Ireland Meets Japan – W.B. Yeats, Lafcadio Hearn and Kyogen


Shigeyama Sengoro Family

photo credit : Haruka Uesugi
[blockquote_right]25 Jul | 7:30pm | Main Space[/blockquote_right]

W.B. Yeats was inspired by Kyogen and Noh, Japanese theatre forms, to produce some of his finest work. Lafcadio Hearn was the Irishman accepted and revered by the Japanese people emerging from centuries of isolation.
These literary links between the two nations foreshadowed the official ties of respect and affection that are celebrated this year, marking 60 years of diplomatic relations.


The Cat and the Moon by W.B. Yeats
by Shigeyama Sengoro Family in Japanese kyogen style
Japanese translated by Tetsuro Sano
Directed by Kaoru Matsumoto

Chin Chin Kobakama by Lafcadio Hearn
by Shigeyama Sengoro Family in Japanese kyogen style
Directed by Sengoro Shigeyama XIV

Kani Yamabushi[Crab Warrior Priest], traditional Japanese Kyogen
by Shigeyama Sengoro Family


Japanese Theatre: Shigeyama Sengoro Family, Okura School of Kyogen
Sengoro Shigeyama XIV
Shigeru Shigeyama
Kaoru Matsumoto
Hiromi Shimada
Moriyuki Yamashita

Bon Koizumi, great grand son of Lafcadio Hearn, Professor of University of Shimane
Akiko Manabe, Professor of Shiga University

Running Time: 140 mins approx, incl. interval

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