Hell on Heels

Hell on Heels – The Devils Dancers

Prepare for a seductive spectacle like no other!
Step into a world of allure and athleticism “Hell on Heels”, a pole dance competition, happening in the enchanting Smock Alley Theatre.

Experience a night of raw talent, sultry performances, and captivating choreography that will ignite your senses for our five year anniversary.

Why You Can’t Miss This Event…

Mesmerizing Performances – Watch top competitors dazzle you with their sensual moves, combining strength and grace in an unforgettable display of artistry and athleticism.
Enchanting Venue – Lose yourself in the historic charm of Smock Alley Theatre, the perfect backdrop for a night of spectacle.
Electric Atmosphere – Join a passionate audience and feel the heat as performers push the boundaries of pole dance, leaving you breathless and wanting more.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary evening where elegance reaches into the depths of hell!

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Age Suitability: Strictly 18+
Warnings: Possible strong language

TICKETS €31 | €26 (Concession)


**A Note from the Producer: Cat**

Welcome to the Competition!

I’m Cat, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to this unique and inclusive event. With over a decade of experience in the industry, performing private dances, working in strip clubs, and traveling across the country, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible talent and artistry that exists within this community.

This competition was created with a singular vision: to provide a safe and judgment-free space where dancers, strippers, athletes, and performers of all kinds can showcase their skills and passion. Here, we celebrate the allure and artistry of strip club-style dance, recognizing it for the powerful and captivating form of expression that it is.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the scene, this is your stage. This is your moment. Embrace it, and let’s make this a memorable experience for everyone involved.

With love and respect,



26 Oct 2024
Main Space