in-depth analysis of dysfunctional family life through physical comedy, theatrical storytelling and self-loathing.

[blockquote_right]Sat 20th Oct at 8pm in The Boys’ School[/blockquote_right]

Comedy that appeals to anyone who used to spin into a blind rage watching nature documentaries, when the camera crew wouldn’t intervene and save the animals and/or has PTSD from The Fox and the Hound. It’s either one or the other.

Jacqueline Wilson’s award-winning 1991 novel The Story of Tracy Beaker (Doubleday) was based on BonMot’s formative years (Junior Infants – 25 yrs). Wilson had to take out the most alarming bits but, because of The Act of Union 1800 and because kids were scared reading it. Saps.

★★★★★ – The Northside People

★★★★★ – Dr. Dre

“BonMot presents an elegant, psychological and philosophical investigation of culpability with a brilliant denouement” – Des Kelly Carpets

Spectacular in a beautifully surreal way… BonMot is Jane Eyre in Reeboks” – The Guardian

Age suitability 16+

Photography: Kyle Cheldon Barnett

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