Glimmer Of A Rainbow

‘Rhinestones is like a museum – full of beautiful dead things.’

Ivory, tortoiseshell, human teeth – you can make jewellery out of almost anything. The more endangered the better! Orla the vegetarian is disgusted by this, but Orla the sales assistant leans right into it. In Glimmer of a Rainbow, Orla battles with her own insecurities, and struggles with who the world tells her she is versus who she wants to be. Throughout the play, Orla gets wrapped up in workplace dramas, until tragedy hits which brings her back down to earth. This sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking play, explores what beauty is and questions society’s value on material things.

‘Fagan’s performance is stunning… Funny, heart-warming and emotional’-★★★★ EdFringeReview.com

‘Glimmer of a Rainbow is the real deal, not a fake’- BritishTheatreGuide.info

Written and Performed by Aoife Fagan

Directed by Ralph Riddle

Run time: 60 mins

This performance is INVITE ONLY