Him, his, ours…

Be Teatro

Him, his ours… is a collaborative, two-man show exploring what it means to be a man through the use of personal monologues and movement. Co-written by the cast and drawing on themes of play, rejection, anger, love, empathy, and sadness, the production aims to shine a light on what modern-day society expects of a “man” and turn this notion on its head. Him, his, ours aims to shatter your perception of everything you think a man is, was, and could be.

Based on personal anecdotes, the show unveils the many layers of two individuals. “Their baggage, their guilt, and the implicit power that comes with their assigned gender.” GCN Magazine.

Collectively written by the cast and Luis Noguera Benitez
Directed by Luis Noguera Benitez
Performed by Craig Bodger and Rodrigo Freire
Set Design by Be Teatro / MOH Flowers, Art & Design
Costume Design by Be Teatro
Sound Design by Steven Mason
Photography by Ciaran Gildea
Graphic design by The Kraken Art Work

Tickets €18 | €15 concession (student/OAP)
Running time 45 mins no interval
Warning: Light violence. Suitable for ages 15+

About the company…

Be Teatro is a Venezuelan theatre company based in Dublin since 2013. They have created and staged a number of original theatre projects and have also focused on raising awareness about social conflicts like domestic violence, women’s rights, bullying and harassment, mental health, LGBTQIA+ issues and gender. The company is a vehicle to discover new talents and campaign for more inclusion, participation and representation in *location* and beyond.

7 – 10 Dec
Boys’ School