Inside Danny’s Box – Rehearsed Reading

A Dark Comedy by Derek Murphy

[blockquote_right]Wed 24 Oct | 8pm | Boys’ School[/blockquote_right]

A God-fearing comedy set in Ireland about secrets ; the kind we live with and the kind we keep in a box, about love and betrayal, about demented fathers and missing mothers.

Set in a small town in Ireland not too far from a slightly bigger town.

“Inside Danny’s Box” tells the story of a young, not so successful inventor, Danny Hubble, who’s life is turned upside down when he falls madly in love with his new neighbour Marybeth Doyle.

Danny’s mother, the ferociously tenacious and rather immoral Misses Hubble, will stop at absolutely nothing to ensure Danny wins the heart of Marybeth Doyle, whether Marybeth likes it or not. Marybeth’s actual boyfriend, John, a dubious writer of questionable content, finds himself being corrupted by both Misses Hubble and the mysterious American priest, Father Francis, who seems to have his own secret and immoral agenda, going back all the way to Misses Hubble’s secret never talked about past, a past which may contain a dead lover, a very suspicious fire and a pack of wild hungry dogs.

At the centre of it all is the box that Danny Hubble has carried with him all his life, a gift from his mother, the contents of which have never been disclosed outside of the Hubble home. Now as love looms, Danny, against everything he believes in, will be forced to reveal the contents of the box, and as such, will force some people to question their very existence.

Demented fathers, missing mothers, love-torn pyromaniacs, and the disturbing contents of Danny’s box, it’s almost too much for one small town.

STARRING: Úna Crawford, Bryan Murray, Rex Ryan, John Cronin, Sarah Lafferty


Age suitability 18+
Running time : 100 mins

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