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LORDS OF STRUT – Hope giver

Words of wisdom and life lessons form Sean-tastic, a internationally traveling celebrity, if anyone knows about life, it’s Sean-tastic.

“Life is a lot like being in a wolf pack, and in that wolf pack we are all wolves”

                      (Anonymous quote)


You see readers, we have to take our bite of life, our slice of the cake and cake is sweet, so is life, you just have to eat it. Eat life, or be eaten and there is no one eating me right now, never, I will never be eaten!

I sharpen my wolf teeth with the success of everyday life, no two days are the same and they are there to be lived, to be eaten.

Do I change lives some people ask, and yes I do, good question.

Why just yesterday a man a beggar man asked me for change, he was dirty, he most likely hadn’t had a shower or waxed in a long time. Did I give him money, No, I gave him something much more important, I gave him hope.

He asked me for change and I stood up close to him, with my right hand I took the back of his dirty neck, put our heads close together, so close that he could feel my steam. Then what did I do? Well like every good wolf pack leader I howled, I howled like I was in heat and standing on-top of a mountain…… yes just picture it. Much time passed during the howl, we were engrossed!  When I had finished my primeval howl I paused, still close like, and then I said four simple words “life is beautiful puppy” I released my grip from the back of his neck, I saw the tears in his eyes, salty tears of emotion and untold pain! I walked away, giving him as good and precious a gift as the gift of life he was given on his very first birthday! Hope.

How can any one man give so much? Well this man can, this man can, this man can, ssssh, believe in the wolf! Thank you.


Hope giver


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