A day with La Mansarda

La Mansarda
To celebrate 1 year of La Mansarda, we will be hosting “A day with La Mansarda”, a day long event showcasing the best of the Dublin arts scene. Proceeds will be going towards Unicef. The theme of the event is duality, and the artists will be exploring this concept by examining the opposing forces that drive our world.

Opening the event, Portuguese fashion designer Simone Fadista will present two outfits made from recycled clothes: one will represent a careless and selfish society, while the other a humble and caring society, as a representation of how the values they stand for can co-exist in the same world. Featured musicians and poets will be interrogating this theme alongside workshops that will encourage reconnection with our inner self, love, and respect for one another.

The artists involved are:
● Annie Peter, Dublin-based writer and spoken word artist
● Anna Deichmann, a German poet based in Dublin
● Brid Lyons, songwriter and folk musician from Kilkenny
● Grunkle Funge, circus rock band based in Dublin
● Kate O’Doherty, musician who enjoys writing upbeat songs with a dark lyrical juxtaposition , to keep audiences engaged, talking about the highs and lows of early adult life and the pitfalls young people can fall into whilst under such a heavily scrutinised society
● Jimbo, a poet hailing from Coolock in Dublin Ireland
● Nathan Mac, cinematic-pop artist with a circus flair who blends into pop and philosophy through his music and performances
● MJeam Music, a vibrant band that performed at the Electric Picnic last year
● Rather Gather, Romi and Ro are interdisciplinary artivists specialising in cross-cultural collaboration and co-founders of Fusion Murga
● RVE, an Irish songwriter from Galway currently based in Dublin
● Ruth Prithika, a Bharatanatyam dancer by passion and a Data Analyst by profession

Schedule for A day with La Mansarda
2 pm – Opening
2.05pm – 2.15pm – Simone Fadista
2.15pm – 2.45pm – Trope
2.45pm – 3pm – Break
3pm – 4.15pm – Indian Workshop with Ruth Prithika
4.15pm – 4.30pm – Break
4.30pm – 5pm – Jimbo
5pm – 5.15pm – TBC*
5.15pm – 5.45pm – RVE
5.45pm – 6pm – Break
6pm – 6.30pm –  Anna Deichmann
6.30pm – 7pm – Rather Gather
7pm – 7.30pm – Kate Field
7.30pm – 8pm – Grunkle Funge
8pm – 8.15pm – Break
8.15pm – 8.45pm – Bríd Lyons
8.45pm – 9.15pm –  Annie Peter
9.15pm – 9.45pm – Nathan Mac
9.45pm – 10.15pm – Mjeam
10.15pm – 10.30pm – Closing & free slice of Tiramisu for the audience

EVENT CREATED BY Ligia Pagano in support of the Arts & Unicef
DIRECTED & SET DESIGN BY Ligia Pagano – Founder of La Mansarda

About The Company:
La Mansarda is a self-funded project founded in March 2022 to support the Arts & Humanities. Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone, from artists to audiences, can express themselves and be themselves. Over the last year, La Mansarda has hosted monthly multidisciplinary cultural events, celebrating the diverse art scene in different venues around Dublin city. The project is community focused and wants to encourage the cross-pollination of ideas, values and respect.
La Mansarda aims to support a wide range of art forms, from comedy to spoken word, music to dance. Each event has showcased both established acts and emerging talent in a supportive environment. At each event, La Mansarda has created a dedicated space focused on raising funds for humanitarian projects. This year it will be supporting UNICEF

TICKETS €25 | €15 (purchased through Eventbrite here)
Duration 8 hours and 30mins (full schedule above)

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29 Jul 2023
Boys’ School